DocTalk: Does better sex make it easier to conceive?

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Does better sex make it easier to conceive? It seems like there are a lot of urban legands out there about what does and does not improve chances of getting pregnant and we wanted to hear what leading doctors thought about the subject. So, we asked Dr. Kathleen Hwang if better sex really did improve chances of conception.

Better sex IS better

Dr Hwang confirmed that in fact, better sex can boost your chances of conceiving and gave some very scientific advice for how to both improve things in the bedroom and boost your chances of conceiving.

Get excited: Foreplay and other activities that heighten stimulation can increase your chance of getting pregnant. On the woman’s side more natural lubrication can provide a nice environment for sperm cells who swim their way to the egg. Female ejaculation can also help draw sperm up towards the cervix making the trip shorter and easier for them. On the man’s side, studies have shown that increased stimulation and excitement actually can impact semen quality. More sperm and a greater percent of swimmers have been found in men that were more excited just prior to ejaculation.

Go Deep: Deep penetration gets the sperm closer to their end destination. Traversing the length of the vagina is a pretty major trip for these little guys and getting them right near the cervix will increase the number that have a chance of going for the egg.

Not too much, not too little: Frequency of sex is long debated. Logic would go, have as much sex as you can. Not quite true. Sperm stores take about 48 hours to rebuild following an ejaculation. If you ejaculate too frequently, sperm count may be lower. If you abstain for too long, many of the sperm can die inside the man’s body. Ideally, sex should happen 2-4 times a week or every other day throughout the cycle to maintain healthy stores of sperm cells.

Bottom line. When trying to conceive it is tempting to allow sex to become mechanical. Rush to “do it” because the calendar says — “It’s time.” It is important to keep a hold of intimacy, passion and good sex even if you are trying to make a baby. Stress connected with trying to conceive can lead to sexual dysfunction in both partner which in turn can be very hard on the relationship. Take time to know and respect what makes intimacy enjoyable for each partner and in the name of science and baby-making, get it on.

Sara SDx

Sara SDx

Editor of Don't Cook your Balls, Co-Founder of, Health Coach and Men's Health Advocate. Passionate about sperm, men's health and helping people build their families.

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  1. Ирина April 1, 2016 at 12:26 am

    Sometimes it’s a shift in position or being adventurous by trying something new that can instantly make sex more satisfying and exciting.

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