Making Dads Fertility Telesummit

Making Dads Fist Bump

Making Dads Fist BumpFather’s Day is coming up. Cue the commercials selling what corporations think men want: grills, cars, golf clubs . But for millions of men, the one thing they really want is something they have been struggling with for months, years, even decades: becoming a dad.

One of the major reasons male infertility sucks so badly is the feeling of isolation. Most men don’t like to discuss weaknesses, and talking about infertility can feel like just that: one big admission of weakness. Something to push deep down into your chest, to swallow and form a rock in your gut, to go through alone. But roughly 40% of infertile couples are due to male-related causes, and 1 in 5 men have a low sperm count. DCYB wants to show men going through infertility that they aren’t alone, that they have a community, that they have control over their own bodies.

That’s why June 15-19th, the week leading up to Father’s Day, DCYB’s Sara SDx and top fertility coach, Kristen Darcy, will be holding the Making Dad’s Fertility Telesummit. They’ve sat down with top male fertility docs, fertility coaches, and men who have struggled with infertility themselves to talk about the realities of trying to conceive, ways to improve your fertility, and how to support your partner and yourself through your path to fatherhood.

Speakers Include:

Registering for this telesummit can get you some exclusive perks, like access to all of these interviews, the ability to ask the experts questions during their live interviews and access to the replay channel. Did we mention it’s completely free? See the full schedule and get more details here.

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