Am I Normal? Guide to Normal Sperm Count

What’s a normal sperm count? Find out where you stand and what it means for your fertility.

It’s hard to define “normal”, especially when it comes to your body. But after getting a semen analysis,the question of what’s normal can seem like a constant companion. So where do your results fall? Do you have a normal sperm count?

“Average” vs “Normal”

Doctors try to avoid the phrase “normal” when they can. That’s because there’s really no such thing as a normal body. Average is frequently used instead, especially in academic studies. With your sperm count, things are further complicated by the sheer range of what average is, and how normal is defined.

Do you consider normal to be the mathematical average of a large group of men? Or do you consider normal to be the number at which successful pregnancies start becoming likely?

The Low End

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines “the lower range of normal” as 10-15 million per milliliter. While it only takes one sperm to fertilize an egg, a higher amount of sperm in an ejaculate, the higher the odds that one of your swimmers will go for the gold and actually fertilize an egg. The range of 10-15 million/ml, while not technically subfertile, is the lowest end of normal.

So why is your count low? Check out our detailed article on low sperm count for more detailed information about causes, treatment options and things you can do to improve.

Maybe Baby

A sperm count ranging between 15 million and 60 million is the low-average range of sperm count, meaning that while your count isn’t necessarily “low”, it is still slightly below average. In general, if sperm count is in this range, but all other semen parameters are average or above (if the sperm that you do have are generally healthy), this count shouldn’t cause problems with conceiving although several studies have shown that monthly chances of conception increase with sperm count up to around 40-50 million. If you are in the below average range, you may want to explore some of our tips for boosting sperm count. Chances are cutting back on alcohol, eating a little better or dropping a few pounds could do wonders for your swim team.

Average Joe

A count ranging between 60-80 million is considered to be the average range for men aged 18-35. In a study of 4867 Danish men aged 20-45, the average sperm count was 60 million/ml. This study has been pretty groundbreaking in its findings, and the results from it have been used to define the new “normal” for men. The WHO conducted a different study of around 2,000 recent fathers which defines the 50 percentile (basically the exact middle of the range) as 73 million/ml.

Top of the Class

The top 25% of the male population had a sperm count between 80 million/ml and 200 million/ml. Congratulations, you just made the sperm count honor roll.

Super Swimmers

A count above 200 million indicates an above average count. This is awesome news for your fertility, since higher sperm counts have been linked with more successful conception.

Other Factors

Regardless of your number, your sperm isn’t the only factor in your fertility. A low sperm count could have very little impact if the overall sperm quality is exceptional, and a high count could mean very little without motility and morphology to help it along.

What Now?

Do you have a low sperm count? We’ve got good news. Sperm counts change from day to day and there are lifestyle factors that can help boost you count. For more info, check out our tips on increasing your sperm count.

496 thoughts on “Am I Normal? Guide to Normal Sperm Count”

  1. can you comment on the below please

    semen volume 1.5
    visc normal
    forward progress >2+
    sperm count >15mil (21)
    rapid mobility >32%
    slow and non progressive >40%
    non-motile 50
    morph >4
    round cell 2

    1. It’s a borderline result. It’s within the “normal” range but lower than I like to see and it may take slightly longer than average to conceive. Are you having trouble?

      (Please post additional thoughts or questions in the forum)

  2. Today we have done 4th attempt on iui
    Plz see if anything is wrong with my sperm wash, thanks in advance 🙂

    Pre wash

    Volume : 1 ML
    Total Count : 113 Mill/ml.
    Motility : 30%
    Total motile sperm : 34 Mill/ml.
    Agglutination : Absent
    Viscosity : Noraml

    Post wash
    Method : Swim-down (modified)
    Quantity : 0.5 Ml
    total count : 55 Mill/ml
    Motility : 35%
    Total motile sperm : 19 Mill/ml

  3. Hello Doctor,

    Can you please check my results?? Thanks

    VOLUME 2 mL
    PH 8.0
    VISCOSITY Normal
    MOTILITY 80%
    SPERM COUNT 84 mill/mL


      1. Well had a varicocele surgery 4 years ago. Now it’s back on a grade 1. I was referred by a doctor to check my sperm. above were my results done recently. Havent tried much on having another baby, but I am concerned about my fertility, dont want to try or waste time if I know there is an issue . What do you suggest?

  4. Plz look it my report..em I normal or not??
    Voloum=3.3 ml
    colour..dirty white
    Motile ..50%
    Non motile..40%
    Pus cells..5-7/HPF
    Total sperm count..9.2m/ml

  5. My sa details
    Abcistance 3 days
    Volume 1.5 ml
    Concentration 80 million per ml
    Plz madem tell me are these numbers normal

  6. Hi ,pls can you give the your idea of my report

    Liquification time; one hour
    Colour:opaque grey
    Reaction anf PH: 8.0ph
    Volume :2.5
    Total sperm count:20
    Total motile sperms:70
    Immobile sperms:30
    Normal head :65
    Pin head:5
    Giant head:03
    Nornal tail:70
    Diubke tail:5
    Pus cells:10-15
    Epithelial cells:1-2

  7. Hi I was curious if you could interpret this analysis.
    My wife has pcos and we’ve been trying to conceive our second child with fertility drugs for 8 months. We just did IUI for the first time where they did a semen analysis. We were surprised to see results that weren’t amazing especially since we conceived baby 1 on the second month with the help of clomid. Any input would be appreciated:
    – Abstained 2 days
    – Volume: 1 ml
    – Sperm: 30 million
    – PH: 7.6
    – Motility:
    – A 0% fast linear, B 40% slow nonlinear movement, C 6% moving but no direction, D 54% none mobile
    – Morphology:
    – 24% normal, 76% abnormal (62% abnormal head)

    I’m personally most concerned about the motility and the fact that there are none in category A. Do we even have a shot with IUI or is IVF more realistic with these results combined with pcos?

    Thanks so much!

    1. So, there are a lot of factors that could impact motility categorization. I wouldn’t put too much wieght in the 0. It’s concerning but not a show stopper. Overall, this says sub-fertility on your end but I wouldn’t necessarily jump straight to IVF with this.

      Here’s a breakdown:
      Volume: 1 = low
      Sperm 30 million = borderline
      Motility progressive 0 = low
      total motility 46% = normal
      morphology = 24% normal = excellent

      My first thought would be to put in a few months to try to boost numbers and see if you can make some progress. I see a lot of men with numbers in this range make pretty drastic improvements. I’d particularly recommend testicular cooling if you are open to it. I’ve been pretty impressed by the results I’ve seen from it.

      You might want to get checked for a varicocele which also tends to cause results that look similar to this.

      I would also recommend downloading this app and taking the health assessment to see if you have any major risk factors that you could make improvements on.

      At a minimum I would re-test to confirm these numbers (ideally at a different lab) just to confirm. Methodologies vary from lab to lab. No one is “wrong” in how they do it, but semen analysis is pretty nuanced and it is helpful to look at results from different places to get a better sense of where you are at.

      Hope this helps. happy to answer further questions if you have them.

  8. Hi is this normal
    Volume 3.4-1.5
    Concentrate 16.5-15
    30min liquefaction -60
    Toatal motility 81.8-40
    Motility progressive 78.8-32
    Normal forms 15-4
    And test says I am 1 which is most fertile

    1. It’s a bit unusual to see lower count but higher volume and motility. Overall, my impression is that you shouldn’t have trouble conceiving but the result falls in a gray area and likely different experts would give you different opinions.

      I would suggest doing things to be healthy to give yourself the best shot of conceiving each month. Here’s a list of habits that are good for sperm.

  9. Hello Doctor,

    Could you please check my semen Report as follow,

    Duration of abstinence (days) 3

    Volume (ml) 3.7

    pH 8.5

    Greatly increased Viscosity

    Density (x10^6/ml) 37.0
    Total motile count (x10^6) 33.5

    Progressive motility (%) 11.75

    Non progressive motility (%) 12.75

    Immotile (%) 75.5

    Total motile sperm (%) 24.5

    Normal forms (%) 3.75

    Agglutination (%) 0

    Round cells (x10^6/ml) 0

    p.s I have unexplained testicular pain.

    1. Have you had a doctor examine your testicles for the pain?
      In reading this, that stands out as the biggest issue.
      Here’s an article about testicular pain, if you’d like to learn more.

      The semen analysis results look mostly ok. Not as high as I like to see but also not too bad. Are you trying to conceive? If so, how long?

  10. Please reply

    Abstinence – 5 days
    Volume – 3 ml
    Count – 33 million per ml
    Ejaculate – 99 million per ml
    Total motile – 50
    Morphology – Normal form – 11

  11. hi sara
    plz comment on my semen analysis reprt

    vol 3 ml
    count 180 Mil /ml
    pH 7.5
    MOTILITY 45%

      1. My volum 3.0 ml total count 130 milion motility 80% morphology 90% hi sara answer me i want to b a sperm donor

        1. 130 total or 130M/mL? Different sperm banks have different requirements. Your motility looks good so you might be a candidate.

  12. I would like to say that for every semen analysis test is abcistance necessary
    Does All the tests shown above have abcistance of minimum 3 days
    I have semen volume 1.5 ml abcistance is 2 days
    Is it normal regarding the volume

  13. Doctor please reply

    Volume 4ml
    Liquidation within 40 minutes
    Viscosity moderate
    Reaction alkaline
    Color opaque grey
    Dropping test liquefied
    Total sperm count 26 million/ml
    Active motile 45%
    Sluggish motile 20%
    Non motile 35%

    Normal forms 40%
    Pinhead 01%
    Round head 02%
    Giant head 02%
    Double head 01%
    Pus cells 10-12/HPF
    RBC 2-3/HPF

  14. Hi, I just got my analysis done. Really need your help as I am scared. Here is the report –

    Volume – 6.2 ml
    Vitality – 40 %
    Concentration – 13.6 M / ml
    Count – 84.3 M per ejac
    Motile sperm – 29.8 M per ejac
    Progressive motile sperm – 19.6 M per ejac
    Morph. normal sperm – 3.4 M per ejac

    Motility – 35%
    Progressive motility – 23.2%
    Non progressive motility – 12%
    Immotile – 65%
    Motile sperm concentration (MSC) – 4.8 M / ml
    Progressive Motile sperm concentration – 3.2 M / ml

    Normal Morphology – 4%
    Functional sperm concentration (FSC) – 0.3 M / ml
    Sperm motility Index – 25

    Does this mean I am infertile?

    1. There is no reason to be afraid.

      Volume is high, sperm count is average. Progressive motile sperm is ok.
      Overall, it’s a little lower than I like to see but fertility is possible, it just might take longer as your chances are a little reduced.

      How is your health?

  15. Hello,

    My Details Are :

    VOLUME 1.5 1.5 – 6.8 mL
    PH 08 > or = 7.2
    MOTILITY 60 > or = 40
    MOTILITY – PROGRESSIVE 35 32 – 72 %
    MOTILITY – NON-PROGRESSIVE 25 High 1 – 18 %
    MOTILITY – IMMOTILE 40 22 – 59 %
    VIABILITY 60 > or = 58 %
    SPERM COUNT 22.0 15 – 213 mill/mL
    NORMAL FORMS 80 > or = 4 %
    MICRO HEAD 06 %
    PIN HEAD 07 %
    GIANT HEADS 00 %
    TAIL 05 %
    SHORT TAIL 02 %
    CURLED 03 %
    BITAIL 00 %
    PUS CELLS 5 – 7 0 – 5 /hpf
    EPITHELIAL CELLS 3-5 0 – 5 /hpf

    Is there any problem with the report or do i have to do something to rectify it

    1. It is on the low end. Possible to conceive but may take longer than usual. How is your health? Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

  16. Volume 4.3ml

    Concentration 56

    Total count 240.8

    Motility 49%

    Normal morphology 8%

    Total motile 117.9

    Total motile normal 9.4

    Progression (1-slow to 4-fast) 3

    Ph 7.6

    Appearance gray and opaque

      1. We have been trying with no luck for awhile and we just wanted to make sure i was not the problem then we will get her checked but i was worried about the morphology being 8 percent they said it needed to be 15 percent to be healthy is this true

        1. Morphology is hotly debated in the field. It boils down to how strictly the andrologist applies the rules for defining abnormal some methods are stricter than others..Most fertility clinics use a cut-off of 4% normal as the definition for “abnormal” morphology. 15% is about average for fertile men according to WHO. Some studies show that less than 10% normal can impair fertility — but the tricky thing is — it is hard to standardize from technician to technician or clinic to clinic… so many people ignore it all together because it can be hard to tell if the number is meaningful.

          Generally, I am not overly concerned about it but when it is lower than typical (especially in the 8% range), but it does send a flag to explore exposure to heat, toxins, poor diet and other things that can contribute to poor formation of sperm. Often there are things that can be done to improve it. But the measurement itself is pretty subjective and hard to nail down. (which means it can also be hard to observe changes / improvements).

          Does this help clarify?

  17. volume ……3 ml
    color……..greyish white
    liquefaction…..not liquified after 2 hr
    fast progressive…..10%
    slow progressive…20%
    non progressive…..10%
    sperm count……..38/ml
    pus cell …….1-2 hpf
    RBC’s……….4-6 hpf

  18. Sperm analysis
    Volume 5 ml
    Sperm count: 68.9 million
    Microscopic: 70% normal,30% abnormal
    Morphology: 70% normal,30% abnormal
    Is there any problem

  19. Hi Dr Sara.

    My wife and I have been trying to conceive for over a year now I am 30 who is epileptic and is taking 800mg of carbamezapine twice a day and she is 25

    My results are as follows

    Mode of Production: Masturbation
    Time Produced: 10:30 AM
    Time Analyzed: 11:00 AM
    Color: Creamy White
    PH: 8.0
    Volume: 9.0 cm3
    Viscosity: Less Viscous
    Liqueficatio: Complete
    Total Count: 42 Million

    Total Motility (70%)
    Fully Active: 30%
    Slightly Active: 40%
    Dead: 30%

    Morphology (Normal: 50% Abnormal:50%)

    Pus cell: 2-3/hpf
    Epithelic cell: 0-1/hpf
    Others: Nil

    Culture: Yielded scanty growth of Staph after 24 hours incubation.

    I am currently taking levoflaxin and supplements.

    My question is, can we conceive?

    1. I am not as well versed on the female side of fertility. I might recommend that she have a discussion with her ob about her medications and medical history to see if there are recommendations for her side.


        DAYS ABST- 2
        VOLUME- 4.0
        MOTILITY RAPID- 10%
        MOTILITY SLOW-50 %
        NONE PROG- 10%
        NORMAL MORPH-35%
        ABNORMAL MORPH-65%

        1. I replied to you elsewhere — but here it is again…

          I’m sorry to hear about your struggles.

          Here’s an explanation of the results:
          Volume: 4 = a little higher than average
          Sperm count: 30 = a little lower than average
          Rapid motility: 10% = a little lower than average
          Total motility: 60% = average
          Normal morphology: 35% = average

          Total progressive motile (volume x count x rapid motility) = 12 million

          This is a little less than optimal. Hard to tell if it is contributing to problems conceiving or not. I would suspect that if these numbers are reflective of the entire time you’ve been trying that he would have had some difficulty conceiving but would have conceived in 2-3 years.

          Questions that come to mind include:
          How is his health? Has it improved or declined over the past 5 years?
          How is your health? Has it improved or declined?
          How often do you typically have sex?
          How is your cycle? Have you had any tests done?

  20. Nicky My semen analysis shows

    Semen Data
    Volume: 3.0mL
    Odor: Spermine
    Colour: Gray
    Viscosity: Slightly slimy (Normal)
    Liquefaction: Complete
    pH: 8.5
    Agglutination: Present (Normal)
    Round Cells: 46,000/mL

    Sperm Data
    Concentration: 38.0million/ml
    Sperm Count: 116.0million/mL
    Motility: 60%
    Progressive Motility: 43%
    Rapid: 29%
    Medium: 14%
    Non-progressive Motility: 17.0%
    Dead: 40%
    Viability: 48.2%

    Normal Sperm: 81.0%
    Small Head: 5.0
    Round Head: 11.0%
    Tapered Head: 3.0%
    Mid piece Defect: 2.0%
    Large Head: 0%
    Tail Defect/Coiled: 0.0%
    Duplicate Form: 0.0%
    Cytoplasmic Droplet: 0.0%
    Amorphous Head: 0.0%
    Can I get a woman with this result.

      1. Hey Sara, my over all result is good. 150 million total of 3.0 ml of sample with 4 days of gap. The only problem is the rapid linear motion sperms which is only 6% but the total motility is 60%. Rest of the results are within normal range I have been trying for baby since 2 years but i have stayed with my wife for only 1 year. My wife is all good in her lab tests.

        1. is it 1 year continuously or small amounts of time that add up to one year? Have you had sex during her most fertile time? Do you track her cycle so that you both know when she is ovulating?

      2. Hi sara. I want to know about my seman analysis.. Is it normal or abnormal…..
        Quantity.. 5ml
        Appearance.. Thick mucoid
        Sperm count.. 30ml
        Motility.. 60%activly motile
        20%sluggishly motile
        Morphology.. 85%are normal in morphology
        Epithelial cells.. 1-2/HPF
        PUS CELLS.. Occasional
        RBC… NILL

        1. It looks ok
          Quantity: 5 ml = high
          Sperm count: 30M/mL = moderate
          Motility: 60% active = good
          Morphology 85% normal = very good

          Overall, the sperm count looks slightly low, but all the other numbers are great so I think you should be ok. Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

          (For ongoing conversation post in the community forum)

  21. Plzzz reply fast as possible …
    Sperm collected on: 25 may 2018
    Sperm collected at: 1:20pm
    sperm recieved: 1:30pm
    Liquification:15 min
    Colour: greyish white
    viscosity : high
    Reaction: alkaline
    Quantity :1.0cc
    Motility :
    Active spermatazoa:55%
    slow motility sperm :10%
    dead spermatazoa : 35%
    AGE: 43
    TOTAL COUNT : 63.5million /
    Swellet neck : 20%
    pinhead : 10%
    Neck defect 00%
    Round head :00%
    Gaind head : 00%
    Pus cell :0.1/hpf
    RBCs : NIL

    1. Overall, this looks ok. Are you concerned about something in particular? Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

      1. Plzzz reply fast as possible …
        Sperm collected on: 02 June 2018
        Sperm collected at: 8:15pm
        sperm recieved: 5:30pm
        Liquification:30 min
        Colour: Creamy white
        Consistency : Thin
        Volume: 2.5 ml pH: 8.0
        Fructose: Present
        Sperm Motility (%) (100 Spermatozoa):
        Rapid Progression: 30%
        slow Progression: 20%
        Non-Prgresive Motility: 10%
        Immotile: 40%
        Agglutination: –
        Vitality: –
        Count / ml: 112 million
        AGE: 38
        Normal: 30%
        Abnormal: 70%
        Head defects: 20%
        Tail Defects: 30%
        Neck & Mid Piece Defects: 10%
        Cytoplasmic Droplets: 07%
        Headless Pinhead: 03%
        Pus cells : 2-4
        Red Cells: 1-2
        Epithelial Cells: Nil
        Miscellaneous: Nil

  22. Hi doc, My semen analysis report says,

    Volume -2ml, pH- Alkaline, Fructose test- Positive, sperm count- 78 mill/cumming, morality at time of liq- 55%, sluggish motile- 05%, dead sperms – detected , Pus cells – absent, epithelial cells- absent, RBC- absent, Trichomonas- absent.

    Is it normal doctor?

  23. Please comment on my fertility parameters:

    Abstinence: 4 days
    Liquefaction time: <30 mins
    Color: White Opaque
    Volume: 5 ml
    Reaction: Alkaline
    Sperm Concentration: 45 millions/ml
    Motility: 60%
    Rapidly progressive: 40%
    Moderately progressive: 10%
    Sluggishly progressive: 10%
    Morphology Normal: 70%
    Fructose: Positive
    Pus cells: Numerous
    RBCs: 1-2/hpf

    1. Looks ok. Are you concerned about something in particular? Are you having trouble conceiving?

      1. Thanks for your response. Me and my wife have been trying for about 8 months now. We have sex almost daily during the fertility window.

        It would be helpful if you can clarify the below:

        1) I understand that the average concentration is 60 million/ml and I have 45 million/ml, however since the volume is on the higher end, can I consider this normal?

        2) The report also mentions about occasional epithelial cells. Will they affect fertility?

        3) Also the report I shared was from a test that I took after abstaining for 4 days. Could it be that having sex daily is affecting the chances of conceiving since the numbers could be low in the sperm?

  24. Hello,

    Please let me know if my result is ok?

    Volume- 5.5ml
    Colour- whitish
    Viscosity- normal
    PH- alkaline
    count per ml- 20million
    motile- 45%
    Non motile- 25%
    Sluggish- 30%
    Normal Morphology-65%
    Abnormal shape-35%
    RBC/HPF- 0-1
    WPC/HPF- 0-1
    Epithelial cells/HPF- 0-1

    Thank you

    1. overall it looks ok. Concentration is on the lower side, but volume is on the high end so numbers average out.
      I think you are in a healthy range for conception. Are you having trouble?

  25. Hello doc
    My results are below
    Volume 2.0
    Reaction alkaline
    Viscosity viscous
    Liquefication 30 mins

    Pus cells 4-6
    Rbc 1-2

    Progressive motility 30%
    No progressive motility 10%
    Non motile 60%

    Normal morphology 50%
    Abnormal morphology 50%

    Total sperm count 65 mill/cc

    I am trying to conceive from 5 months

    1. Overall, this looks ok. Sometimes it can take up to a year to get pregnant. I would recommend doing what you can to get and stay healthy as your health can impact both your fertility and the health of the baby. Let me know if you have other questions.

  26. HI Sara,

    please check my report.

    Colour :- GRAY-WHITE
    VOLUMN:- 4ML
    Liquefaction Time:-29 min
    Total saparm count:- 38 M/ml
    Sluggish:-20 %
    Normal sparm count:- 25%

    please help and reply me fast mam..

  27. Please comment on the below SA report:

    Abstinence: 4 days
    Liquefaction time: <30 mins
    Volume: 5 ml
    Reaction: Alkaline
    Sperm Concentration: 45 millions/ml
    Motility: 60%
    Rapidly progressive: 40%
    Moderately progressive: 10%
    Sluggishly progressive: 10%
    Morphology Normal: 70%
    Fructose: Positive
    Pus cells: Numerous
    RBCs: 1-2/hpf

  28. Dear sara

    Please check my semen test and reply …
    Valume 5ml
    Sperm count 225 million
    Concentration 65million
    Sperm motility ..
    Non motile 35% poor10 .moderate20.good 20 and excellent 15 %..

    Abnormal form is 25 %…


    1. A+B is total 35% good progressive motile with 225 total count looks preaty healthy

  29. I have an question.

    Is it possible to have agglutination in your sperm and antibodies but still good sperm value?
    i was just wondering that as i didn’t see that on the whole website.

    i have 55 million/ml count
    30% active motile and normal morphology
    25% sluggish/defective
    45% dead/non motile

    I should be ok if looking to TMC in the other article.

    But what about the agglutination and antibodies if that is also present then. My basic question is if the presence of antibodies means automatic that one is infertile?

    1. Apologies for the delay in responding… I’m looking into the research on this. It’s not widely discussed.

    2. So I checked in with a urologist friend of mine to get a more thorough answer. This area is gray. There isn’t a ton of published literature on it and many people don’t measure.
      It doesn’t mean automatic infertility, but if there is a lot of clumping / agglutination, it can prevent sperm from getting to where they need to go. Did the report provide any details?

      1. No, my final report in Netherlands is ready by tomorrow. In foreign country it was just mentioned that agglutination is present and was just wondering and thought to ask a question here.

        I will post further details when report is ready

  30. Good day,

    My husbands results:

    pH- 8.0
    Viscosity- 4.0cm
    Color- Normal
    Motility- 80%
    RBC- 0
    Normal 7%
    Abnormal 93%
    Head defects 72%
    Neck defects 58%
    Tail defects 48%
    Teratozoospermia index 1.91
    Collection method – masterbation
    4.5ml -Volume
    27.0 million/mL – Concentration

    We had a miscarriage last year May, so its a year ago and have been struggling to get pregnant ever since then.

    Does his results look normal or healthy to you? Please help us.

    Kind regards,
    Suné de Jager

    1. It’s a little on the low side. Totally possible to concieve but likely to take a little longer than usual. How is his health?

      1. Hi mam,

        Volume – 1.8ml
        Liqufication time – 30 mins
        Colour – opaque grey
        Count – 22.2 million/ per no
        Active motile- 45%
        Sluggish motile- 15
        Non motile- 40%
        Normal forms – 60%
        Abnormal forms – 40%
        Pus cells1-2 /jpg
        Fructose – positive

        One of my testicles was removed at the age of 14 as it was present in my abdomen

        Kindly advice on the report

        Thank you

        1. It’s a little on the low side but not too bad. Are you trying to conceive? Having trouble?

      2. Hi Dear Sara

        I recently make a test and my
        Viscosity thick
        ph Alkaline
        liquification time Normal
        Total volume 1 ml
        Total count 60 million
        Active motile 45%
        sluggish 20%
        dead 20%
        plus cells 2-3
        Erithocytes nil
        Epithelial cells nil
        Mam is it ok

        1. generally it’s ok. The volume is a little low but doesn’t concern me too much. Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

  31. Hi madam,
    My sperm count 110millions per month
    Motility 85%
    Active 48%
    Sluggish 37%
    Non motility 15%
    Total volume 4 ml
    Morphology. 65%
    Pus = 0-1

    I am unmarried ..with in 6 months am going to marry .age is 29 me any issue for fertility

    1. Hi madam,
      My sperm count 110millions per ml
      Motility 85%
      Active 48%
      Sluggish 37%
      Non motility 15%
      Total volume 4 ml
      Morphology. 65%
      Pus = 0-1

      I am unmarried ..with in 6 months am going to marry .age is 29 me any issue for more question..what is the good sperm count and how much is the good active motility

  32. Hi
    My total sperm count is 80 million.
    Active motive 55,%
    Sluggish motive 25%
    Non motile 20%
    Normal 60%
    Abnormal 20%
    Immature 20%
    Please mama suggest my report is ok

    1. Volume -2ml
      Colour- whitish
      Viscosity -normal
      Liquification time -20 minutes
      Total sperm count is 80million
      Active motile. – 55%
      Sluggish motile-25%
      Non motile. -20
      Normal -60%
      Immature -20%
      Please mam suggest my report

        1. My sperm count is
          Qnty :2ml
          L. Time : 20mnts
          Reaction : acidic
          A. Motility : 50%
          S. Motility :10%
          Non. Motile : 40%
          Sperm. Concentration : 18mill/ml
          T. Sperm count : 36 mill

          1. It’s a tad lower than I like to see but should be good to conceive. Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

  33. volume-2.0
    sperm conc-2.0
    progressive motility-27
    nonprogressive motility-7

    1. if you are able, you should visit a urologist who specializes in male reproductive health for a full examination. I would recommend getting a blood test for hormone levels, a phyisical exam and perhaps check for genetic causes of low sperm count. You can also download this app to see if there are any risk factors in your life that could be harming your fertility.

    Duration of abstinence 3 days
    Colour… creamy white
    Volume… 3mls
    Counts… 40-45million/ml
    Ph reaction…8.0
    Viscosity… ………………………..normal
    Active motile… 50%
    Sluggish motile… 30%
    Dead… 20%
    Normal… 70%
    Puss cell 2-4


  36. Hello Mem please tell me ,,,,…. volume 2.0 ml,, liquefaction time-30 minutes,,,,,,,,,,, reaction,,,,…. alkaline,, total count…..50 .. millions/ml,,,,,,,,,,,, motility,,,,,,,… active….60%,,,,,,,,,, sluggish 10%.non motile….30 %………………………………………… morphological studies…., normal 90%.. abnormal 10%,,,,,,

  37. hi mam
    my age 37 yrs
    colour grey
    reaction alkaline
    volume 2 ml
    liq time 40 mins
    viscosity _ thin
    active motile 45%
    sluggish 25%
    non motile 30%
    sperm count 109 millions
    morphology _ single head with long tail

    am trying to baby past 6 yrs
    my wife side no problem
    even though not success to baby

    please suggest to me any defects my side
    can I became father?

    1. 6 years is a long time to try. I am sorry to hear of this difficulty.
      Your report looks pretty healthy. I don’t see an issue here that would make me think you can not become a father.
      Because you have been trying for so long, you may want to talk to a doctor about some fertility treatments that can help you both improve your chances.

  38. Hello mam, please comment on this results-
    Liquefaction time- 35 min
    volume- 4.5 ml
    appearance- Whitish
    viscosity- Thickish
    Reaction- Alkaline
    Total Sperm concentration- 90000
    Mortility studies-
    Mortile non mortile
    After 1 hr- 75% 25%
    after 2 hr.- 65% 35%

    pus cell- 6-8/hpf
    epithelial cells- 1-2/hpf
    r.b.c- 1-2/hpf
    Normal- 65%
    abnormal- 35%

  39. Hi Doctor are this results normal

    Vol 3.4
    Color almond
    Viscosity liquid
    Liquefaction <60 mins
    PH 7.2
    Concentration 26
    Mobility 47
    Progressive Mobility 47
    Number of Motile Sperm 42
    Morphology 2 – wield tail
    Viability 93
    Round Cells <1

  40. Hi Madam Sara,

    This is my result.

    Volume. 4.5 ml
    Odor spermine
    Color. gray opaque
    Viscosity. normal
    Liquefaction time. 30 minutes
    PH. alkaline
    Agglutination. grade 1
    Round cell. 0-1
    Sperm data
    Number of sperm analyzed. 400
    Concentration. 13.1
    Total sperm count ejaculate. 58.00
    Motility analysis done after. 30.0
    Total percent morality. 87.0
    Progressive percent motility. 77
    MotIle sperm / ejaculate. 50.00
    Total 45.00
    Viability ( eosin nigrosin ) 91
    Normal sperm. 77
    Abnormal. 13
    Abnormal midpiece. 5
    Abnormal tail. 5

    Thank you madam Sara.

    1. overall, this looks relatively healthy. higher volume is diluting sperm making the concentration a little low but total progressive sperm count is reasonable and you should be able to conceive naturally. Are you having trouble?

      1. Good day Doc Sara,

        Morphology lower threshold : lower threshold for morphologically normal sperm : 4%

        What does it mean?

        Thank you so much doc Sara. .

    2. Good day doc Sara,

      Morphology lower threshold : lower threshold for morphologically normal sperm : 4%

      What does it mean?

      Thank you so much doc Sara

    3. Hi.. ma’am.. this is my husband’s semen report.can I conceive naturally?

      Abs: 3days Date :14/04/2018
      NAME :Mr. J Age : 34yrs Time : 11.30 AM
      Spillage : No
      MOTHOD OF COLLECTION Masturbation
      Liquefaction : 30min
      Appearance : gray opaque
      Volume : 1.2 ml 1.5 ml
      Viscosity : Normal
      pH : 7.6
      Sperm concentration (mil/ml) : 37 mil/ml
      Agglutination : S.Present
      Clumping : Absent
      Granular Debris : Present
      Total motility : 41 %
      Rapid progressive movement : 03 %
      Sluggish progressive movement : 23 %
      Non-progressive : 15%
      Non-motile : 59%
      Normal Sperms : 06%
      Head defects : 65 %
      Neck and mid piece defects : 19 %
      Tail defects : 07 %
      Cytoplasmic droplets : 03 %
      Epithelial cells : 1-2/hpf
      Pus cells : 2-3/hpf
      RBCs : Nil
      Optional Tests
      Fructose test : Present
      Vitality : 46%

      1. This is a borderline result in my opinion. You should be able to conceive naturally, but it may take longer than usual.
        If you’d like to boost chances, you might want to have him download this app and see if there are any simple changes he can make to his lifestyle that could improve his sperm count.

          1. Hard to tell how long it will take to conceive. You could get lucky and it could happen soon, or it could take a while.

            All the numbers could be a little better – count and motility would both be very helpful to improve.

            Mostly you do the same things to try to improve count as you do motility.

            Does that help?

        1. Mam please check the reports is it normal.
          Reaction :- Alkaline with PH 8
          Viscosity :- Thick whitish
          Volume:- 4 ml
          Total count :- 85 million/cc
          Morphology:- Normal
          Active motile :- 15%
          Sluggish Motile :- 10%
          Dead :- 75

          1. Looks normal. Motility is a tad low but I think it should be ok. Are you having trouble?

  41. Sperm count 43ml m/ml
    Vol 2.5
    Ph 9
    Liq time 18 min
    Colr whitish
    Motility after 30min 20%
    Slugish 20%
    Dead 60%
    Abnormal head 12%
    Tail 5%
    Neck 09
    Pus cells 18

    1. sperm look ok. Might check with doctor to test for infection – pus cells look a little higher than usual.

  42. Hi Sara,

    my report below
    Appearance: opaque
    Volume: 5 ML
    viscosity: Viscous
    PH: 8.0(Alkaline)

    Spermcount: No Spermatozoa Seen

    Pus Cell 8-10/hpf

    was there any mistake during the test done or i need to check with urologist or i need to retest the semen

  43. Hi madam. Pls help me.
    Colour : normal
    Total sperm count : 40 million
    Viscocity: normal
    Liquifaction:20 minute
    Active motile :45%
    Sluggish motile:35
    Non motile:20
    Normal spermatoza:60%
    Spermatoza without tail:40%
    Spermatoza double head : nil
    Puscell : 2-4
    How is may report madam

      1. Color creamy, ph 7.5, viscosity normal, liquefaction 50mins, sperm count 6.4m/mL, sperm active motile 50%, sperm progressive motility 15%, sperm inactive motility 35%, sperm morphology normal 90%, sperm morphology abnormal 10%, epithelial cells 0-1/hpf, RBC none, leucocytes 0-1m/mL

  44. Volume :- 5.2ml
    P.h – 8.0
    Concentration (Count): 12.6 million/ml
    Total motility: 35%
    Progressive Motility (PR): 29%
    Non-Progressive Motility (NP) :6%
    Immotile: 65%
    Normal Morphology: 3%
    Total sperm per ejaculate: 65.5 million
    Total motile count (million) 19.0

    1. volume is high. Concentration is low. motilty is moderate. Total motile is borderline.
      I’d recommend that you investigate ways to boost sperm count and motility to improve chances of conception. You can start by downloading this app.

  45. Hi Sara,

    Would like your opinion in my last sperm analysis. I don’t have them right here on me but there are few things what are concerning as per the lab’s comments.

    Thickness: Abnormal
    Liquifaction: complete
    Motility 20%
    Immotile: 70%
    PH: 7.7
    Rounded cells. 1.57

    Do you think there is a sign of infection or some sort of condition? I’m a bit concern about this results. No drugs no alcohol other than 2 beers every Friday.

    1. These do not look particularly concerning, but it is hard to get a sense of fertility without looking at the other numbers.
      Motility is a little lower than usual. but again, without sperm count and volume hard to say how much it is a big deal.

      These don’t readily suggest infection. Round cells would typically be higher during an infection — do you have symptoms that make you concerned that you may have one?

  46. Please help! Here are the SA results, can any of these be improved?:
    Liquefaction – <60
    Viscosity – Severe
    Volume – .2
    pH – 8.5
    Color – White/Gray
    Concentration – 71.5
    Motility – 45
    Forward Progression (0-4) – 2
    Total Sperm – 14 million
    Total Motile Sperm – 6 million
    Morphology – 0

  47. Hello Doctor,

    Could you please check my Cytopathology Repor as follow,

    Volume: 3ml

    pH: 7.4

    Total sperm number: 139 million sperm/ejaculate

    Sperm concentration: 46 million/ml

    Progressive Motility: 27%

    Vitality: 51% live sperm

    Sperm Morphology: 5%

    I would like to ask if high total sperm number has positive effects against lower motility and vitality on fertility.

    Kind regards,

      1. I also would like to ask why do you think my report has less informations then other reports. There is no details about colour, viscosity, percentage of other shapes.. I would be happy to know if I have to ask more detailed semen check from my gp.

        1. They probably measured but didn’t report them. You could ask the lab if they have a breakdown of morphology issues.
          The other things aren’t terribly important.

      2. Total sperm count 70
        Actively motile 80%
        Sluggishly motile 10%
        Non motile 10 %
        Auto agglutination 1%
        Sperm agglutination : Negative
        Pus cells /hpf 2-3 / god
        Fructose : positive
        My report is ok

  48. Duration of abstinence… …. 3 days
    Colour… ……………………………creamy white
    Volume… …………………………..4 ml
    Counts… …………………………….60 million
    Ph reaction… ……………………..8.0
    Consistancy… ………………………..Thin
    Rapid Progression … ………………… 20%
    Slow Progression … ………………25%
    Non Progressive Motility … ………………………………10%
    immotile ————————————————-45%
    Normal… ……………………………60%
    Abnormal… ………………………..40%

    please help check

  49. Age 30
    Qunatity 02ML
    Color Yellwish
    Transparency Turbid
    Viscosity :- Watery
    Totl sperm count :- 70 mi/ml
    Semen RBCs :- 1-2 / HPF
    semen WBC :- 1-2 /HPF
    Active Motile :- 70%
    Sluggish :- 10%
    Non Motile :- 20%
    Normal Sperm :- 65%
    Abnormal Tail :- 20%
    Abnormal Head :- 15%
    PH :- 8.0

  50. Hi my husband just got his results yesterday and we are really anxious. He only had 2% “ideal” sperm, and 99% had head defects. His count was good (136 000 000/ml) and motility was 60%. They graded his forward progression a 3, and his activity a 3. His TZI index was 1.25. The doc told him everything looked good… that is not what im reading online and Im starting to feel pretty devastated by it all. Can you give me your opinion on his results?
    Any help would be really appreciated! We are so confused!!
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Morphology is a big area of controversy. Some people feel like it matters a great deal, others pay very little attention to it. Studies on the subject are mixed and difficult to standardize.

      How long have you been trying?
      Does he have any lifestyle / environmental factors that could contribute to poor sperm health? — chemical exposure, heat, alcohol, dietary deficiency, etc?
      Did they break down the type of defects?

    Total Quantity: 2.0 ml
    Colour: Greyish white
    Viscosity: Semi Vicous
    pH: 8.0
    Total Count: 75,000,000 per ml
    Actively Motile: 70 %
    Sluggishly Motile: 20 %
    Dead: 10 %
    Inflammatory Cells: No Inflammatory cells seen per high power field.
    Abnormal spermatozoae: 10 % abnormal spermatozoae.

    please confirm us it’s OK…….

  52. Dear Madam:
    I read most of your comments and the patients too, so:
    I am working as an Air Traffic Controller and most of my life is night
    I am 36 years old and here is my results:
    volume 3ml
    count 80 million
    colour white ph alkaline
    complete liquification after 30 min
    motile 50%
    active: 15% after 1/2 hr: 50%
    moderate 25% after 1 hr 45%
    sluggish 10% after 2 hr 40%
    Non motile 50%
    abnormal forms 30% ( macro, pin, double head, long, short, pin tail )
    pus 1-2 hpf
    rbc 1-2 hpf
    ep.cells few
    spermatogenic cells 2-3 hpf
    parasites not seen
    agglutination not seen
    progressing grade II

    and in the end was:
    1- fructose in semen
    2- citric acid in semen
    3- antisperm IgM
    antisperm IgG

    Is this ok????

      1. Hi.. ma’am.. this is my husband’s semen test report.I am not it normal?

        Abs: 3days Date :14/04/2018
        NAME :Mr. JRavi Age : 34yrs Time : 11.30 AM
        Spillage : No
        MOTHOD OF COLLECTION Masturbation
        Liquefaction : 30min
        Appearance : gray opaque
        Volume : 1.2 ml 1.5 ml
        Viscosity : Normal
        pH : 7.6
        Sperm concentration (mil/ml) : 37 mil/ml
        Agglutination : S.Present
        Clumping : Absent
        Granular Debris : Present
        Total motility : 41 %
        Rapid progressive movement : 03 %
        Sluggish progressive movement : 23 %
        Non-progressive : 15%
        Non-motile : 59%
        Normal Sperms : 06%
        Head defects : 65 %
        Neck and mid piece defects : 19 %
        Tail defects : 07 %
        Cytoplasmic droplets : 03 %
        Epithelial cells : 1-2/hpf
        Pus cells : 2-3/hpf
        RBCs : Nil
        Optional Tests
        Fructose test : Present
        Vitality : 46%

        1. Its mostly normal. There are a few things that make me a little concerned. how long have you been trying? How is his health?

  53. Hi Doctor
    Below is my semen analysis
    Volume 2.5ml
    Liqafaction 30 min
    Reaction Alkaline
    COLOUR whitish
    Sperm count 95million /ml
    Actively Motile 20%
    Sluggishly motile 35%
    Non motile 45%
    Ab normal forms 45
    Pus cells 0-1 hpf
    Red blood cells Absent
    Spermatogenic cells 1-2 hpf
    Sperm agglutination Absent

    Please please let me know whether this is normal

  54. Demand report

    Normal: Off-white – Grayish opalescent fluid
    Abnormal: Any color/opacity/consistency other than normal
    Normal: Liquefied by 60 minutes at room temperature
    Abnormal: Not liquefied by 60 minutes at room temperature


    4 = Normal, 1 = will not pipette
    Abnormal viscosity can interfere with determination of sperm motility and concentration

    Volume (mL)
    > 1.5

    Sperm Concentration ( x 106/mL)

    MOT 36
    > 15
    NONMOT 9
    Granulocyte Concentration ( x 106/mL)


    b: immotile


    2= definite forward progression

    1= weak/sluggish forward progression

    0= absence of forward progression


    Total Motile Count ( x 106 Ejaculate)
    (Volume x Concentration x Percent Motile)
    Calculated value/
    No reference limit

    Sperm Morphology (WHO Fifth Edition)
    (as requested by MD)

    3 % Normal 97 % Abnormal

    4% – Lower Reference Limit

    Morphology Comments

  55. “Color Grey Opasescent
    Liquefaction Time 30 Minit

    Total Sperm Count/ml 34 Million
    Total Count / ejacutate 68 Million
    Volume 2 ml

    Total 67%
    Progrressive 38%
    Non-Progressive 29%
    Immotile 33%

    Morphologh 7%

    Immature Germ sells 1.02 million
    White Blood Cells 0.34 million

    Please Tell me this report is ok ?”

    1. It’s pretty good. A little lower than I’d like to see but you should be able to conceive. If you want to increase your chances, you can read about some things that you might be able to do to improve your sperm count.

      1. Semen analysis
        Volume 2.0 L
        Sperm count 203.0
        Ph 8

        Motility (%)
        Progressive 60 20-100%
        Non-progressive 10. 0-30%
        Non-motile 10

        Sperm morphology (%)
        Normal 33L. > 60%
        Abnormal 67H. 0-40%

        Is this normal please help!!

  56. Hi
    age 33
    volume 5.0ml
    ph: alkaline
    sperm count: 8.30 million
    %of Abnormal Sperms 10%
    sperm motility
    At liqification 80%
    1hr after liqification 79%
    2hr after liqification 76%

    1. Overall, total motile sperm looks to be in the healthy range, but I would really like to see that sperm count a little higher. How is your overall health? Are you exposed to any chemicals or high heat at your job?

  57. Hi madam, my age is 41, colour- grey white, volume- 1.0ml, viscosity-normal, Reaction- alkaline, with in 30minutes, 18.0ml/cc-t.count, Microscopy- active- 10%, sluggish -30, non motility-60, pus cells 4-6, rbc-nil, spermatogenic cells-present, normal form-50, abnormal-50. Please rply me.what to do improve. December 2017 first abortion.-blighted ovum

  58. Can you please guide on the presence of PUS cell (more than 6 Million/ml) in semen affects male fertility?

    1. High pus cells can be a sign of an infection, recent surgery or illness. Generally, the lab will culture the semen if they suspect an infection. Have you had a recent illness?

  59. age 29
    liquefaction time 30 minutes at room temperature.
    volume 2.0ml
    ph: alkaline
    sperm count: 110million

    sperm morphology: normal-54%
    sperm motility grade -4: 10%
    3: 15%
    2: 55%
    0: 05%
    pus cell: 2-3/HPF
    epithelial cell:1-5/HPF
    RBC : NIL
    PRIMITIVE GERM :present(+)

  60. Hi Sara Mam,

    Below are the results of my semen analysis.

    Volume – 2 ml

    Colour – whitish

    Sperm count – 92 million/ml

    pH – Normal

    Reaction – Alkaline

    Active motality – 25%

    Sluggish motality – 45%

    Non motality – 30%

    Pus cells – 2-3

    Morphology – 28%

    Would like to know if all is good to conceive naturally.

  61. Hello
    Please comment on my semen analyais
    Abstinence. 0nly 10 hours.
    Volume. 3.5 ml
    Active motile 30 %
    Sluggish motile 30 %
    Non motle 40 %
    Count 67 million/ ml
    Normal 70%, head defects 20 %
    Midpiece defects 10%
    Pus cells 02
    Note by lab. Most of the sperms are trapped in proteinaceous material. This may interfere with estimation of sperm motility.

  62. Age-31
    Total count-60 million/ml

    Sluggish motile-10
    Non motile-50

    Normal Forbes-40%
    Pus cells-6-8

    My above semen count is ok to make a women pregnant madam

  63. Age-31
    Total count-60 million/ml

    Sluggish motile-10
    Non motile-50

    Normal Forbes-40%
    Pus cells-6-8

    Please review the above report and let me know the count is fine to make a women pregnant

  64. Hai Mam
    My semen analysis report
    Vol 3 ml
    Ph 7.5
    Liquefactn time 50
    Sperm count 22 million /ml
    Rapid linear 05%
    Slow linear 10%
    Non progressive 25%
    Immotile 60 %
    Viability 40%
    Wbc 4-6 Hpf pls reply my status.. v r planing fr consumption immediately

  65. Please Sara, My result is
    Volume : 3.6 ml
    Consistency : Less Viscous
    Color : Milky
    Odor: Normal
    Liquefaction : < 1 hr
    PH : 8.0
    Micro : Pus Cell : 0.1/hpf
    Epithella Cell : – (+)
    Morphology : Normal 65 % Abnormal 35 %
    Motility : Fast Progressive 43 % Slow Progressive 16% None Progressive 10% Immotile 31%
    Count : 56.8 Millions

  66. hello mam my sperm count is 4 million,active 70%sluggish25% dead 5% volume 1ml..please reply mam…

  67. Period of abstinence: 4 days
    Volume: 2 ml

    Color : Grey Opasescent
    Liquefaction time : 30 mins
    Total sperm count : 34 mill/ml
    Total count/ejacutate : 68 mill

    Total : 67%
    Progressive : 38%
    Non Progressive : 29%
    Immotile : 33%

    Morphology: 7%

    Please let me know, my report is good ? i am trying to conceive but no result let.

  68. Period of abstinence: 3.5 days
    Volume: 2ml
    Color : Opaque
    Reaction : alkaline
    Appearance : turbid
    Liquefaction time : 25mins
    Total sperm count : 16.2 mill/ml
    Active : 55%
    Sluggish motile : 20%
    Non-motile : 25%

    Normal : 70%
    Abnormal : 30%
    Pus Cells : 2-3/hpf
    Epithelial Cells : 1-2/hpf
    RBC : Nil

    Please let me know, how are my numbers

  69. hello…sara ma’am

    my semen analysis report
    23 year old
    abstinence-8 days

    quantity-3.7 ml

    sperm count -9.8mil/ ml
    total sperm count- 36.2 mil/ejaculate


    a)rapid progressive-2%
    b) sluggish progressive-4%
    c) non progressive-7%
    d)immotile- 87%

    total motile sperm concentration- 2.14 mil/ejaculate

    morphology-25% normal

    is there any chance that can i reproduce by a natural way?(like if i would have sex for 4 times a day….which will leave around 8 mil motile sperm, which considered as normal)

    thanking you in anticipation…

      1. yes i have checked with urologist,no any other abnormalities have been found

        it is just abnormalities in semen

        but still…is it possible to consieve naturally with this condition if female is totally normal?

        or i would have to go for ivf or icsi?

        i mean what is the prognosis…

        1. What tests did the urologist run?
          Did they check for varicocele?
          Testosterone? FSH? LH?

          Did you download the Trak app or take the risk assessment to see if there are lifestyle factors that could be contributing? there may be things that you can do to increase sperm count

          Would you mind if I moved this thread to the community to make it easier to follow?

    1. Unfortunately, sperm doesn’t work that way. More sex doesn’t equal more sperm.

      2.14 million motile sperm was the total number of sperm your body made in 8 days. If you have sex frequently, you are likely to have lower counts in each ejaculate.

      This number is pretty low but I wouldn’t give up hope. There are a few things you might want to do:

      1. Visit a urologist who is trained in andrology (men’s fertility) and get a full workup that should include physical exam and blood tests.

      2. Take the risk assessment on this site or download this app to fill out the health questionnaire and learn if you have any risks for infertility that you can discuss with your doctor

      3. Review this list of simple things you can do to start improving your fertility.

  70. Mam i use 5 to 10mg sexual pills for sex. i smoke average 5,6 cigrates during office time
    my report is as under
    count 62
    morphology 70% normal
    motile 15 very good 15 good 20 slugish 50 nom motile
    pus cell 0.
    can u advise me to get my wife pregnent

    1. Cigarettes may be impacting your sperm ability to swim. You should stop smoking to improve your sperm.
      If you stop smoking, it might also improve your erection so that you wouldn’t need pills for sex.

      1. thanx madam for your reply .
        madam now my recent report is as under.
        volume 2
        count 88
        20 very good 20 good 25 slugish and 35 non motile
        morphology 80normal 20abnormal
        pus cell 0
        i used andrex tablet for testosterone and vitmin b supplement subrex.i limited smoking to 6, 7 cigretes a week mean just one day one cigret. is my report normal???? and how much it take to concieve.
        may i need any medical assistance any more????

  71. Volume 5.0ml
    Color : greyish white
    Sperm count 62 millions
    Fructose test positive
    Progressively motile – 40%
    Non progressively motile 10%
    Non motile 50%
    Pus cell 2-3
    Normal 09%
    Head defects 65%
    Midpiece 15%
    Tail 11%

    Is this normal or abnormal????

  72. Hi Sara.
    Can you advise?
    Age 33
    Abs. 2.5 days
    Vol. 4.8ml
    Colour – normal
    Liquified fully
    pH 8.5
    Concentration 10m/ml
    Total motility 77%
    Progressive 68%
    Non-progressive 9%
    Immotile 23%
    Morphology 2% (4%. Normal?)

    1. Sure. Overall, I feel like this is borderline. It could be problematic, it could be ok. Are you having difficulty conceiving.
      Either way, I’d definitely recommend exploring lifestyle changes to try to improve. If you don’t have a ton of lifestyle risk factors, I’d recommend going to a urologist to get checked for a varicocele. It might be worth running hormone tests as well.

      To break it down:

      Semen volume – the amount of fluid – is on the high side
      Sperm concentration – the number of sperm in each mL of semen – is low
      Total sperm count – because there is a lot of fluid, you have a moderate total sperm count. (48 million) I really like to see this about double but it’s not too bad.
      Motility: Total and progressive motility are on the high end. The sperm seem to be pretty healthy and vigorously swimming.
      Total progressively motile sperm count: Total number of vigorously swimming sperm 32 million. (this number should be above 20 million)
      Morphology – the shape of the sperm – poor. It should be above 4% normal and some studies say above 10. But on the other hand, some studies say it doesn’t matter at all or correlate well to conception. It’s a huge debate in the andrology community.

      When I think of it in terms of health, I see a healthy prostate but sometime is impacting testicular function. Often when I see results like this I suspect some simple lifestyle issue – like too much heat, diet, alcohol or something like that. In men that are super healthy and active, my next hunch is varicocele or hormonal imbalance.

      If you want to see a comprehensive list of potential lifestyle factors, you could download this app and fill out the health assessment.

  73. Period of abstinence: 2.5 days
    Volume: 3.7cc
    Concentration: 84.9 million/cc
    Motility: 52%
    Total Motile Count: 163.3 million
    WHO Morphology: 33%
    igG: 0%
    IgA: 0%

    35-year-old white male.

      1. Been trying for ~6 months, but nothing yet.

        Only wrinkle was that, apparently, my viscosity was quite high. (3.0 on a 0.0 to 2.0 reference range.)

        1. Normally, on high viscosity I look to see if the semen is impacting motility. Your motility looks healthy so I don’t feel too concerned about it.

          Viscosity can also change sample to sample, so can sperm count / motility for that matter.

          I might recommend trying another 3 months and getting tested again if nothing happens.

          In the meantime, there is a sperm tracking app and several articles on this site that provide recommendations on optimizing lifestyle to help improve sperm health. If you want to try to improve odds and or show support to your wife / partner there might be a few things you can do to optimize sperm. I’m happy to talk through stuff if you want.

  74. Yoonus …. Hi mam recently i have done Semen analysism. Please reply mam
    Cooler_ gray opaque, Volume 2.0,reaction 8.0, Pus cell’s _8-10, sperm concentration _32 million, total motility _40%,active motility 30,sluggish motility 10,non motility 60

    1. It’s a borderline result. I’d like to see the numbers higher but it should be enough to conceive naturally, just might take a while. Are you having trouble?

  75. Period of Abstinense :- 4
    Volume :- 2.2
    Colour:- Cloudy White
    Viscosity :- Normal
    Reaction(pH):- 8
    Liquefaction Time:- 30
    Sperms Concentration:- 57.6
    Total Count:- 126.7

    Actively Motile(Grade A):- 54%
    Moderately Motile(Grade B):- 09%
    Sluggishly Motile(Grade C):- 01%
    Non Motile (Grade D):- 36%
    Viability:- 88%
    Particulate Matter:- –
    Agglutination:- +

    Epithelial Cells:- 0-2/HPF
    Pus cells:- 2-3/HPF
    Round Cells:- 0-2/HPF
    Normal Spermatozoa:- 93%
    Abnormal Spermatozoa:- 06%
    Headless:- 01%

    Trying for baby from 2 years 🙁

  76. PH, SEMEN – 7.5
    SEMEN VOLUME – 6.0 ml

  77. Hi mam recently i have done Semen analysis

    Macroscopic Examination
    1. Liquefaction : Normal
    2. Appearance :Grey opalescent
    3. Ph :7.5
    4. viscosity :1/3
    5. volume : 2.5 ml

    Microscopic of seminal plasma
    1. Aggregation :Nil
    2. Aggulutination :+
    3. Round cell :0.5m/ml

    Microscopic of spermotozoa
    1. sperm concentration :33m/ml

    1. progressive :60%
    2. non progressive :15%
    3. immotile :25%
    4. Total Motile :75%


    1. Normal forms: 04%
    2. Abnormal :96%
    3. Abnormal heads :70%
    4. Abnormal mid piece :25%
    5. Abnormal tail : 02%
    6. Multiple defects :03%

    Total Impression : Normozoospermia

    Hi mam i am 29 years old recently i took my semen report please find i got married 11 months ago… please give your opinion

    1. It’s a borderline result. Totally possible to get pregnant, but it might take a little longer than usual. I would recommend taking steps to improve your health which should help your sperm. Here’s an article of some simple things you can do to improve. There’s also an app you can download if you’d like personalized recommendations based on your current health and habits.

  78. Are the below numbers are good?

    My Age: 30 Years
    My Wife’s age: 21 Years

    Semen Data….
    Volume : 4.0 ml
    Color : Normal
    Viscosity : Normal
    Liquefaction time : 30 Minutes
    Agglutination : 3+ (Please guide me on this, what is the normal value?)
    Red Cells : Nil / HPF
    PUS Cells : 8 to 10 / HPF ( Please guide me on this as normal value is lesser than 1 million
    Epith Cells : Nil

    Sperm Data….
    Sperm Concentration : 157 Million / ml
    Total Sperm Count : 628 Million / Ejaculate

    Progressive Motility 56%

    Rapid Progressive : 10%
    Slow Progressive : 32%
    Non Progressive : 14%
    Immotile : 44%

    Morphology Data (Strict Kruger’s Criteria WHO 2010)
    a) Normal forms : 16%
    b) Abnormal forms : 84%

  79. Mam pls answered me about my chances of pregnancy my husband report is.VOLUME= 4.0 COLOUR= GREYISH WHITE LIQUIFICATION=30 MINUTES REACTION ALKALINE ,TOTAL SPERM COUNT= 43 MILLION/ML,ACTIVE MOTILE= 45%,SLUGGISH=15% NON MOTILE = 40% PUS CELLS= 3-5

  80. Volume-02
    Sperm count-10-12/HPF
    Motility – 60%
    Others- Numerous pus cells/HPF.

  81. We are trying for baby from 2 years but unsuccessful…this is my report

    Period of Abstinense :- 4
    Volume :- 2.2
    Colour:- Cloudy White
    Viscosity :- Normal
    Reaction(pH):- 8
    Liquefaction Time:- 30
    Sperms Concentration:- 57.6
    Total Count:- 126.7

    Actively Motile(Grade A):- 54%
    Moderately Motile(Grade B):- 09%
    Sluggishly Motile(Grade C):- 01%
    Non Motile (Grade D):- 36%
    Viability:- 88%
    Particulate Matter:- –
    Agglutination:- +

    Epithelial Cells:- 0-2/HPF
    Pus cells:- 2-3/HPF
    Round Cells:- 0-2/HPF
    Normal Spermatozoa:- 93%
    Abnormal Spermatozoa:- 06%
    Headless:- 01%

  82. Time produced:

    Time tested:

    Abstinence: 2 days
    Volume: 6.0ml
    pH: 7.8
    Appearance: Normal
    Liquefaction: Complete

    Concentration (Count): 11.8million/ml

    Total motility: 48%
    Progressive Motility (PR): 24%
    Non-Progressive Motility (NP): 24%
    Immotile: 52%
    Normal Morphology: 5%
    Total sperm per ejaculate: 70.8 million

  83. Hi ma’am, am 29 and for some time now i have not had ovulation discharge and have been trying for a baby for abouth a year now. I took ellone emergency pill last year february, have consulted and OBGyn and he said am fine. Have taking tests which shows i have no problem. Pls ma what could be the cause of my no ovulation discharges, can it be the reason why i have been unable to concieve? What can be done ma? Pls help me out.

    1. I do not know what is going on with you. I might recommend going to a new doctor to get a second opinion.

  84. This was my first test done as we were going in for a IUI cycle this month.

    Date of Test : 28/02/2018
    Volume : 2.8 ML
    Liquefaction : 30 Mins
    Appearance : Whitish Opaque
    Viscosity : Normal

    pH: 8.0 Alkaline
    Fructose : Present

    Spermatozoa count : 83 mil/ml
    No. of sperms per ejaculate : 232.4 millions

    Progressive Motility PR : 40%
    Non. Progressive Mot. : 10%
    Total Motility (PR + NP) : 50%
    Immotility : 50%

    Normal Forms : 18%
    Abnormal Head : 43%
    Mid Portion Abnormalities : 29%
    Tail Abnormalities : 10%


    IUI was done yesterday on 7th march 2018 at around 12:30 and this is the sperm analysis for the IUI


    Volume : 3ml
    Viscosity: +
    Pus cell : 3-4
    Debris : —
    Sperm concentration : 83 mill/ml

    Rapid linear – 00%
    Moderate Progressive : 04%
    Slow / Sluggish : 25%
    Non-Motile : 71%

    Post Wash
    Volume : 0.5 ml
    Sperm concentration: 15 mill/ml
    Rapid Linear : 00%
    Moderate Progressive : 100%
    Slow Sluggish : 00%
    Non-Motile : 00%

    We did IUI with the above sample, is it good enough for conception? we already had 2 IUI failures before, but sample was lower than this and this time it is at a different doctor.

    Im worried about motility, in the earlier report the motility looked good but during the IUI the motility looks bad.. these are the medicines doctor has prescribed.

    — Defrag
    — Progenex
    — COQ-L
    — Maxoza -L

    Apart from this im having these supplements
    — Panax Ginseng – 500 mg one daily
    — Fenugreek Seed – 1020 MG 2 Daily
    — Ashwaganda – 250 MG 2 Daily

    These I started a few days back, my weight is 86 kg and im trying to reduce it, I do frisk walking for around 20-25 mins daily on threadmill. Any suggestions and advice for me? we have been trying from the past 2 years our last conception was an IUI conception but had to be terminated due to cystic hygroma, last time the IUI was a successful conception in 1st cycle. and my motility was just 20%

    1. The post-wash had moderate progressive so hope is not lost. They were swimming, they just weren’t going really fast. Conception is possible with sluggish swimmers 🙂

      If IUI has worked in the past, that’s a good sign that it can work in the future and that you don’t have issues that require more serious interventions.

      In terms of suggestions for you, you might want to download this app — it allows you to enter all your semen analysis results and track them over time to see if your health improvements are having a strong impact on your sperm. It also has a detailed questionnaire that can provide recommendations for you to improve your sperm count.

      I’m working to launch a new community on this site to help people connect with other people who are going through similar things. Would you mind if I re-post this there?

      1. Thank you for your reply, yes please repost it to your community and send me a link to the post so I can followup there.

        Thank you once again. Do you think those medicines are good? and what about those herbal supplements?

  85. Hi madam
    Age 30 wife 26.. Marriage life -10 months. Try to concive 3 month
    My semen analysis report
    Abs- 3 days
    Volume-05 ml
    Colour – whitise.
    odour -seminal
    Viscosity- normal
    Time of liquefaction- within 26 minit
    Reaction – alkakine
    Total sperm count – 15 milli/ ml
    Normal morphology -70% abnoemal – 30%

    30 minit after collecton active motile-50% ; sluggish- 20% ; non motile -30%..
    1 hrs: after collection active motile 40%.. Sluggish 15% . Non motile 45%..
    2 hrs: — active motile — 30%… Sluggish motile- 10% .. Non motile -60%..
    4 hrs: active motile -20%; sluggish motile -5% ; non motile -75%
    Puse cell — 6-12 hpf
    Epithelial cell–4-8 hpf
    RBC- nil

    Plz reply

    1. Your sperm count is a borderline result. You should be able to conceive but it might take longer than usual.

      You might want to take this quick health assessment to see if there are health habits that you can improve to try to improve your sperm so you can conceive more quickly.

      If you don’t conceive in 3 more months, I would recommend that you test again and see if the results have changed.

  86. This is absolutely terrible, I feel like a submale. Only 0.8 million/mL, only 2% are normal, 70% are immobile. Trying to conceive for 5 years. Already tired of so many spermograms… However, I have bilateral varicocele and Low-T which are contributing factors. Screwed up by nature.

    1. Sorry to hear of your trouble. The varicocele could be causing low T and issues with sperm. Have you talked to the doctor about potentially correcting it? Did they measure FSH and LH or other hormone levels?

      You might also try testicular cooling to see if that helps things.

      I’m just starting a new community on this site to help guys connect and find support while going through these kinds of issues. Maybe you’d be interested in posting there:

  87. Total sperm count 96.80 , volume 3.5,total motility 80,normal morphology 95 ,age 39 kindly suggest

  88. 29 years
    Volume 3 ml
    Viscousity. Normal
    Liquification 30 mints
    Concentration: 90 million/ml
    Total motility :60%
    Rapid :15,%
    Poor :15 %
    Immotile :40%
    Normal form: 10%
    Pus cell:nill

  89. Age-31
    Total count-60 million/ml

    Sluggish motile-10
    Non motile-50

    Normal Forbes-40%
    Pus cells-6-8

  90. HI Doctor,

    Good Morning.

    I really need your advice after having a look at my report

    Age- 28 Years
    Abstinence- 3 Days,10 hours
    Color- Grey White
    Volume- 4 ml
    PH- 7.8
    Viscosity- High
    Liquefaction – >1hour
    Grade A ( Progressive Motility)- 15%
    Grade B ( Non-Linear Motility) -15%
    Grade C( Non progressive)- 15%
    Grade D (immotile)- 55%
    Sperm Count – 71 million/ml
    Total Sperm count – 284 Million /Ejaculation

    Morphology –
    Normal- 50 %
    Abnormal- 50 %
    Plus Cells : 4-6/hpf
    RBC s : 1-2/hpf
    Epithelial Cells : 0-1 /hpf
    Spermatogonic Cells : 3%

    Please have a look at my report, I would appreciate if you could give me some advice/ Suggestion. As one of the Doctor asked me to go see a Urologist ,is it really Required .

    Kindly let me know. Thank a lot for your time.


    A T John

  91. Hi sara
    My sperm count is 65
    Normal 40%
    Abnorma l60%
    Active 35%
    Sluggish 30%
    Non motile 35%
    0-01 /hpf
    Is it normal mam

  92. Kindly Help me with the numbers

    Semen Data….
    Volume : 4.0 ml
    Color : Normal
    Viscosity : Normal
    Liquefaction time : 30 Minutes
    Agglutination : 2+
    Red Cells : Nil / HPF
    PUS Cells : 6 to 8 / HPF
    Epith Cells : Nil

    Sperm Data….
    Sperm Concentration : 87 Million / ml
    Total Sperm Count : 348 Million / Ejaculate
    Progressive Motility 59%
    Rapid Progressive : 10%
    Slow Progressive : 35%
    Non Progressive : 14%
    Immotile : 41%

    Morphology Data (Strict Kruger’s Criteria WHO 2010)
    a) Normal forms : 19%
    b) Abnormal forms : 81%

    Post wash result…
    Count 37 million / ml
    Motility 94%

  93. I m 29year male my semen examination
    Please look into this—–
    Quantity 2ml
    Colour-gray white
    Liquefaction time-35min
    Total count-95 million
    Motility active-70 %
    Non motile-20%

    Normal forms-80%
    Abnormal forms-20%

    Pus cells-3to4/jpg

  94. Hi
    Myself krish, age 37 years.kindly check the below parameters and advise.

    Density-72*10 6/ml
    Spermatozoa motility- 57%
    Fast progressive-12%
    Slow progressive-36%
    Non progressive-9%
    Non motile- 43%

    Normal forms-17%

    Head defects-45%

    Viability- 68%

    Whether this report is quiet normal or good probability for getting pregnant. We are waiting for 2 years. Pls advise in this regard

    1. It looks reasonably healthy. Has your wife / partner been evaluated? How often are you able to have sex?

  95. hi mam hru ?
    i have gone through a Semen analysis test ,the reports comes today , i,m sending you the report kindly tell me whats does this report tells

    Colour ( Greyish white)
    fully motile (%) at 2hrs ——— 55
    fully motile at 30min liquifaction ——60
    Morphologically normal sperms ——93
    non-motile (%) at 2hrs ———35
    non-motile (%) at 30 min liquifaction ——25
    sluggishly motile (%) at 2 hrs ——–10
    sluggishly motile (%) at 30min liquifaction —-15
    sperm count/ml ——-65
    Viscosity ——–thin
    Volume —– 02 ml

    1. Overall, this report looks healthy. Did you have specific questions about it? Are you concerned with anything in particular? Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

  96. Maam plz guide me about my semen analysis report.

    Age -37yrs

    Volume – 3ml
    Viscosity – norma
    Total Sperm Count – 65 millions/mL normal :65-150 millions/mL
    Sperm Motality –
    active 55%
    Sluggish – 10%
    Non-motile – 35%

    PUS Cells – 6-7 /hpf

    Normal Morphology – 65%
    Abnormal Morphology – 35%

  97. Hi Sara! Can you look at my results please?

    Age: 28 (trying to conceive for about 10-11 months)
    Abstinence 2,5 days
    Volume – 5,4 mL
    Colour – Normal gross (whitish)
    Viscosity – Normal
    Liquification Time – Within 20mins
    Sperm-concentration 38 million/mL
    Total sperm count: 203 million
    Sperm motility 80 %
    Sperm motility progressive (a + b) 74 %
    Sperm motility progressive (a) 45 %
    Leukocytes: Negativ
    Agglutination: Negativ
    Aggregation: Negativ
    Erythrocytes: Negativ
    Germinal cells: Negativ
    Vitality 81
    Ideal sperm 12
    Teratozoospermia index: 1,38

    Does it look good and am I normal? Will this be enough to get my wife pregnant? Sincerely yours, THL

    1. Looks pretty healthy.

      Are you able to meet with her on a regular basis? has she been to the doctor for an evaluation?

      1. Hi! Thanks for a quick reply! We’ve been together on a regular basis for about 10-11 months. She’s been to the OBGYN and they are thinking about doing a diagnostic laparoscopy mainly to exclude endometriosis. I took the semen analysis just to be sure.

        So my sample would be enough/suffice regarding fertilization (from a male’s point of view?)

        Sincerely yours

        1. I would think so. Total motile is near (or slightly above) average. Semen looks healthy.

          If you want to be sure (and it doesn’t cost too much), you might repeat the test. I have seen guys with wildly different results…(not commonly but it does happen)

          I would continue to rule out on the female side but if you cannot isolate an issue, a second analysis may provide useful info.

          Sorry this stuff is frustrating. If you have any other questions or need a place to vent… I’m here.

          1. Thank you for the quick reply and care :). This will be my last question 🙂 – when it comes to my results, 38 mill/mL (sperm concentration). Is this on the low side? Or do you look at the total picture when it comes to evaluating the analysis?

            Your site is super and you do a fantastic job!

            Sincerely yours

          2. Feel free to ask questions any time. Its really my favorite part of the day.

            So… semen analysis is tricky. I’ll try to break it down a little.

            To understand how semen quality impacts fertility, researchers do large population studies and look at how long it takes to conceive vs all the things measured on a semen analysis to see if any factors are more likely to influence ability to conceive.

            There is general agreement that a sperm cell has to swim to the egg and so, doctors and andrologists calculate a value called total motile sperm count. They multiply the amount of semen (mL) X the sperm concentration M/mL X % motile (or in some cases progressively motile) = total motile sperm count. In your case that would be 162 million motile or 91 million progressively motile. Guidelines around progressive motile sperm generally want to see above 20 million motile.

            The one caveat is that there have been a number of large scale studies that show that sperm concentration alone can be tied to time to conception regardless of other parameters. In those studies, any number below 40 or 55 million have been shown to increase time to conception. Generally, the lower the number, the longer it takes to conceive. Again, you are a bit of an outlier. Normal semen volume is between 2-3 mL so most people with a sperm concentration of 40 M/mL have a total sperm count of like 100 plus or minus.

            From my experience, people with high semen volumes often have lower concentration because the higher amount of liquid dilutes the sperm. I haven’t to date seen any studies to look at how this specifically impacts conception. It is generally accepted by the medical community that it doesn’t but researchers like to push through assumptions and get proof. Unfortunately, sperm isn’t terribly well researched.

            Hope that helps.

            Also… can I move this conversation to a new forum that I am launching? I am working to build a better place for people to share experiences and hopefully provide more emotional support for guys going through this as well as a place for us all to learn more about sperm and men’s reproductive health more generally.

  98. mam help me what can i do

    semen analysis
    color: white
    Volume: 3.5 ml
    Consistency: LESS VISCOUS
    Liquefaction Time: 9 minutes
    Total Sperm Count: 8.6 Million/ml Normal Value: 60-120M/ml
    Pus Cells 3-5/hpf
    Red Blood Cells: 0-1/hpf
    Motility: first hour: 40% (SLUGGISH) second hour: 35%
    Pin Head: 2%
    Swollen: 3%

    1. The sperm count is a little on the low side. You might want to download this app to see if there is anything you can do to improve and it would be a good idea to schedule an appointment with a urologist for a full exam to figure out what is causing this.

    2. Hi ma’m please can you check mine
      Volume 1.5 , color- opaque grey
      Reaction : alkaline, PH 8.0
      Viscosity liquidation time 30 mins
      Fructose test : positive, total sperm count : 83
      Progressive motility: 60,
      non progressive motility : 20
      Non motile: 20, pus cells : 1-3
      Macrophages : 0-1, abnormal forms :09
      Immature forms: 03

        1. Yes married for 2 years and my wife isn’t pregnant. They say the non motility can be the problem (vericocele)

  99. Maam plz guide me about my semen analysis report.

    Age -29yrs
    Abstinence – 16hrs
    Volume – 2ml
    Colour – Whitish
    Reaction – Alkaline
    Viscosity – Thin
    Liquification Time – Within 20mins
    Total Sperm Count – 58 millions/mL
    Sperm Motality – 60%
    Sluggish – 20%
    Non-motile – 20%
    PUS Cells – 5-6
    Epithelial Cells – 0-1
    Normal Morphology – 70%
    Abnormal Morphology – 30%
    Others – NIL

      1. Just tried for last 4 months out of which we could calculate the correct ovulation period of my wife only once. This is because my wife’s periods were getting delayed every month & now it’s 42 days. So whenever I calculated the ovulation period taking into account the previous cycle it turned out to be wrong. Only last month doctor told us correct time but no success. Doctor also me to get my semen analysis which I posted. Doctor said it is fine but would like to seek your advice too. Married for last 10 months, been in contact for last 4 months.

        1. Even with very healthy semen it can take 6 or even 12 months to get pregnant.

          Irregular or long periods can make this even more difficult. I had this issue myself. I would recommend trying to be together 3-4 times a week to make sure that you don’t miss the fertile time.

          I would also recommend that both you and your wife try to do extra things to improve your health. — eat more vegetables, exercise regularly, make sure you both have a healthy weight, avoid chemicals or stress. I can send you a complete list of things that are good to do when trying to get pregnant if you’d like.

  100. What says the following semen analysis report.

    Semen analysis.
    Volume: 2 ml
    Color: Grey white
    Reaction: Alkaline
    Motile: Active 40%, Sluggishly 10%, Dead 50%
    PUS Cells: 0-1/hpf
    RBC: NIL
    Epi cells: Present
    Sperm count: 75 million/ml

    What does this report suggest. Please help.

      1. Yes Mam,
        After a year of unprotected intercourse still now my wife not have pregnant. 2 months ago she had missed period but when we check urine for pregnancy result came negative. We checked 3 times but always result came negative. Now 7 days going on of her last period.

        What would be the problem. Kindly suggest me.

          1. Thanks ma’am for reply.

            She had gone to the doctor for pregnancy test when the result came negative, doctor advice a medicine for her period and semen test for me. She took the medicine and her period came. We have not do any other test.

            Kindly suggest.

          2. Does she have trouble with her period. The medication may help you conceive…how long has she been taking it?

  101. Thanks ma’am. I have been worried for a while now. He was place on fertimax for a month. Thanks soooo much. God bless you

  102. Age 43
    Abstinence – 52 hours
    Volume 1.0 mL
    ph 8.5
    Viscosity 2+Moderate
    Sperm Concentration 72.4 M/ml
    Motility, Total 40%
    Progressive Motility 26%
    Non-progressive Motility 14%
    Nonmotile 60%
    Morphology 6%
    Total Sperm 72.4M
    Total Functional Sperm 2.7M
    Total Motile Sperm 29.0 M

    Does this look OK to you?
    Thank you!

  103. Good day m’aam. Pls help me to understand this results. My guy did semen analysis and this is his result; abs 5 days, color creamy, volume 2ml, 116.8 million spermatozoid, his age is 33, normal motility 30%, anomal motility 20% and immotile is 50%. The vitality is 80%, agglutination is rare, the morphology is 10% normal and 90% abnormal. The head tapered is 20%, irregularities 5%, poorly formed acrosome 20%, on the flagellum; curl is 25% and double is 5%. The anomalies index is 1.00. And the conclusion on the results is Astheno teratozoospermia. Pls interpret the results and tell me if we can have a baby. We have been trying for 6 months now.

    1. I’m surprised at the results as asteno teratozoospermia… overall this looks pretty healthy to me. I would suspect that you would be able to conceive with results like these. The morphology is the only number that is on the lower side but even that is pretty well above the cut-off and the head deformations are minimal.

      I would recommend that you look into ways to improve both of your health as you try to conceive. But partners can benefit from a diet that is full of fruits and vegetables, getting enough sleep, regular exercise, etc. Here is a health assessment to see if he has any lifestyle factors that could impact his sperm.

  104. Dear Dr.

    Please check my report and syggest….

    Volume of semen.: 0.5 ml
    pH of semen : 6.5
    Wet filing examination : 0-1 pus cells,and sperm seen
    Spermatozoa count : 10 millions
    Viable count (motility) viable 50 non viable 50
    Semen fructose : present
    Liquefaction time : 20 mits
    Period of motility: greater than 1 hour
    Morphology of the sperms : no abnormal form seen.

    Plse suggest….

  105. Hello, my ex-wife and I were married 17 years and were unable to conceive. I am 45 years old and my girlfriend all of a sudden is pregnant. I went to get a sperm count test to see if it is possible for me to become a father. Here are the results:

    Sperm count revealed a concentration of 2.35 million sperm per milliliter
    Concentration of motile sperm was .74965 million sperm per milliliter
    Motility of 31.9%
    Morphological Assessment indicated 2% normal, 97% head defects, 1% tail defects

    I hope this is enough info to provide me with answers to if my sperm can actually penetrate through an egg. I am also concerned about my ex-wife. I look forward to a response, thank you.

    1. Is is possible. Odds are low but possible.
      Based on these numbers, I would normally recommend a full evaluation by a urologist to understand what is going on and would say that natural conception is unlikely. But I wouldn’t say impossible.

      Generally the cut-off for male contraceptive studies is less than 1 million. And lower is better (for contraception)
      Conversely, higher is better for conception and I like to see sperm counts above 55 million to optimize chances of conceiving.

      Does that help?

  106. Hi,
    here is my semen Analysis report, please let me know is this fine ?

    My age : 29yrs
    Duration of abstinence – 3 days
    Interval between ejaculation & start of analysis – 20 minutes
    VOlume: 3 ml normal
    PH: 8.0
    Total Sperm Count( using Neubaurer haematocytometer) : 58 million

    Motility(% spermatazoa)
    Rapid progression – 20%
    Slow progression. – 35%
    Non progression. – 10%
    Immotile. – 35%
    Vitality(% live)( Eosin – Nigrosin staining) – 50%

    MORPHOLOGY(%) ( Papanicolaou staining)
    Normal – 02%
    Head defects – 75%
    Acrosome defects – 50%
    Neck defects – 12%
    Tail defects – 15%
    Teratozoospermic index – 1.7%
    Sperm Deformity Index – 1.7%

    and also let me know the meaning of Asthenoteratozoospermia because it is written at the end on the comments of my report? Me and my wife wants to have baby now.. Kindly guide me.


    1. your sperm count is reasonable but many of the sperm aren’t too healthy. The normal morphology is low and motility is somewhat impacted…. How long have you been trying to conceive? Generally, there should be plenty of good sperm that I would anticipate that you should be able to conceive but if you are having trouble. sperm may be contributing…

  107. Hello miss,
    Please let me know my regarding my semen report, is that OK? One doc says it’s OK while another saying its not OK. 2 times my wife suffered from miscarriage in a year
    Sperm count 50 millions/ml
    Volume 2.0
    Colour G/white
    Consistency viscous
    Ph 8.0
    Liquification time 20 min
    Active 40
    Sluggish 50
    Non motile 10
    Normal 85
    Abnormal 15
    WBC 1-2

    1. It’s a borderline result. You can definitely conceive (as your wife has already done) but taking steps to get healthier could improve your sperm, your sperm health and hopefully improve chances that your wife will get pregnant and stay pregnant.

      Has a doctor investigated her ability to stay pregnant? Some women have issues in uterus that make it hard for them to stay pregnant.

      Let me know if you have any more questions. I’m happy to try to help.

      1. Yes
        There is an ovarian cyst, is that becoming a problem?
        Do I need to improve my Sperm count by any tablet or just follow things available on this site?
        Thanks for prompt response.

  108. Hi,
    Trying for baby last 3 years. here is my sperm count , please let me know is this fine ?

    My age : 33y
    Wife age: 26y
    post Ejac: 3days
    VOlume: 3.5ml normal
    PH: 8.0
    Total Sperm Concentration: 85.6 ml
    Progressive motility 37%
    No Progressive motility 09%
    Immotile Sperm: 54%
    Semen Morphology 09%
    Progressive Motile sperm concentration : 31.3 ml
    sperm velocity : 39 micron/sec
    motility index: 165′
    Total sperm number : 299.6 million
    Total motile sperms : 109.6 million
    total functional sperm : 22.8 million

    and also let me know as per this report what is my sperm count?


    1. Your total sperm count is almost 300 million.
      About 100 million of them are swimming.

      I would generally say this is a pretty healthy semen analysis. Has your wife / partner been to the doctor?

  109. Hello Sara,

    What are my chances to conceive naturally with following result.

    My Age: 32
    Wife’s Age: 31
    Sperm Volume: 2ml
    Count: 16 million per ml
    Color: Greyish white
    PR: 65%
    NP: 15%
    Immotile: 20%
    Normal Forms: 64%
    Abnormal head: 17%
    Mid portion abnormalities:16%
    Tail Abnormalities: 3%
    Pus Cells: 0-2 hpf

    Please help!

  110. Hello help me
    active 40%
    Dead 40%
    Sluggish 20%
    Sperm count 70millions/ml
    Normal 40%
    Abnormal 60%
    Is this ok if not then help me plz

  111. Hello help me
    active 40%
    Dead 40%
    Sluggish 20%
    Sperm count 70millions/ml
    Normal 40%
    Abnormal 60%
    Is this ok if not then help me plz

  112. Hello help me…
    my sperm active 40%
    Dead 40%
    sluggish 20%
    Volume 3
    Normal 40%
    Abnormal 60%
    is this ok if not then help me

  113. Hello help me…
    my sperm active 40%
    Dead 40%
    sluggish 20%
    Volume 3
    Normal 40%
    Abnormal 60%
    is this ok if not then help me

  114. Total sperm count 50 millions
    Active motile 10%
    Sluggish motile 20%
    Non motile 70%
    Normal form 95%

    Pls reply…any prblm

  115. Hi there my husbands age is 30.
    Volume- 0.50ml,
    Sperms per ejac – 60ml,
    Sperm count – 120ml,
    Motility at 30min-
    Excl progr- 07%
    Moderate progr- 10%
    Struggling progr – 21%
    Poor/sluggish/non progr- 30%

    Morphology :
    Total 40%
    Abnormal head 22%
    Abnormal neck 08%
    Abn. Tail 10%

    PLEASE reply if this is normal or not as we are trying to conceive since last 1 yr.

  116. duration of abstinence . 04 days
    liquefacation Time. 10 mint
    volume:01 ml ml
    colour : colur less
    constitency: watery
    sperm count : 06million/ml
    rapid progression:40%
    slow progression: 40%
    non progression:10%
    head defect:10%
    neck defects:10%
    impression: OLIGOSPERMIA
    Plz check my report and tell plz

  117. Hi
    Im very confused with my results. My semen analysis:
    Volume: 2.3 ml
    Total count: 409.4 millions/ml
    Total motile count: 138 millions/ml
    Grade A: 5%
    Grade B: 25%
    Grade C: 15%
    Grade D: 55%
    Morphology: 6%
    PH: 7.5
    Liquefaction time: More than 30 minutes.
    My wife has prolactin at 43 higher than normal.
    Doctor prescribed medicine mainly nutrients for both of us. She told if after 4-5 months no conception we should go for IUI. We have been ttc for last 5 months. Im 31 and wife is 29. We want to conceive naturally. What do you think about the numbers? Is it possible to conceive naturally? I think the sperm count is abnormally high and when i pushed the doctor for the reason she did not provide any convincing answer. Looking forward to your reply. Thanks in advance.

  118. Age 32
    Volume 5ml
    Viscosity highly viscid
    Colour gray white
    Liquification after 60 minutes
    Reaction Alkalin
    Total sperm count 52.8 million/ml
    Type of motality good forward
    1st hour motality 81%
    2nd hour 78
    3rd hour 75
    Abnormal forms 10%
    Spermatogenic 2-3 /HPF
    PUS CELLS 4-6
    RBCS 0-1 HPF

  119. Hi Mam,

    Semen Report

    Period of abstinence:1 day

    volume : 3.0 ml
    Reaction: ph (8.0)
    Sperm Concentration: 86.0 millions/ml

    Total Motility: 63%
    Progressive: 50%
    Non Progressive :13%
    Non motile :37%

    Normal morphology : 3%
    Round cells:5-6/hpf
    RBC’S: 3-4/hpf

    We have been trying for 8 months.
    Kindly help us to understand the report.

  120. semen report…

    Collection Time…………………….15:45
    Liquification Time………………….16:15
    Quantity………………………….. 7 ml
    Total Sperm Count…………………..105 mi/mL
    Semen RBCs…………………………1-2 /hpf
    Semen WBC………………………….0-1 /hpf
    Active Motile………………………80%
    Non motile…………………………10%
    Normal Sperms………………………60%
    Abnormal Tail………………………20%
    Abnormal Head………………………20%

  121. Sperm concentration(count) 284.1 ml
    Total motility (PR NP) 51%
    Total progressuve motility(PR) 43%
    Non progg motility(NP) 8%
    Immotility 49%
    Morphology Normal 13%
    Motile sperm concentration(MSC) 145.9
    Progressively motlie sperm conc.(PMSC) 122.8
    Functional speem conc..(FSC) 34.6
    Velocity(APV) 13
    Sperm motility index 281
    total sperm number 142.1ml
    Total motile sperm(PR NP) 72.9
    Total progresaively motile sperm 61.4
    Total functional sperm 17.3
    Total morphology normal 18.5
    Plz check my report and suggest mee..
    Is every thing normal? I am 34 years old

  122. Hi sir
    I’m 27 years
    Trying to conceive for 6 months but failed Every time
    My report is:
    Abstinence : 3 day
    Assay time : 1:20
    Volume 1.1 ml
    Consistency : abnormal
    Appearance : normal
    Ph: 7.5
    Sperm count
    Total count : 114ml
    Live count : 56
    Rapid linear progressive 10%
    Slow/non linear progressive 40%
    Non progressive 50%
    Normal forms 2%
    Head abnormalities
    Large oval %
    Small oval 3 %
    Tapering 8 %
    Pyriform 8 %
    Duplicate/double %
    Amorphous 76%
    Round %
    Pin 2 %
    Mid-priced abnormalities %
    Abnormal 1 %
    Wbc hpf
    Is it fine or problem with it
    Hope u answer

  123. Dear Ms
    Please advice me on my report. I am a father of 2 daughters and make semen test because me and my wife planning for a baby boy.

    Absent from sex 4 days
    Liquifi time 20 min
    Color white grey
    Volume 2.5 ml

    Millions M/L 124
    Motility 75%
    Sluggish 12%
    Imotility 13%
    Forward progression excellent
    PH 7.0
    Pus cells 10-12 hpf
    R B C 3.-4

  124. Semen Analysis.


    * Mode of Collection:- COITUS AT HOME
    * Quabtity :- 3.0 ml.
    * Colour :- OFF WHITE
    * Consistency :- THIN


    Sperm Count 40.0 ml ( Ref. Range 60-150 ml )

    * Motility :- 01 Hour
    * Active :- 45%
    * Sluggish :- 10%
    * Non-Motile :- 45%

    * Total sperm count : 60-150 ml
    * Motility : More then 70% should be actively motile upto 1 hour after ejaculation.

  125. My Name: Samuel Jonathan My age 34.I’m from India
    My report. Total volume: 50 millions, sperm per ml: 1ml. AM:45%, SM-15%, NM-40%, Colour :White, Viscosity: low, Is it good for me or not to have a pregnancy.

  126. Hi Doctor,
    Semen Report
    Period. 4 days
    Liquefaction time. 30 mins
    Color. Grayish white
    Volume 1 ml
    Viscosity. Normal
    Nature. Little turbid and opaque
    Ph. 8
    Fructose. Present
    Total sperm. 92million/ml
    Active progressive. 58%
    Moderately 10%
    Sluggish. 04%
    Dead. 28%
    Pus cells 3~5 Hpf
    Rbc. 3~6 hpf.
    Plase consult and reply

  127. Hi,

    My Age is 31. I have got semen analysis from Lal Lab Following are criteria:-

    Volume 2.5mL.
    Appearance Viscid Opaque
    Colour Whitish
    Viscosity Thick
    pH 7.6
    Total Sperm Concentration 60 million/ml
    Percentage Motility 55%
    Grade A (Progressive) 20%
    Grade B (Non Progressive) 35%
    Grade C (Immotile) 45%
    Vitality 60%
    Aggulation Negative
    Pus Cells 3-4/hpf
    RBC Nil
    Epithelial Cells Nil
    Normal Morphology 56%
    Abnormal Morphology 44%
    (a) Head Defects 24%
    (b) Neck & Midpiece 10%
    (c) Tail defects 10%
    Semen Fructose Qualitative Positive.

    Is this fine or not for planning baby

  128. Hai,I am siddu my semen analysis report below
    Volum : 2ml
    Colour : greyish white
    Viscosity : normal
    Self liquefaction time : 30 min
    Reaction : alkaline
    Fructose test : positive
    Sperm count : 98mil/ml
    Active forward motility : 50%
    Rapid progressive motility : 30%
    Non progressive motility : 05%
    Sluggish motility : 05%
    Non motile: 10%
    Normal: 90%
    Abnormal: 10%
    Pus cells : 5-6/hpf
    Impression: normozoospermia

  129. my semen analisis are volume 2.4ml,total sperm count 200.00×10^6/ml,abnormal sperm 95% normal sperm 5%,motility grading 10%,sluggish proggressive 10%,,alive spermatozoa40%,dead spermatozoa 60% pus cells 4-6,non motile 75% am 37 years plz help me can i have a baby

  130. Dear Doctor. I m 42 yo. My wife same age. We re ttc last 5 months. But did not working out. My semen analysis. Agglutination 3%, rapid linear forward progression 55%, non progressive motility 5%, immotile 40%, sperm concentration 66 mill/ml. Total sperm count 99 mill/ej. Abnormal forms 40%, spermatogenic cells 0-1 hpf. Pus sells nil/hpf. RBCs Nil/hpf. Epithelial cells. My sperm is super active… good or normal or normal low. Becuase i cannot get pregnant my wife. Thank you so much for your responce.

    1. Overall, this looks pretty good. Sometimes it can take a year or more to get pregnant, so I wouldn’t worry too much quite yet.
      To help get pregnant faster, it is helpful for both partners to have good health. Here is a nice app that can guide you to improve your health and help your conception process.

  131. I am 43 years old

    Semen Report

    Time of Collection: 1:00pm
    Time of Assay: 2:00pm
    Period of Abstinence: 5 day
    Method of collection: Masturbation
    Type of specimen container: Sterile plastic container.
    Whether whole sample collected: Yes

    I) Physical Examination:

    Volume(ml): 1.7 ml
    pH: 7.8
    Appearance: Grey-opalescent (Normal)
    Liquefaction (within 60mins): Complete YES
    Viscosity: Normal

    Density (x10six/ml): 79
    Motility (%):
    Percentage motile (PR NP): 51
    Progressive motility (PR): 30
    Non-progressive motility (NP): 21
    Immotile: 49

    Agglutination: Agglutination present
    Debris: Yes

    Morphology :
    Normal: 2
    Head defects: 82
    Neck and Mid-piece defects: 7
    Tail defects: 8
    Excess residual cytoplasm: 1

    Round Cells (x10sixML): 3
    No of WBC/100 Sperm Cells: 5
    III)Fructose test : Present.

    We have tried for 8 months. Please check my report and tell please

  132. Semen Report

    i)Method of collection: Masturbation
    ii)Type of specimen container:Sterile plastic container.
    iii)Collection time:11:35 am
    iv)Lab Receiving time:11:40 am
    v)Period of abstinence:03 days
    vi)Difficulty in producing:No
    vii)Whether whole sample collected:Yes
    viii)Time of starting analysis:11:45 am

    I) Physical Examination:

    i)Quantity:1.5 ml
    iii) Viscosity:Normal
    iv)Gelatinous clumps:No
    vi)Reaction(pH):Alkaline [pH 8.0 ]
    viii)Time to liquefy:30 Mins

    II) Microscopic Examination:
    A) Observations on Bright Field microscopy :
    1.Sperm concentration : 80Million/ml
    2. Total sperm no. per ejaculate:120Million/ejaculate
    3. Motility:( The values denote the average of the observations recorded on replicate samples at
    1 hour)
    a) Time of noting motility : 12:35 pm
    b) Sperm motility observation and quantification

    Motility Value:
    Progressive motility 35 %
    Non-progressive motility 10 %
    Immotile 55 %

    4. Agglutination: None.

    B) Observations on Papanicolaou stained slides :

    1.Morphology :
    Normal 15 %
    Abnormal 85 %
    a) Head defect 39 %
    b) Mid piece defect 16 %
    c) Tail defect 24 %
    d) Excess residual cytoplasm 06 %

    2. Others:
    Pus cells: 1-2/ hpf
    Epithelial cells : Occasional
    RBCs : Occasional
    Round cells : 3-5/ hpf

    III)Fructose test : Present.

    We have tried for 6 months. Plz check my report and tell plz

  133. Total sperm count -18mill/cc
    Active moltile-00
    Sluggish moltile-70
    Non moltile-30
    Abnormal forms(head)-80
    Immature forms -20
    Pus cells-2-3

  134. Hi i am 28 year old n got marry 8 months ago. My semen analysis report is
    Color: white to grey
    Volume: 4.00 ml
    Consistency: viscous
    Ph: 8.00
    Liqufication time 30 min
    Total count: 56 mil/ml
    Rapid motile: 60%
    Sluggishy motile: 20%
    Non motile: 20%
    My testosterone is just 150.
    Please analyse this n help me. Is my semen analysis is not good for preganancy concieving. Please reply

    1. looks ok. Testosterone is on the low side but doesn’t seem to be impacting sperm. How do you feel? Do you have symptoms of low T?

      1. Hello im trying to figure out if my count is normal trying to have another baby 4 years later been trying for 3 months and nothing please help in 23 year old. Male
        Concentration of sperm. 114.0
        Total sperm in ejaculation. 341.0
        Total motility (pr+np). 64 %
        Progressive motility. 57 %
        Non progressive motility. 7%
        Immotile sperm. 36%
        Total motile sperm. 218.0
        Progressive motile sperm. 194.0
        Non progressive sperm. 23.9
        Normal morphology strict. 36%
        That was with three days without sex
        Please help me understand this me and wife want a baby together thank you.

        1. This looks pretty healthy.
          Sometimes it can take 6 or even 12 months to get pregnant even if you are very fertile
          It’s a good idea to have sex 3-4 times a week throughout the cycle to make sure that you have sex during the most fertile time.

          1. There isn’t a ton a research on it. From a limited review, there have been studies that suggest HPV can impact sperm morphology or lead to miscarriage. However, data seems to be limited an inconclusive. In your case, the numbers look pretty solid. If you have a miscarriage or don’t conceive by 9 months of trying, it might be a good idea to re-test or talk to a doctor about the issues.

  135. HI i am sreedhar from Hyderabad. My age is 33

    Volume : 2.0 ml
    Colour : Greyish White
    Viscocity : Viscid, Opaque
    Liquefaction time : 20 Minutes
    Biochemical Examination
    Reaction / pH : 8.0
    Fructose (Qualitative) : Present
    Microscopic Examination
    Sperm Concentration : 50 Million / ml
    Total Sperm Count : 100 Million / Ejaculate
    Agglutination : Absent
    Total Motility *(a+b)
    a) Progressive Motility : 50%
    b) Non Progressive Motility : 12%
    c) Non motile : 38%
    a) Normal forms : 12%
    b) Abnormal forms : 88%
    Sperm Vitality #
    a) Live Sperms : 69%
    b) Dead Sperms : 31%
    Other Findings
    Pus Cells : 2-3/HPF
    Epithelial Cells : Nil
    Spermatogenic Cells : Nil
    RBC : Nil
    Impression : Normospermia

    Can u please suggest if i can conceive with above results.

  136. My age is 27
    Semen report-
    Period of abstinence:- 3
    Volume – 3.5ml
    Colour:- cloudy white
    Viscosity:- Normal
    Reaction (pH) :- 8
    Liquefaction time :- 30
    Sperms concentration:- 67.2
    Total count:- 235.2

    Actively motile:- 52%
    Moderately motile:- 18%
    Sluggishly motile:- 01%
    Non Motile:- 29%

    Epithelial cells – 10-12 /HPF
    Pus cells:- 4-5 /HPF
    Round cells:- 4-5 /HPF
    Normal spermatozoa:- 92%
    Abnormal spermatozoa:- 08%

    I am normal ??

  137. May age 35 year ( volume 1.6 ) Reaction ALKAINE) Liquefaction time 35) (TOTAL COUNT 60 Million/ml)
    (MOTILITY: Active 40%
    Moderate 30% Sluggish 20% Non-motile 10%
    (MORPHOLOGY Normal 95% Pin Head 02% Acute Tapering 03%

    Plz check my report and tell plz

  138. hi
    I have done semen analysis the results are below
    Qty. 2.0 ml
    Colour greyish white
    Sperm count 03 million/ml
    sperm count / ejaculate 06 ml / aj.

    now suggest me what I should do.

  139. My age is 32
    Colour -pale white
    Viscoity- fairly thick
    Self liquefaction time-20mts
    Active-4-5 seen
    Sluggish-1-2 seen
    Non motile- 5-7 seen
    Sperm count – 16mill/cc

  140. Semen Report
    Duration 3 day
    Sperm count 58mil/ml
    Total motility 80%
    Rapid progressive motility 65%
    Sluggish progressive motility 10%
    Non progressive motility 5%
    Non motility 20%
    Sperm morphology : Normal 7%
    Abnormal sperm morphology 93%
    Head defects 70%,Tail defects 13%,mid piece defects 10%
    Epithelial cells 2_3 /hpf
    Pus cells 5_6 /hpf
    HOS _ nil
    PlZ check n tell me madam,
    My doubts r about abnormal morphology 93% is any problem in conceiving

    1. This looks pretty good. High levels of abnormal sperm can be concerning but it’s actually pretty normal for most sperm to be abnormal. Overall, this report looks pretty healthy to me.

  141. My age 31. My report. Total volume: 1.6, sparm per ml: 18.7/ml. 60%motile. Progressive motile 38%. Morphology 40%. Liquifaction 30min. I know it is too hard to planning for conceive. But I want to know is it possible to increase sparm count or not?

    1. Yes, it is possible to increase sperm count. Here is an app that can help you figure out exactly what you can do that would help the most.
      This article lists the most common things that men can do to try to boost sperm count.

  142. Hii my age is 30 years

    My reports are given below
    Physical characteristics
    Quantity 1.5ML
    Colour -pearly white
    Viscosity -normal
    Reaction -alkaline
    Liquification -30MIN

    Microscopic examination

    Total count-105 Million/ml

    Sperm motility

    Active 55%
    Non mottile-25%

    Pus cells 2-4
    RBC’s. NIL


    Normal 60%

    Abnormal 40 %

  143. this was taken 2 yrs ago at age 28.
    Vol(ml) : 3.9
    Rapid + Mod : 46
    In-situ : 14
    Immotile : –
    Density (x 10^6 / ml) : 2.2
    Round Cells (x 10^6 / ml) : <1.0
    Sperm Morphology (%) <1
    WBC <5/100

      1. Thank you very much for the reply.
        Is it still possible to conceive naturally with 4% morphology, considering the count is 198 million/ml, motility : 68% and viability : 76%.
        Or is it very less chance ?

  144. Hello I am Prasad from India.
    We are trying for a baby from past 4 months. Recently I did a seminal analysis and the report is as below:
    Sperm count : 198 million/ml
    volume :2.1 ml
    ph :7.8
    motility : 68%
    viability : 76%
    Morphology : 4%
    Also, I have been taking the tblet Profertile from past 4 months. Should I change the tablet ?
    Please let me know how is this report ?

    1. Your count and motility look excellent. The morphology is lower than it should be but I’m not too concerned about it. You may want to download this app to see if there are any health factors that could be increasing your risk of having morphology problems (heat exposure, alcohol, pollution, etc).

  145. Hey,

    This is Ram from India, 31 yrs old male.
    Period of abstinence – NIl
    Volume – 2.0 ML
    Viscosity – NORMAL

    NON-MOTILE /DEAD – 30%
    RBC – NIL
    PLUS CELLS – 3-5/H.P.F



  146. Hi Sara,

    What do you think of these results? Is this good enough to conceive naturally? I was abstinent for 3.5 days, not sure if that was too long to wait for the test?

    Semen Volume: 2.2 mls
    Sperm Count (conc.): 17.5 million/ml
    Total Sperm Count: 38.5 million
    Total Percent Motility: 37%
    Percent Rapid Progressive Motility: 60%
    Motile Sperm Count (conc.): 6.5 million/ml
    Total Motile Sperm: 14 million
    Round Cells: 1 million/ml

    Thanks so much!

    1. This is a borderline result. You should be able to conceive but it may take a while. Typically, I see semen analysis results like this in guys who either have a varicocele or have something in thier lifestyle contributing. You might want to take the quiz on this site to see what your risk factors might be and take steps to get healthier to boost your numbers a little.

  147. You might be very surprised to learn that my PC just said well we are not experts but here is your report. When I compare what I was provided with the others listed on here the my numbers seem very confusing
    Volume 1.3
    pH 7.5
    Concentration 99
    Motility 75
    Progression 3+
    Total Count 128.7
    Total Motile Count 96.52
    Normal Morphology 3

    1. your numbers are a little different. Good count and motility, lower volume and morphology.

      How long have you been trying? It is hard to tell if these factors are impacting your fertility. My gut instinct would be that total motile is a pretty healthy number that I wouldn’t be overly concerned about morph issues. That said, it may be worth looking into your lifestyle you see if there are any easy corrections that could help improve sperm health. Diet, exercise, weight, alcohol, toxins and heat are my first usual suspects.

      Volume (and to a lesser extent DNA replication) tends to go down with age, so if you are older that could be part of the story.

      Varicocele might also be contributing… if you have a really healthy lifestyle, and you’ve been trying for a while, it might be worth full eval by male fertility specialist (happy to make a referral if you need one or provide feedback on doc you find).

      If you’ve been trying for less than a year, i might not be too concerned. As I said before total motile is a good number so you may not have too much trouble. But there’s enough here that if you’ve been trying for a while it might be worth at least a little more investigation into what’s going on.

      Hope that’s helpful…

  148. Liquefacation time= 30 min
    sperm count=88 M/cumm
    volumee= 3 ML
    Pus cells= 18-20
    Motality 1 hr:
    1 hr mottile= 20%
    1 hr moderate motile= 10%
    1 hr non motile= 70%

    motility 2 hr:
    2 hr mottile= 20%
    2 hr moderate motile= 5%
    2 hr non motile= 75%

    motility 3 hrs:
    3 hr mottile= 15%
    3 hr moderate motile= 5%
    3 hr non motile= 80%

    Normal morphology=40%
    abnormal morphology=60%

    kindly advise if this iss ok?

  149. Dear Sir,
    This is sathish kumar. last month i went for a seman analysis test. please check my report whether its normal or not.

    Analysis of spermatoza
    concerntration :30 m/ml
    Motility :65%
    i)Rapid Linear: 30%
    ii)slow linear : 35%
    iii)Immotile : 35%
    Morphology : 30 %
    Appearance : Greayish
    Liquefaction time : 45min
    Consistency: Normal
    volume: 2.0 ml
    pH: 7.6
    fructose : –
    Agglutination: nil
    RBC: Nil
    WBC: 2-4 hpf
    Epith Cells: 0-1 hpf

    Normal Spermatozoa: 30%
    Abnormal Spermatoza : 70%

    1. This is on the low side of normal. You should be able to conceive but it may take a few extra months. You can download a sperm tracking app to see areas to improve your lifestyle to boost your sperm if you would like to improve

  150. Hello, My wife and I are also trying to have a Kid. This is my test result. (Age:35) Please let me know if my result have good chance to conceive

    Spermatozoa, morphology 9
    Semen volume 3.5 mL
    Liquefaction, semen NORMAL
    pH, semen 8.0
    Spermatozoa, motile % 45 %
    Sperm progressive %, Sem fld, Qn 39 %
    Spermatozoa, immotile % 55 %
    Spermatozoa, nonprogressive % 6 %
    Viscosity, seminal fluid NORMAL

      1. Thank you. Sara. We have been trying for the last 2 years. Still nothing happened. I’ve done some research on this and used the app you recommended by input my daily behavior and habit to evaluate my self. It looks like i am over weighted based on the result determined by the app. My Height is 6 ‘0, weights 215 lb. How many lbs do you think I should reduce. Thank you again for answering this.

  151. Hai my sperm count details are ..sperm count 99 million…total volume 1.9 ml.abstince 3.5 days..60 motile 30 dead… liquefaction time 1 hour 15 minutes…Any problem with my liquefaction time? i read from internet that liquefaction time must be less than 30 minutes…Can i check liquefaction time from my home? any method for assessing myself..

    1. Your motility looks good so I don’t think liquifaction is having a big impact on fertility. It’s not too much longer than normal. I usually am not concerned unless it is over 3hrs

  152. Hello there,

    Your comments are really helpful in understanding the semen analysis report,

    Request you to kindly look in my report and give your valuable suggestion :
    Age : 32 Years
    Time of Specimen : 3:50 PM
    Time of Examination : 4:45 PM

    Duration of Abstinence : 3 Days
    Liquefaction at 37″C : 45.00
    Volume: 3.00
    Appearance: Viscid Opaque
    Colour: Whitish

    Microscopic Examination
    Total Sperm Concentration: 32.00
    Percentage Motility: 61.00
    Grade A( Progressive motile) :40.00
    Grade B ( Non Progressive motile): 21.00
    Grade C (Immotile) 39.00

    Normal Morphology :69.00
    Abnormal Morphology: 31.00
    (a) Head Defects 15.00
    (b) Neck & Midpiece 8.00
    (c) Tail Defects 8.00

    Chemical Examination
    Semen Fructose Qualitative : Positive

  153. Got the following results. Please tell if my results are fine or if any treatment is required

    Abstinence – 3 days
    Sperm count – 20 million per ml
    Sperm volume – 3 ml
    Rapid progression – 85%
    Slow progression – 10%
    Non progressive -5%

  154. Semen analysis
    Quantity 2.5 ml
    Abstinence 3 days
    Viscosity Normal
    Reaction (ph) Alkaline
    Liquification time 30 min
    Sperm count 29 ml/ cc
    Leucocytes 0-1/hpf
    Motile sperm 1st hour 40% 2nd hr 30% 3rd hr 20% 4rth hr 10%
    Rapid progressive 0%
    Slowly progressive 35%
    Non progressive 5%
    Abnormal forms 53% (head 18% neck 12% midpiece 22% tail 1%
    Immature forms Nil
    Age 30 yrs
    Plz reply

  155. Please Madam guide me for that.
    I am taking medicine since last nine months.
    its my last report in month of june 2017

    Method = Post Masturbation
    Interval= 30 days
    volume= 2.5 ml
    color= dirty white
    liquification time= 30 mins
    sperm count=68 million
    rapid progressive=70 %
    slow progressive=15%
    non progressive=10 %
    with micro mega heads,rounded heads, too long tails
    pus cells =0-2 hpf

  156. Trying to conceive in the past 6 months with no success. My wife had a miscarriage in late November last year after conceiving in September. Below is my semen report for your candid observation and advise.

    Duration of Abstinence: 04 Days
    Time produced: 9:36am
    Time received: 9:45am
    Time examined: 10:25am
    Volume: 3.0ml
    Viscosity: Viscid
    Appearance: Creamy fluid
    PH: 8.0
    Microscopic examination
    Total sperm count: 32 millions/ml
    Pus cell: 5-8/hpf
    RBC: Nil
    Ephethelial cell: +ve
    ▪Active 40%
    ▪Sluggish 10%
    ▪Dead 50%
    ▪Normal 70%
    ▪Abnormal 30%

    Kindly advised on my test result.

    1. This amount looks possible to conceive but it is lower than optimal. I would recommend taking steps to improve your health which in turn can improve both your fertility, reduce your risk of miscarriage and help the future health of baby. I’d particularly try to make sure you eat a healthy diet. I might even recommend a prenatal vitamin to makes sure you are getting enough key nutrients.

      Here are a few other resources worth looking into
      Sperm tracking app
      Fertility boosting quiz

  157. Hi! Myself Shekhar, 33 yrs old Male. Today I got my Semen Analysis Report, please tell how it’s gone & what to do for the better result. Report as below

    * Physical Examination
    Volume 4 ml
    Color Gray-White
    Self Liquefaction within 30 mins after collection

    * Chemical Examination
    pH Alkaline
    Fructose Positive

    * Microscopic Examination
    Total Sperm Count 58 [Normal Sperm Count : 60-120millions/ml]
    Excellent Forward Progressive IV 05%
    Good Forward Progressive III 10%
    Sluggish Forward Progressive II 25%
    Non-Progressive I 60%
    Pus Cell 4-6p.h.f.
    RBC~s Absent

    Please do help me to analyze what my report says., really waiting for your replay…
    Thank you so much for your valuable time.

  158. Comment…age_29 years period of abstinanse_08 days , volume of ejaculate _3 ml , liquefation time _ 15 min , ph _7.6 ,total count of spermatozoa _45 million, motility at 37*c active _50 uggish_05 nonmotile_45 pus cells_3-6/hpf epithelial cell_2-3/hpf rbc_nil crystals_nil

  159. If the sperm per ejaculation is not up to one hundred thousand would there be any hope for that man on earth to get a woman pregnant

  160. Hello sir. one year ago my semen analysis report was not too hood such as rapid movement of sperms was ony 8 % and 45% were immotie. Then I used different medicines but my wife didn’t get pragnent. Now recenty I have used some medicens for 6 weeks almost. Today I did my sperm test and I got report which is better compared to previous one. But I want to get yours feedback whether this report is good.

    1. Total auantity: 5 ml 7.5
    3.colour greyish white
    4. Transparency opaque
    5.viscosity viscid
    6.Fructose positive
    7.sperm total counts: 45 mill/ml
    8.sperm per ejaculate: 225 mil
    9.motile sperm: 55%
    10.rapid linear progression: 25 %
    11.slow/non linear progression: 45%
    12.non progressive: 30%
    13.sperm normal form :35%
    14. mHead abnormali:
    large oval 40%
    Tapering 25%
    15. germ cell 02
    16. wbc’s 01
    17.rbc’s 01
    18.squamous cells 00

  161. Semen Report

    duration of abstinence : 03 days
    volume: 4.0 ml
    semen ph: 8.5
    sperm conc: 3.9 millions/ml
    motility: 34 %

    Please guide me do you see the above report is abnormal? my age is 33 …. I have taken Paternia XT and MHR BIO tablets for 3 months from Dec, Jan and Feb and my count was 30 millions when tested in March…but today we tested again to make sure if my count and motility are good enough for IUI… but it was disappointing results and we have cancelled IUI..

    Please suggest me can I take Paternia XT and MHR BIO for another 3months. I have already taken these table for 6 months…not sure if I can take for another 3months and there wont be any side affects in the future…
    Next cycle we can go for IUI and can be successful….we are in completely in shocking state…as IUI was supposed to be on Monday 24/04/17 and now its been cancelled…
    Appreciate your quick response madam.


    1. That was a big drop. Did you have semen analysis in Dec, Jan or Feb? If so, what were the numbers?
      Did anything else change recently?

      Overall, I think the 3.9 million is on the borderline but probably could be ok for IUI. Generally the guidelines I’ve seen are total motile around 5 million. (But it also depends on what the motility looks like, the results above don’t show if you have any strong swimmers or not)

      I don’t know the tablets that you are on specifically. I have looked them up and they look to be helpful in getting nutrients that are helpful for sperm into the body but if that is the only thing you’ve done differently maybe they are not having a good effect on you.

      You could try downloading this app and entering all your information. It might give you some good insights.

      I’m happy to answer more questions if I can…

  162. Semen Report

    duration of abstinence : 03 days
    volume: 2.0 ml
    semen ph: 8.5
    sperm conc: 39 millions/ml
    motility: 80 % (PR +NP)
    Progressive motile (PR): 20%
    Non progressive motile (NP): 60%
    Immotile: 20%
    % normal forms: 80%

    Trying to conceive since 3 years but not success. Could you suggest me please????

  163. Hi Maam, not able to understand the semen analysis report.. can u plz help. Is all good or bad ?

    Age 32, Abstinence days 12 days

    Total sperm concentration is 32 million ,volume 3.50 ml,liquefaction time 40 mtes, Viscosity is thick. Motility is 60 %. Progressive motile 20%, non progressive motile 40%, immotile 40%, aggluatination is positive, plus cells 5 – 7, Normal morphology 70%, abnormal morphology 30%, head defects 15%, neck and midpiece 10%, tail defecets 5 %, semen fructose … apperance : viscid opaque, colour whitish,

    eagerly waiting for your response

    I can share report if that makes it clear for you

  164. Semen Report

    duration of abstinence : 03 days
    volume: 2.0 ml
    semen ph: 8.5
    sperm conc: 39 millions/ml
    motility: 80 % (PR +NP)
    Progressive motile (PR): 20%
    Non progressive motile (NP): 60%
    Immotile: 20%
    % normal forms: 80%

    Trying to conceive since 3 years but not success. Could you suggest me please????

    1. This is in the normal range but it is a little lower than ideal. 3 years is a long time to be trying so I think there might be something else going on as well. It wouldn’t hurt to try to take steps to improve your sperm count. Here’s a cool app to track your sperm test results and figure out if there are things you can do to improve.

      Has your wife / partner been evaluated? Are her cycles normal?

      1. Thank you so much for your response and suggestion, The cycles are normal of my partner and some doctors suggested that my sperm is lower than normal so I’ve taken some medicine and other natural exercise/diet too & usually we tried conceive between 10th to 18th days of cycle but not success. So, what we do?

        1. Keep up the diet and exercise changes. Those should help improve your chances. You might want to test again in a few months to see if there are improvements.

          You should try to have sex before the fertile days as well. For men, it is best if they are able to have sex every 2 – 7 days to keep sperm moving through the system. If you cannot have sex that often, then at a minimum you will want to try to have more frequent sex at the beginning of the cycle. Then every other day during from 10 – 18. It can get stressful to think so much about timing sex so as much as you can try to focus on enjoying it and not allowing yourself to feel too much stress about timing.

          Is that helpful?

  165. My sperm count was 65% but now 30%immotility us 85%normal 39%lease tell me what is the report and ph 8 volume 1.5

  166. Colour creamy white
    Vollume 2.0ml
    Liquefaction time 30 minutes
    Ph alkaline
    Microscopic examination
    Total sperm count 40million /ml
    Puse cell 3-5/hpf
    Active 30%
    Sluggish 30%
    Dead 40%
    Normal 70%
    Abnormal 30%
    Kindly inform me about my test result

      1. Liquefaction Time More than 3 hours
        volume 2.5 ml
        Colour -Grey
        viscosity —-highly viscous
        count-80 ml
        Rapid progressive 50%
        Sluggishly progressive 20%
        Non motile 30%
        normal sperm–60%
        abnormal head—–20%
        Tail defects—-20%
        Kindly inform this report please.

    1. Liquefaction Time More than 3 hours
      volume 2.5 ml
      Colour -Grey
      viscosity —-highly viscous
      count-80 ml
      Rapid progressive 50%
      Sluggishly progressive 20%
      Non motile 30%
      normal sperm–60%
      abnormal head—–20%
      Tail defects—-20%
      Please tell this report

        1. Semen Report
          How do u see the result ?

          1- color – greyish white
          2- liquefaction- complete after 30 mins
          3- pH- Alkaline pH 8.0
          4- Viscosity- normal
          5- Rapid Progressive Grade A – 30%
          6- slow or sluggish Progressive Grade B – 25%
          7- non Progressive grade C- 15%
          8- Non Motile Grade D – 30%

          After one hour
          1- Rapid Progressive Grade A – 20%
          2- slow or sluggish Progressive Grade B – 25%
          3- non Progressive grade C- 15%
          4- Non Motile Grade D – 40%

          After 2 hours
          1- Rapid Progressive Grade A – 15%
          2- slow or sluggish Progressive Grade B – 20%
          3- non Progressive grade C- 15%
          4- Non Motile Grade D – 50%

          Total sperm count – 77.3 million/m
          Spermatogentic cells – 1-3 HPF
          Abnormal forms – 10
          Auto Agglutination- ++
          Red cells – 0-1 HPF
          WBC (semen) – 10-15 HBF

          What are your recommendations?

          1. I don’t see semen volume, but if I assume it to be normal, these numbers look healthy. Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

  167. Thanks for replying sara. I m 29 years old and trying to concieve for 2 years. I unable to understand what semen culture u mean. Plz tell me about semen culture than i will b able to reply you

  168. Semen Report

    duration of abstinence . 04 days
    liquefacation Time. 30 mint
    interval b/w start of ejaculation and
    analysis(before loquefacation). 10 mint
    appearance creamy white
    consistency. thin
    volume. 3.0 ml
    ph. 8.0
    Superm Motality: (%) (100 supermatozoa)
    1. rapid progression. 25%
    2. slow progression. 15%
    3.non progressive motality 20%
    4.immotile. 40%
    agglutination nil
    vitality. nil
    count/ml. 95 million
    Morphology: %
    normal 50%
    abnormal. 50%
    head defect 15%
    tail defect 15% ,neck and mid peace defect 15%, cytoplasric droplets 03 %
    headless ‘pinhead’ 02%, puss cell 4-6, RBC 6-8
    Plz check my report and tell plz

    1. Looks pretty good. Count is good, sperm are swimming well and many normal shaped. Are you currently trying to conceive?
      Your puss cell count is higher than I would like to see, did they do a semen culture?

        Duration of abstinence… …. 4 days
        Colour… …………………………….creamy white
        Volume… …………………………..2.5mls
        Counts… …………………………….8 million/ml
        Ph reaction… ……………………..8.0
        Viscosity… ………………………..normal
        MOTILITY :
        Active motile… ………………… 35%
        Sluggish motile… ………………10%
        Dead… ………………………………55%
        Normal… ……………………………40%
        Abnormal… ………………………..60%
        Swollen head… ………………….+
        Curved tail… ……………………..+
        Flagged head… …………………+
        Amorphous head… ………….nil
        Pushing cells… ………………..7-8 RBCs/hpf
        Epithelial cell… ………………+

        please help check

        1. Hello ma’am . Can I have your opinion ?

          My husbands results:

          WBC- <5
          pH- 7.3
          Viscosity- normal
          Color- pale yellow
          Motility- 67%
          RBC- 0
          6% -morphology
          Collection method – masterbation
          2mL -Volume
          30 million/mL – Concentration
          Agglutination is none

          1. Overall it looks pretty healthy. The count is slightly lower than I’d like to see but he is probably able to conceive. Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

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