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Find a Male Fertility Specialist

When dealing with a fertility problem, women traditionally visit an OB/GYN, who may refer them to a fertility clinic staffed with Reproductive Endocrinologists, many of whom are OB/GYNs with two additional years of training in fertility. These doctors are experts in understanding the female hormone cycle and causes of fertility issues in women.

On the male side, fertility issues are commonly handled by urologists. These specialized surgeons commonly perform vasectomies and treat prostate problems. Andrology is the sub-specialty of Urology that focuses on reproductive health. Unlike on the female side, there isn’t a board certification program in Andrology, so it is harder to find male fertility specialists. A large majority of the male fertility experts will have completed their specialty training in a university with a strong center for male reproductive health such as Baylor, Cornell or Stanford.


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While all urologists can run the basic tests of semen analysis and physical exam, it is important to contact a specialist if there is an issue. Some male fertility issues are plumbing problems that can be resolved with corrective surgery by a urologist. Others are related to hormonal imbalances, genetic conditions, or other causes which general urologists may be less confident diagnosing or treating. A fertility specialist sees all sorts of cases, and can treat a diverse range of problems.

We’ve gathered a list of some of the top specialists who specialize in andrology and can provide good advice to couples who suspect a male fertility issue.

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