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  • Lucy
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    Hi Sara – I am wondering if you could comment on the improvements you’ve seen in sperm counts and sperm morphology when chronic marijuana users (multiple times/day for over 10 years) quit marijuana. How long do you recommend waiting to see improvements? I also understand that testosterone can decrease in chronic uses. Does this normally improve after quitting marijuana? If so, can you comment on how long it normally takes to go back to normal? Thanks for your help!

  • Sara SDxSara SDx
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    Unfortunately, the studies don’t give us that level of detail. There is only correlation between sperm, testosterone and marijuana, but they don’t know exactly why or how long it takes to reverse the issue. I’ve been planning to do a deeper dive on some of the basic science to try to better understand the chemistry, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. I can post when I do.

    Some things that are likely to speed recovery — diet / supplements with antioxidants (vitamind C, E, coenxyme q10, etc) these can help bind radicals in the blood that could be damaging tissues (including sperm) and zinc, folate, and selenium, which support DNA replication, testosterone production and sperm development.

    I’d also recommend light jogging and weight lifting as those can help with both blood circulation and jump starting the body to product more testosterone.

    Have you tested sperm / testosterone?

  • Douglas Poole
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    I’m 46 years old, I’ve never had children should I get a soeem count?

    • Sara SDxSara SDx
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      probably not a bad idea. It can help you have a sense of where you are at.

  • sathya selvan
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    At present i have 15 million counts 10% active.
    3 months before 45 million counts i had.
    active 30% only.

    y its reducing and what i have to do for count increasing.

    • Sara SDxSara SDx
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      Hard to tell why it is reducing. There are lots of things that can reduce sperm count — stress, heat, poor diet, lack of exercise, chemical exposure, medication, alcohol, cigarettes, and other things like this. Have you recently had any changes in your life?

  • newel
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    hi.can you tell me its normal range?
    volume: 3.0 mL
    colour: grey white
    pH : 7.7
    total sperm count: 85 million/mL
    active Motile: 60 %
    sluggish motile: 15%
    Non motile: 25%
    pus cells: 2-3/ HPF
    morphology: 80%

  • Sara SDxSara SDx
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    Those numbers look healthy. Are you having trouble concieving? If so, how long have you been trying?

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