Boost Sperm Count

10 lifestyle changes that can boost sperm count and improve male fertility.

A man’s fertility comes down to the quality of his sperm. As described in our section on Causes, there are many reasons why a man may have sub-optimal fertility. Many of the issues require medical intervention, and it’s always best to consult with a physician if you and your partner are struggling with infertility. However, there are many lifestyle changes that you can start today that the experts have shown help men boost their fertility. Take our online risk assessment to get personalized recommendations

1. Butt out. Quit smoking -on average, smokers have 22% less sperm per ejaculate than non-smokers.

2. Don’t cook your balls. Reducing the temperature of your testicles is known to boost sperm production

  • Wear loose-fitting underwear
  • Avoid hot tubs and hot baths
  • Don’t place your laptop directly on your lap
  • Avoid biking or sitting for long periods of time
  • Avoid cooking over a hot stove for long periods of time
  • Train your pets to nap in places other than directly on your crotch.

3. Eat less crap Diets that reduce fat intake and are high in protein, whole grains, and vegetables have been shown to improve semen quality.

4. Save your spooge. Ejaculating too frequently can deplete your sperm concentration, decreasing your chances of conception. On the other hand, going more than a week between ejaculations can actually reduce sperm motility (old sperm). Making love every 2-3 days during her fertile time of month should give you the best shot of having a baby.

5. Sober up. Even though drinking can often induce the baby-making process, alcohol has been shown to reduce semen quality. If you do consume alcohol, experts recommend drinking only in moderation.

6. Know your meds. Be informed about your medications, as certain drugs (including antidepressants, calcium channel blockers, and anabolic steroids) can reduce your fertility. Be sure to ask your physician for possible fertility side effects before taking new medications.

7. Just say no. Avoid illegal drugs – narcotics such as marijuana, cocaine, and heroine are known to reduce male fertility.

8. Take your vitamins. A number of substances are needed for optimal sperm production. If you have a nutrient deficiency, supplements have been shown to improve sperm quality.

  • Folic acid
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin E
  • Co-enzyme Q10
  • Selenium

9. Get her going. Avoid lubricants – the use of certain lubricants during intercourse (including K-Y jelly and skin lotions) can diminish sperm movement and your chances of conception. Recently, new lubricants that are sperm-friendly, such as Pre-Seed, are being made available.

10. Loose some weight: Unhealthy BMI has been shown to significantly decrease male fertility. Dropping a few pounds won’t hurt. Plus it will make you more of a stud.

Sara SDx

Sara SDx

Editor of Don't Cook your Balls, Co-Founder of, Health Coach and Men's Health Advocate. Passionate about sperm, men's health and helping people build their families.
Sara SDx

Author: Sara SDx

Editor of Don't Cook your Balls, Co-Founder of, Health Coach and Men's Health Advocate. Passionate about sperm, men's health and helping people build their families.

38 thoughts on “Boost Sperm Count”

  1. Hi doc ,
    Please hell me about my semen report,that is good report or their some thing wrong
    Appearance (creamy white)
    Consistency(normal) volume(1.0ml -ph8.0)
    Rapid progression (45%)slow progression(25%)
    Non-progression (30%) immotile (Nill)
    Agglutination ( tail to tail) vitality (Nill)
    count/ml (26)
    Morphology normal (80%)abnormal(20%)
    Pus cells (10-12) red blood cells (1-2)
    EPithelial (1-2) miscellaneous (Nill)

  2. Good day we just got my husbands sa back and would like to know your opinion on the following results

    VOLUME 4.0
    PH 8.3
    NORMAL 3 %
    ABNORMAL 97%

    Does these counts seem to low for normal conception. we have been trying for 14 months I have fairly regular cycles of 34 days had an HSG test done which was normal only a dip in my uterus which the dr said it is nothing to worry about all blood works seemed fine. I am taking pre natal vitamins also had 6 months of clomid. this month we are trying pre seed as well. what can we do to boost are chances

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Been reading post on this group, just want to ask a little help from you, my husband and has been trying for 4 years and we’ve seen a urologist for the last 2 years and still nothing happen its quiet costly to see a doctor twice a week including all the medicine that he prescribe to my husband. Now we decided to research on our ow and since supplements can be bought easily. My husband took Fertility Aid plus (to increase sperm count and motility) for two months already then last week he had a sperm test to check if the Aid helped him in way. the result is Normal Form 60% Abnormal Forms 40% Color Opaque White, Motility 1st hour motile 45% Progressive 20% Non progressive 25% and 1st hour non Motile is 55% Count is 12.7 Million Liquefaction Time is 1 hour 10 mins. Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Sorry to hear the frustration.
      Are these numbers improved from previous results? how often has he tested?

  4. Hi Sara, my andrology report states that I have a count less than 2 million/ml, the report goes on to state N/A For morphology and also total sperm count. My partner and I have been trying for 2 years and last week we discovered we were pregnant! This weekend however my girlfriend sadly had a miscarriage. She already has a healthy 7 year old daughter from a previous relationship and has no history of miscarriage. Is there a possibility that the miscarriage could be due to poor morphology? In which case will this increase the likelihood of further miscarriages? Or could it result in an increased chance of birth defects?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Miscarriages are tricky. Early miscarriages are most commonly due to genetic defects which can come from egg, sperm or the combination of the two. They can happen to anyone and even perfectly formed sperm have the potential to contribute poor DNA. However, elevated abnormal morphology may be associated with underlying DNA issues that could create a higher risk for miscarriage. Science doesn’t know a ton about this unfortunately.

      It’s pretty amazing that you were able to conceive. Sperm counts are low enough that the likelihood of natural conception are pretty low. But the amazing thing about sperm is that a single low measurement doesn’t mean that you have a permanently low count (or poor motility / morphology) All these things change in response to your health, habits and lifestyle.

      A few recommendations for you
      1. I would go to a urologist to find out if there are any medical issues contributing to sperm issues
      2. This app is a great resource to identify things in your life that might be harming sperm – diet, chemicals, heat exposure and the like can cause issues with sperm production and DNA problems. Taking steps to make keep sperm safe can increase chances of conception and help to prevent future miscarriage.
      3. Many of the recommendations that are good for men are also good for women to help keep eggs and embryos safe when trying to conceive.

      Hope that helps. My warm thoughts to both of you as you journey on. This stuff can be hard and I’m in your corner if you need someone to talk to or have other questions.

      1. Hi Sara my count was 78 million/ml but only 35% of my sperms are normal. Me and my wife has been trying to concieve since one year and we are yet not succeeded. 15% of my sperms have rapid progression, 15% are slow progressive, 10% non-progessive and 60% are immotile. I consulted two urologists, one recommend me to take some multi vitamins and other said everything is alright and no need to take any medicial help. What do you suggest I SHOULD DO.

        1. I generally agree with the urologists but I can recommend a few things that you can try to improve your sperm count and motility.

          1. Download this app, fill out the health questions and see what recommendations it has for you.
          2. you might try testicular cooling, many guys have a lot of success with this.
          3. Here’s an article of top ways to improve sperm health. You might see if any of these things are easy for you to do.

          If you do not conceive in 6 more months, test again.

          Other questions that could help:
          1. how often do you meet with your wife?
          2. Has she been to a doctor?

  5. Hi I am 15 years old my penis is 5.7 inch and I cum very fast in about 4-6 mins, so please recommend me how to make my penis longer and and how to control the cum and does it is harmful to masturbate daily or 5-6 days in a week. Please give your suggestions. Thank you.

  6. My Semen Analysis Report is
    SA Voulme-2.5 ml
    SA Liquefaction Time-30 Minutes
    SA PH -8.0
    SA Sperm Count-35.2 Million/ml
    SA Rapid Progtressive Modility-55%
    SA Slow Progressive Motility-10%
    SA Rapid+Slow Motility-65%
    SA Non Progressive Motility-5%
    SA Immotile Spermatozoa-30%
    SA Normal Spermatozoa-70%
    SA Abnormal Spermatozoa-30%
    SA Viability -80%
    SA Leukocytes-600/mm3
    SA Agglutination (Head to Head)-Nil
    SA Agglutination (Tail To Tail)- 1+
    SA Agglutination (Head to Tail)-Nil
    Kindly check and advice its is a good report or i need to take any treatment

    1. This is a borderline result. It seems ok but I would like to see the numbers just a little higher. You might try doing some of the things on this list.

      Also, the leukocytes seem a little oddly reported. Did you write it correctly?

      1. thanks for the information doctor,regarding the leukocytes i wrote the same which showing in the report,is there any issue
        please advise

  7. Sperm count 25millions,motile 40%, sluggish motile 10%, Non motile 50%, Normal 50%, Abnormal 50%, fructose :present, reaction: alkaline,liqufication time:40mts, colour:Greyish white,Volume:1.0ml. Pls give suggestions

  8. Acetyl L carnitine worked wonders for me (ALCAR). My count went from 80 to 253 million. Motility went from a 2 to a 4 Over the course of a year. Morphology improved, etc. This is obviously anecdotal evidence, but it’s what happened in my situation.

  9. Semen Analysis Result.
    Volume…..1.5 Ml
    Color….. Grey White
    Consistancy….. Thick

    Reaction PH……. ALKALINE
    Sperm Count……..55 Million
    Motile……….. 30%
    Sluggish Motile…..30%
    Dead…… 40%

    Normal Form…….65%
    Abnormal Form…… 35%
    Leucocytes……… 06–08/HPF
    R.B.C……….. 00—01/HPF

    Please provide me your feedback and kindly, advise me for the normal Semen Analysis result if mine is not normal or healthy.

  10. Colour whitesh volume 3ml viscosity high reaction alkaline liquefaction time 30min microscopic examination actively motile 70%sluggishly motile 20% dead 10%total count 35% pus cells 1-2/hpf

  11. My age 35 year ( volume 1.6 ) Reaction ALKAINE) Liquefaction time 35) (TOTAL COUNT 60 Million/ml)
    (MOTILITY: Active 40%
    Moderate 30% Sluggish 20% Non-motile 10%
    (MORPHOLOGY Normal 95% Pin Head 02% Acute Tapering 03%

    Plz check my report and tell pl

  12. Hi doc,we have been in marriage for 4years and we don’t have a baby.l went to do a sperm count and this was a report
    Actively progressive-5%
    Sluggish progressive -65%
    Vibratory -20%
    Non -motile -10%

    Sperm count
    Apperiance-cream white

    1. You do want a baby or you do NOT want a baby?

      This report shows that it is possible for you to get pregnant, but the actively progressive is lower than I would like to see. If you would like to improve, maybe increase fruits and vegetables in your diet and try to reduce heat around your testicles.

  13. Had my SFA results as follows :
    The first was on 5/7/17.
    Volume ; 8.0ml
    Colour ; creamy
    PH ; 8.0
    Motility 30%(05%active and25%sluggish) 70%dead.
    Morphology ; Normal 70%. Abnormal 30%.
    Count 1.6M/ml.
    Pus cell ; WBC 3-5hpf, RBC Nil, Epith-cell 8-10hpf. I used saliva as lub. during collection of specimen n later realized dt lub kill spermatozoa.
    M/C/S revealed a growth of staph. aureus
    After some doses of antibiotics, and 15days of Tab manix, went for another SFA.
    2nd SFA results on 27/7/17is as below :
    Volume 2.5ml(reason was overwhelmed and couldn’t collect the sample at the first round of masturbation thus d volume above was collected during the second round of masturbation.
    Colour : grayish white.
    Motility :70%(active 30%,sluggish 40%,dead30%)
    Morphology ; Normal 75%,abnormal 25%
    Count:3.1M/ml .
    Pus cell: WBC 5-8hpf,RBC Nil, Epith-cell Nil
    M/C/S :no growth .
    I’m not an active smoker neither am I an alcoholic.
    Need your analysis,Medical advice and direction . Your timely reply will do me a lot of good. Thank you Ma.

    1. You should repeat the test with an abstinence period of at least 2 days. It is good to see the improvement. I would recommend testing again and make sure to collect the whole sample.

      I would also recommend filling out this fertility risk questionnaire to see if there are other risk factors that could be impacting your sperm.

  14. I have a low sperm count I use to smoke sh;t load of weed but I have stopped now for many years I’m 34 and have a very low sperm count how can I improve plus I cum very fast in minutes

    1. How low? If it is really low, you may need to see a doctor for some additional tests to see if the condition is medically caused or something you can improve on your own. I would recommend a full work up if the sperm count is lower than 15 million.

      You could also download this app to see if there are other areas where you can start to make improvements on your own.

  15. Hi ,I want to ask that once while I was driving bike pulsar one of my testicle got pressed and got little bit big in size from the other one.this happened in 2005,I got married in 2007 I was have sprenm count 35 million,after taking medicine it got OK ,and in 2008 I have one baby,after that my sperm getting lower and lower,after consulting many physicians also I am not having my normal sprem count so plz help me to build my sperm count,most of the sperm cells are dead in reports

    1. What was your last test result? What has been the range?
      Do you have any additional symptoms or issues? Have you measured your testosterone or FSH levels?

  16. Comment…If a man was doing masturbate and he quite for how long it takes for him to build up again his power I mean about sperms?

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