The Don’t Cook Your Balls Roadshow

The Don’t Cook Your Balls Roadshow

We’ve decided to travel far and wide to interview the top experts in male reproductive and sexual health to learn the latest thoughts and research around causes and cures for male infertility. So far, the project has been amazing. We’ve talked to some great doctors and learned a lot of interesting stuff. Check it out…

Episode 7: Donating Swimmers

Yes, someone may actually pay you to do that.

It’s time to start raking in a little extra cash flow…why not try sperm donation? It’s like getting paid for an extracurricular activity and it looks like a super easy way to make a quick buck. If that’s the case, you might want to start digging for change in your couch cushions, cause chances are you won’t see that sweet, sweet donation dinero for quite a while. Donating sperm is a rigorous process that requires preparation and dedication, and very few make the cut. In this episode, we sat down with Eric Kendall, Clinic Liaison with Seattle Sperm Bank to find out how to become a sperm donor. The process might surprise you. Read more here.

Episode 6: Cryopreservation (Freezing Your Boys)

Let’s get freezing with Dr. Kathleen Hwang

Freezing your sperm for a later date sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. But for some men, cryopreservation is the best option for biological fatherhood. Brown University’s Dr. Kathleen Hwang tells us what you want to know about freezing your sperm. Who is it for? How does it happen? What are the possible side effects for your swimmers? Do sperm get freezer burn? Find out here.

Episode 5: Testosterone and Azoospermia

Don’t juice if you want to reproduce: the side effects of juicing with Dr. Philip Werthman

We all want to be that guy at the gym. You know, the guy with the tree trunk neck dead lifting weights the size of two modest Hyundai sedans.Testosterone can get you ripped, but it can also hit a guy right where it counts. We sat down with Dr. Werthman to find out exactly what testosterone does to your fertility. Trust us, you might not envy that guy at the gym anymore. Read more here.

Episode 4: Azoospermia (Shooting Blanks)

Part 2: Blame your Parents the Genetics of azoo with Dr. Philip Werthman

Sometimes you can just blame your parents. Underlying genetic conditions account for roughly 30% of the causes of azoospermia. In our ongoing series on Azoospermia with Dr. Werthman, we talked through some of the major genetic conditions that can lead to azoospermia as well as more detailed description of the various testicular sperm extraction techniques that are currently used to help men with genetically caused azoospermia become fathers.

Episode 3: Azoospermia (Shooting Blanks)

Part 1: Plumbing Problems with Dr. Philip Werthman

Roughly 1% of all men shoot blanks. News of azoospermia can be shatter a man’s dreams of becoming a father. We traveled to Beverly Hills, CA to meet with Dr. Philip Werthman, a renowned surgeon who has seen incredible success rates in helping men with azoospermia restore their fertility. In this segment, we discuss plumbing problems that can lead to azoospermia and options for how to best correct them.

Episode 2: Varicoceles:

No one knows your scrotum better than you with Dr. Michael Eisenberg

Varicoceles are enlarged veins in the scrotum are one of the largest contributors to male infertility. About 15% of all men and about 40% of infertile men have them. In this episode of the Don’t Cook your Balls Roadshow, we asked Dr. Eisenberg what causes them and what can be done about them. Read more…

Episode 1: A SHOT of Fertility

With Dr. Michael Eisenberg

We met with Dr. Michael Eisenberg, the director of Male Reproductive Health & Medicine at Stanford University. He leads a large clinical practice, overseas residents and conducts research on the link between male infertility and men’s health. We talked about a wide range of topics which we will share over the next couple weeks. One of first things we talked about was how do lifestyle factors contribute to male fertility. Are there things men should stop doing? Are there things men should start doing? Read more…

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