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    Hello Everyone,
    could anyone help me decide on whether to go for IUI or IVF. My Urologist says IUI should be enough but the fertility expert who does IUI IVF/ICSI says we should go for IVF may be IVF+ICSI.
    Considering the following

    Semen volume 2.6 ml
    Sperm count 106.6 million
    Motility forward progress 20%
    Local Motile : 9%
    Morphology 2%

    What should be done here IVF or IUI?
    BTW, I am 33 and my SA showed Chlamydia which was ther for 1.5 year already. Currently Im doing everything to improve my sperm quality.

    Let me know if you required further Infos.
    Thanks million in advance 😉

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    If you compare the two treatments side by side to look at success rates in a given cycle — IVF with ICSI has the highest chances of success. It is also the most expensive and invasive treatment option. Here is an article about factors that influence success rates in IUI

    Beyond sperm — here are some other factors that you might want to consider
    1. Insurance — do you have any coverage for any of the treatment options?
    2. Cost — how much does each cost?
    3. Female factors — does your partner have any issues that could impact her fertility?
    4. How long have you been trying?

    On your side – did they give medication to treat chlamydia? That may improve semen parameters.
    Overall total motile count looks reasonable. The morphology is lower than it should be but it is hard to determine what type of impact that would have on your ability to conceive.

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