Reproductive Disorders

Am I Normal? The Normal Penis Size

There's a lot of mythology around penis length. If a guy's feet are a certain size, his race, his height, even his personality, all of these are claimed by society to be indicative of [...]

Azoospermia: Shooting Blanks

There are a lot of reasons why sperm goes awol. Sometimes its an issue of mis-firing the gun and others because there aren’t any bullets to load. The first step is to figure out the underlying issue, then to put together a plan for how to fix it.

July 27th, 2015|Azoospermia, Causes & Conditions|17 Comments

Undescended Testicles Cryptorchidism

<< Topics | Causes & Conditions | Reproductive Disorders Abnormal testicular descent is fairly common (30% among premature babies and 1-4% of full term babies). It a major risk factor for infertility later in [...]

July 24th, 2015|Causes & Conditions, Reproductive Disorders|4 Comments
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