Eat Like A Man

Despite the craze around consuming a human sized burrito in one hour, a diet heavily made up of fried and fatty foods is not the kind of diet that will keep a man or his sperm healthy.  Let’s go over some useful tips that will help men maintain a healthy diet while keeping sperm in tip-top shape.

1)  Eat like a caveman: That’s the key to a Paleo diet.  Whatever a caveman was able to find, you can eat.  The Paleo diet is basically a high on all natural and nutritional foods.  For example, fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts would be great for this diet.  For protein, anything that is not in any way processed, such as eggs, would also be acceptable.  So how does this diet improve your fertility?   Most of these natural foods are high in nutrients such as vitamins B12, C, D and zinc, which are lacking in most processed foods.  Deficiencies in these nutrients can cause damaged sperm and low counts.  The Paleo diet ensures that you get these nutrients in a healthy way that can help boost your fertility parameters.

2)   Fruits and veggies: Green giant looks similar to the hulk—he’s green, huge, and unbelievably muscular.  Big difference: the hulk gets this way when he gets angry and the green giant ate his veggies.  Unless anger really makes your muscles enlarge in five seconds, you’re probably better off following suit of green giant.  Instead of fries, order a salad or a cup of fruit.  Shying away from fatty, unhealthy foods can help you get lean and produce sperm that is stronger and more numerous.

3)  Water for beer: Beer wouldn’t be beer without water, and well a whole lot of other ingredients.  Get back down to basics and trade in that pint for a tall glass of water every once in a while.  Beer will be there tomorrow, don’t worry it’s not going away and you don’t have to give it up altogether.  But consuming too much alcohol can really take a toll on your body and your sperm.  Symptoms may not be so immediate, but those beer bellies will develop and can lead to major complications in your health and fertility.

4)   Exercise: Every good diet is best served with a side of exercise.  More than just eating better, men need to also commit some time during the week to exercise.  Whether that be lifting weights, biking, or a run after work.  In most cases, a good diet is not enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  In terms of fertility, consistent exercise keeps hormone levels steady which results in consistent production of sperm.  However, over exertion, seen mainly in ultra-athletes, can lead to excess amounts of strain and stress on the body.  This could actually harm your sperm by causing an imbalance of testosterone levels.

5)   Keeping a balance: Probably one of the most important tips we have is to keep a balance—for your diet and exercise.  A source of protein is important, but too much could be harmful and lead to extreme weight gain.  Daily exercise is key, but pushing your body passed its limits can cause major strain on your balls.  According to one study, over-exertion, particularly biking for more that five times a week has been associated with lower sperm concentration.  So remember, maintaining a balance is vital to also maintaining healthy sperm.

Eating like a man is eating to be healthy.  For some men, their metabolism tricks them into thinking that they can eat anything at all and their bodies will stay healthy forever.  That’s not true.  Despite how you looked and felt as an adolescent, your body will catch up with you and those late nights with a pack of beer, fries, and a triple-triple can catch up to you and make it harder for you to live a healthy life and have children.  Be a man and stay healthy!