Lube and Fertility

Various lubricants have been found to have detrimental effects on sperm health. Learn what to look for in a lube when trying for a baby.

If you and your partner are trying to conceive (TTC), traditional lubricants may be hurting your chances. Although great for turning up the heat in the bedroom, many lubes on the market can impede the motility of sperm along the journey.

In fact, researchers at SUNY Upstate Medical University found that certain lubricants reduce sperm mobility, further lowering the likelihood of egg fertilization. (And when you consider that it can take an individual sperm up to 12 hours to reach the woman’s egg, it’s really more like a marathon).

Some studies also show that even natural oils, such as canola oil and baby oil, can hinder sperm, making it tougher to get that positive pregnancy test.

In other words, using most lubricants on the market when you’re TTC is like chugging a case of soda and downing a bag of chips before you try to do that HIIT workout all your friends have been talking about. You can try it, but you just made things a lot harder on yourself.

Considering how difficult fertility can be for some couples, you want to try to control every bit of the situation as you can – and that means using a lube that’s TTC friendly.

Sperm-Friendly Lube to the Rescue!

However, it’s not all bad news. There are specially formulated lubricants that are safe for sperm. When a woman is most fertile, her body produces cervical mucus, which can help sperm make the journey faster and more easily. Sperm-friendly lubricants like Astroglide TTC contain ingredients and pH levels that are compatible with sperm. Astroglide TTC also contains fructose, which is sperm’s main source of energy.

Sex is supposed to feel good. When you’re TTC, though, it can sometimes feel like work — especially if you’re forced to temporarily shelve your favorite lube. With a sperm-friendly lube like Astroglide TTC, you can continue to enjoy sex without hurting your chances of conceiving.


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