Mega Biceps, Mini Balls

In this episode of Urologist Nerds Drinking Beer, the doctors discuss the long term health effects of using steroids which can include permanent infertility.

Using steroids has devastating effects on your fertility, and can actually make you permanently infertile. In this episode of Urologist Nerds Drinking Beer, the guys talk about what they see happening in their clinic when young men try to get buffed by juicing up.

Ever walked around a gym wondering how all those guys got so ripped? It could very well be the result of honest hard work, but maybe some of those guys are actually cutting the line. Steroid use is more common than you might think. It is estimated that 3 to 4 million people in the US have used steroids, and most people start in their early 20s [1]. It kind of makes sense; around that age you might start to see the first wear and tear of your college lifestyle on your body. I have felt that. After all, getting to be called beer pong champion required a lot of training and some sacrifices as well…

The real effects of steroids

Risks for your fertility associated with Steroid use are mini balls and having a low to zero sperm count. The real risk here is that the longer you use steroids, the more risk you have of being permanently infertile. Shooting up may lead to not shooting anything at all, ever!

Other adverse effects range from acne and man boobs to liver cancer. So you get your muscle, but you also get a puberty physique for free and a chance of getting very very sick! Try to ask some girls what they think about your muscles when all they can look at is a crater-face.


The best advice it to not use steroids in the first place! It’s a double whammy; you will not experience the downsides of steroids, and working out without is actually a great way to help your balls create more of those little heroes. There are other ways to maximize gains in the gym without resorting to steroid use.

But what if you are already on them? It can be a challenge to get off, and it is key you come clean about this to your doc as soon as possible. Doctors see it a lot and have quite a few tricks up their sleeves to help you meet your goals while protecting your health. It takes about 6-12 months before your sperm is back, sometimes even longer. You can work together with your doctor to slowly get off steroids without having a major crash.

Don’t get your fix, but try to fix it!


On a final note a lighthearted steroid love song 🙂


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