Preparing for Your Semen Analysis

If you are preparing for an upcoming semen analysis, here are a few tips to make sure you get the most accurate results possible.

How to prepare for a semen analysis

We’re going to take a wild guess that this is a test you aren’t really thrilled about taking. Make sure that you get the best possible results (and avoid unnecessary worry) by following a few tips. You may also want to take our risk assessment to get a heads up on any risk factors that could be impacting your fertility.

Semen analysis is the first step towards understanding a man’s fertility. The test will measure key parameters of semen known to impact fertility. Minimally, it will measure: sperm count or concentration (how many sperm you have), sperm motility (how many of them swim), semen volume (how much semen you make). More comprehensive analysis will also measure sperm morphology (the shape of sperm), liquefaction time (semen starts out viscous and over time should become watery) and pH of semen (how acidic it is)

Typically, semen analysis is performed by a technician who will literally take a drop of the sample, place it on a microscope slide and analyze it under a microscope. A number of factors including technician experience, method used and equipment can impact the quality of the results. You can learn more in our article on “Getting Tested.”

Because sperm are relatively fragile, sample collection and handling will also impact the quality of test results. If the sample sits in the cup too long, sperm will begin to die and break apart. If part of the sample isn’t collected, volume and count measurements will be inaccurate.

The week before the test

A bit of abstinence helps: To optimize results, it is best to test 2-7 days following your last ejaculation. The testicle is constantly producing sperm which are stored in a long tubular structure called the epididymis. During an ejaculation the epididymis is emptied and fresh sperm flow into it. It takes 2-3 days to completely refill the epididymis. Testing too soon after an ejaculation will usually show a lower sperm count.

So, waiting longer is better, right? Not exactly. Sperm cells have a limited lifespan of 3 weeks max inside the testicle. When ejaculations are infrequent, sperm cells start to die and break down inside the body. To get a good understanding of how healthy your sperm are, you really want to look at a fresh batch. In the week or two prior to a semen analysis, it is a good idea to “clean out the pipes” with more frequent ejaculations to clean out dead cells and fragments. Then, wait a few days to allow the epididymis to fill up with fresh sperm.

Avoid heat: During the week before the test do your best to not cook your balls which will result in mass casualties among your troops. Avoid hot tubs, saunas, grilling, laptop heat and the like. Brief exposures to high heat in the days prior to a semen analysis can cause premature cell death and will impact your motility results. Prolonged heat exposures like fevers, frequent hot tub use, long-periods of sitting, occupational heat exposures or laptop use can impair sperm production. Unfortunately, this can’t be resolved quickly. It takes about two and half months to make a sperm start to finish. However, if you have had prolonged exposures to high heat or a fever over 100 degrees in the past three months, it is worth mentioning to the doctor.

Collecting a sample

While you probably learned the ABCs of how to produce a semen sample sometime in middle school, there are a few things worth noting when you are trying to get some feedback regarding your fertility.

Can I collect a semen sample at home? Semen starts out viscous and over time liquefies. This helps it to stay near the cervix, then as it liquefies sperm are free to swim to the intended destinations. Clinics want to measure how long it takes for the semen to liquefy which is typically under an hour. For this reason they prefer to collect the sample at the clinic. However, If you live close enough, you may be able to bring a sample from home. Ask the doctor if you would prefer this option. If you have been given the green light to collect your sample at home, there are a few things you need to do to make sure you get accurate results:

Cap it right away: Semen samples tend to look like a few drops of liquid in the bottom of a big cup. Because the whole sample is spread out, seminal fluid is more likely to evaporate which in turn can cause sperm to dry out and die. Placing the cap on immediately after collection will reduce evaporation and improve accuracy of semen volume and sperm motility measurements.

Record exact time of collection: This will help the clinic to evaluate liquefaction time and ensure that the semen is analyzed at an appropriate time.

Watch the temperature: Sperm can only live for a few hours outside the body. Wild swings in temperature will cause sperm to die more quickly. Ideally, the cup should stay slightly below body temperature.

Get to clinic quickly: It is important to get the sample to the clinic as quickly as possible to ensure a timely analysis of the sample. If the elapsed time from collection to analysis is much longer than an hour motility scores drop dramatically.

Is it ok to get a little “help?”

Collecting a semen sample for analysis can be uncomfortable ethically and emotionally. Most cultures and religions have specific rules or customs surrounding sex, masturbation and procreation. Finding a way to honor your traditions while getting important information about your health and fertility can be daunting. Most clinics are aware of these issues and support patients by altering requirement and procedures to respect cultural and religious traditions. If you have strong concerns or reservations, you may want to seek out a religious leader or a fertility expert who shares your traditions and can help guide you through the process.

Even if cultural or religious ideals do not pose a conflict for collecting a sample, some men find it emotionally or biologically difficult to produce a sample on their own. Interestingly, studies have found that more sperm is present in the semen collected during intercourse. The body somehow knows it’s the real deal. This presents the argument for having your partner help you. Like collection at home, collecting with a partner complicates sample handling and requires a bit of extra preparation:

Use a collection condom: The highest concentration of sperm reside in the first few drops of ejaculate. For this reason, most clinics prefer that you obtain the sample without the help of your partner. If you are collecting with a partner, you will need to purchase a special collection. Regular condoms are designed to kill sperm. Do not use them when collecting a test sample. Collection condoms are designed to keep sperm healthy and available both from the doctor or for purchase online.

Pass on the lube: Like condoms, lubricants are designed to kill sperm cells. You may be able to get away with using PreSeed, a sperm friendly lubricant. It may interfere with other factors the doc is testing for, so ask first. Sorry to say it but if you can at all swing it, it’s really best to do this dry (sorry).

Sara SDx

Sara SDx

Editor of Don't Cook your Balls, Co-Founder of, Health Coach and Men's Health Advocate. Passionate about sperm, men's health and helping people build their families.
Sara SDx

Author: Sara SDx

Editor of Don't Cook your Balls, Co-Founder of, Health Coach and Men's Health Advocate. Passionate about sperm, men's health and helping people build their families.

292 thoughts on “Preparing for Your Semen Analysis”

  1. Hi my name is waseh and my semen test result is low. Is there any hope to conceive??? Thanks.
    I am very worry about this issue.

    Volume: 4.2
    Sperm count: 44milion
    forward moving: 25
    Sluggish: 45
    immotile: 35
    Liquefaction: 70 minute
    normal morphology: 30
    An normal morphology: 70

    1. Its not too low. There is lots of hope to conceive. Are you having trouble?
      How is your health?

  2. Hello Dr. Sarah,

    My name is Adam and I just got my semen analysis results back and would like to get you interpretation of the results please.
    Vol = 3.4ml
    pH = 8.0
    Liquefied = NORMAL
    Viscosity = NORMAL
    Aggregation = ABSENT
    Agglutination = ABSENT
    Total motile sperm = 64%
    Progressive motile sperm = 54%
    sperm concentration = 38 Million/ML
    Total sperm count = 139 Million
    Normal spermatozoa = 95%
    Head Abnormalities = 5%
    Mid piece Abnormalities = 0%
    Tail Abnormalities = 0%
    Excess residual cytoplasm = 0%
    Immature spermatozoa = 0%

    Thank you!

    1. looks ok. Are you having trouble conceiving? Do you have particular questions about the results that I can help you understand?

      1. Thank you Doctor. My wife and I have been TTC for the past 9 months after we miscarried our 5 months old baby girl but with no success so far. so if my test results look good and normal I was wondering what the problem could be? Do I need to run more tests ? My wife is having a HSG test next week to make sure everything is ok on her side as well. is there anything in my results that indicates more tests needed on my side ?
        Thank you,

        1. Just to clarify, I am not a doctor but I do help a lot of people with fertility issues.

          Really sorry to hear about the miscarriage. Typically, later term miscarriages happen due to the way the baby implanted in the uterus or some condition that happened. Did the doctor know what caused the miscarriage?

          It appears that you are both relatively fertile. I do know that sometimes following a miscarriage it can take a little time to conceive again.

          I don’t think you need to run additional tests now. I might recommend taking steps to live as healthy as possible — eat fruits and vegetables, get a good nights sleep, exercise 3x a week, have sex regularly, avoid heat, chemicals, alcohol and cigarettes. If you don’t conceive after another 3-4 months, maybe test again and see if the results are the same.

  3. Hi Dr.Sara

    Please check the following my semen examination and let me know what i do?

    Color – Whitist
    Volume – 8ml
    Viscosity – Normal
    Fructose – Normal
    PH – 7.5
    Microscopic exam (No Sperm count)

  4. Hi doctor

    Can you tell me if its normal
    Consistency high viscous
    Coulour greyish white
    Semen volume 3.5 ml
    Ph alkaline
    Liquification time 60 mins
    Rbc nil
    Wbc 2-4
    Sperm count 82 million
    Progressive 25%
    Non proggressive 10%
    Immotile 65%
    Progressive 1h 20%
    Non progressive 1h 10%
    Immotile 1h 70%
    Normal 70%

    1. The viscosity and liquefaction time are a little more than than usual, but I’m not too concerned. Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

  5. Dear Dr.,
    Hope you are fine….
    You are doing excellent job god give you long life.
    My semen test result of fertility.
    Appearance. Whitish grey
    Vol = 2ml
    Consistency = thick
    Ph= 8.1
    Microscopic examination .
    Concentration = 150M/my
    Pus cells = 3-4/HPF
    %age motility = immotile= 60
    Non progressive 05, slowly progressive 10, rapidly progressive 35 …
    %age sperm mo

  6. According to my tests, I was told that my only problem was low concentration. They said it should be at least 15, but mine was 11.9 one time and 7.2 another time. How can I increase sperm concentration?

  7. Hi Doc. I had prepared a semen sample in the comfort of my home. By the time I got to the lab they told me that I will need to take a new sample as the one I brought in will be too old (about an hour after ejaculation.)
    So I had taken the new sample which took me extremely long to do as I was very uncomfortable.
    The results were very poor unfortunately !!
    Im kinda hoping it could be because of the uncomfortability I experienced while trying to obtain the semen 2nd time around within a space of like 2 hours from my previous ejaculation and also because I smoked just before doing the new sample.
    I abstained from sex and smokes 2 days prior to the analysis.

    Please advise me…. is it a big possibility that my sperm analysis was so poor because the semen used for testing was my 2nd sample within 2 hours space under very uncomfortable position and because I smoked before taking taking it. (Note I only smoked as I thought they will accept the sample I took from home.)

    Should I be very concerned, is there an underlying problem?
    Hope this makes sense- sorry for the long story.

    Below is my analysis

    Visvcosity- liquified
    Volume- 1.5ml
    Motility- 10%
    Sperm concentration-6mil
    Plus cells- negative
    Blood- negative
    Ph- 8
    Appearance- grey/white
    Normal forms – too few to assess

    1. Sample collection can be a tough / awkward experience. Some clinics are better than others, but collecting in a strange place can cause a lot of anxiety.
      So, you collected the 2nd sample on site a few hours after the first?

      If so, you should re-test with a 2-4 day abstinence period.

  8. Please Sara, My result is
    Volume : 3.6 ml
    Consistency : Less Viscous
    Color : Milky
    Odor: Normal
    Liquefaction : < 1 hr
    PH : 8.0
    Micro : Pus Cell : 0.1/hpf
    Epithella Cell : – (+)
    Morphology : Normal 65 % Abnormal 35 %
    Motility : Fast Progressive 43 % Slow Progressive 16% None Progressive 10% Immotile 31%
    Count : 56.8 Millions

  9. Hi Sara,

    Could you please advise on the below?

    Patient values Ref [WHO 2010]
    Duration of abstinence [days] : 4
    Time from ejaculation [min] : 59
    Macroscopic Examination
    Volume [ml] : 6.6 : 1.5 or more
    Appearance : Streaky : Normal
    Liquefaction : Complete : Complete
    Viscosity : Viscous : Normal
    pH : 8.5 : 7.2 or more
    Debris : Not significant
    Agglutination : None seen
    Motility [% spermatozoa]
    Total motility : 66 : 40 or more
    Progressive : 53 : 32 or more
    Non-progressive : 13
    Immotile : 34
    Vitality [% live] : >66 : 58 or more
    Antisperm Antibodies[Less than 10 equal to non-specific
    KEY: H=Head, T=Tail
    MAR test for IgA [ % bound] : 27 (24T, 1H, 2H+T)
    MAR test for IgG [ % bound] : 21 (14T, 6H, 1H+T)
    Count [million/ml] : 54 : 15 or more
    Total count [million] : 356 : 39 or more
    Other Cells [million/ml]
    Round cells : 1.6
    Peroxidase positive cells : None seen : less than 1
    Erythrocytes : None seen
    Morphology [ % ] Kruger strict criteria
    Normal : 3 : 4 or more
    Abnormal : 97
    Head defects : 97
    Midpiece defects : 44
    Tail defects : 10
    Excess residual cytoplasm : 1
    Teratozoospermia index [TZI] : 1.57 : 1.72 or less

  10. Hi doctor,

    qty: 4ml
    colour: opaque gray
    viscosity : higher than normal
    Time of Liquefaction: 30mins
    Reaction: alkaline
    Fructose: Present
    Total sperm count: 9.6 million/ml
    Motility: active (Gr. III-IV) 10%
    sluggish(Gr. I-II) 30%
    Non Motile 60%
    morphology: 10 Abnormal forms
    Viability 60% viable forms
    PUS Cells: 10-15 /h.p.f
    R.B.C’s: absent /h.p.f
    Epithelial Cells : 3-4/h.p.f

  11. Hi Doctor,

    I’m 28 from India. Please go through the below semen analysis and advise me

    VOLUME: 1.5 ML
    PH: 7.6


    IMMOTILE: 36%


  12. good day! i had my semen analysis result:

    Color: Opaque White
    Volume: 2.5mL
    Liquefaction: 30 mins
    Viscosity: Less Viscous
    Total Cell Count 5.7 million/mL
    Progressively Motile: 40%
    Non-Progressive: 33%
    Immotile: 26%
    Morphology Normal: 32%
    Abnormal 68%
    Semen pH:80

  13. Hi Doctor,

    My wife and I are TTC
    Please kindly advise on my result

    Days of abstinence 7 days
    Viscosity Viscous
    Appearance Gray-Opalescent
    Total Volume 6.20 mL
    pH 8.00

    Progressive Motility 35%
    Non Progressive Motility 11%
    Motile Sperm 46
    Immotile 54

    Sperm Concentration 39.38
    Sperm Count 244.16

    Normal 33%
    Abnormal 67%

    Head 64
    Midpiece 3
    tail 0
    Excess Residual Cytplasm 0

    What does it mean if there were only 11 round cells were counted and there were too few.

    Thank you

    1. Overall, this looks ok. How long have you been trying?

      Round cells can be either white blood cells or immature sperm cells (they look similar) If there are lots of them, it can be an issue that they will investigate further but since there aren’t many, it should be fine.

      1. We have been trying for a year now and still no success.
        Should I be alarmed with the Sperm Morphology results which indicates 67% of Abnormal sperms?

  14. Hi doctor i am 31 years old i got my first SEEMEN ANALYSIS result in that

    Volume 0.5ml
    Cell count 35 millions
    Motility 20%
    Sluggish 15 %
    Non motility 65%
    Kindly help us in this regards

  15. Hello Dr. I am Kabir. 26 years and I got my third SFA result…
    If something wrong in…. What should I do please… I really want to conceive


    *Viscosity………..Normal Viscous

    *Appearance……. Creamy


    *Motility Count………
    Active = 20%
    Sluggish = 40%
    Dead = 40%

    *Viability Count….
    Viable = 45%
    Non Viable = 55%

    *Morphology Head…..
    Normal = 90%
    Abnormal =10%

    *Middle Piece ………
    Normal = 95%
    Abnormal = 5%

    *Tail………… Normal = 80%
    Abnormal = 20%

    *Microscopy…. Pus cell 5-6 Rbc few others red

    *Total Cell Count… 23 million

  16. Dear doctor:
    I checked my semen and the result is :
    Volume:0.2 ml
    Morphology: 80% Normal , 20%Abnormal
    Active Motile: 52%
    Sluggish: 18 %
    Non Motile: 30 %
    Total count: 66 millions/ml
    Pus cells: 10-12/H.P.

  17. Hello Dr. Thanks for your responses. I am Kabir Abdullahi 26yrs. I am married for the past of 18months but yet no any issue. I had two SFA with the interval of three weeks here are the results of the two tests…..

    First Test…On 12/01/2018

    *Appearence….. Creamy
    *Motility Count: Active………… 5%
    *Viability Count:
    Non viable……..80%
    Head: Normal……..75%
    Abnormal………… 25%
    Middle Piece…….. Normal
    *Tail: Normal……..90%
    Abnormal……….. 10%
    Pos cell 5-6, others NIV/hpf
    *Total Cell Count: 1.28×10²6 cell/ml

    Second Test on *1/2/2018*

    *Viscosity….. Normal viscous
    *Appearence……. Creamy
    *Motility Count: Active…….. 15%
    *Viability Count:
    Non viable………..60%
    Heads: Normal…….. 40%
    Abnormal…………. 60%
    *Middle Piece: Normal………..50%
    *Tail: Normal………70%
    Abnormal………… 30%
    Pos cell 0.2, others 4l/hpf
    *Total Cell Count: 26×10°6 cell/ml

      1. OK. Thanks so much… I sent the results of the test obtained… Pls what is my stand… Can I conceive?

  18. hi im 44 years old already have had a child 19 years ago
    now trying to have another one with my new wife
    can my sperm count change ?
    also im going for sperm count in 1 day my last ejacualation will be almost 36 hours

    1. Yes, sperm count can change in response to your environment, your health and your habits.
      Generally, it is best to abstain at least 48 hours but 36 should be ok. If the numbers come back low you may want to abstain longer to see what the impact is.

      1. Am Kabir Abdullahi, Good day Dr. thanks for your response. Pls I went for SFA but during producing the sample I released the First time but I continue masturbation and release again… is my sample okey?

  19. Dear Dr,

    Thank you for your response and again i had taken the test.

    Please see the below details for review.

    Semen Analysis:
    Volume About…….0.5ml
    Micro – Motility.
    Active Motile…………50-60%
    Sluggish Motile………20-30%
    Pus Cells………………1-2/HPF
    Total Sperms Counts…..55/ML
    DC,..Normal Sperms……59%
    Abnormal Sperms……….41%

    1. The volume is a little low and could contribute to difficulty conceiving but the sperm look healthy. Have you been trying unsuccessfully for a baby?

  20. hi dr,i m farrukh from pakistan.i m 34 years old and will get married in upcoming 4 months.i just do semen analysis test precautionaly.plz review my reports and guide me.

    abstinense 8 days
    liquifaction time 30 mint

    appearance: creamy white
    consistency: normal
    volume: 2.5ml
    ph: 8
    fructose: positive

    sperm motility:
    a: rapid progression:45%
    b: slow progression 15%
    c: non progressive motility 10%
    d: immotile 30%.
    agglutination nill
    vitality –
    count / ml: 40 million.

    normal 70%
    abnormal 30 %
    head defect 10%
    tail defect 5%
    neck & mid piece defect 10%
    cytoplasmic droplets –
    headless pin head 5%

    puss cells 10-12
    red blood cells 0-1
    epithelial cell 1-2
    miscellaneous nill

  21. Dear Dr,

    When I went to semen analysis test to pathology, I was very stressed and I tried to masturbate but it was not easy. After some time very few drops of semen came out. (Report says 0.5 ml) and it showed me Angiospermia.
    Is it because of low quantity of semen or it was just per cum ? I am very tensed and want to be sure before second test. Can you please guide me ?

    I got my semen analysis taste report, If something wrong in … what should i do .. plz, and while giving the semen test 45mins late they had collected form me, also, ple tell me once semen came out how mints i should i have to hand over it for test?

    1- Quantity ………………………… 0.5 ml.
    2- colour: ………………………… ..greyish white
    3- viscosity …………………………Normal
    4- time of liquification …………….30 min
    8- PUS Cells …………………………1-2
    9- Epithelilal cells …………………..Nil
    10-RBC ………………… …………..Nil

    1. I would definitely repeat the test and try to do what you can to relax.

      Some key tips:
      1. make sure to abstain – do not ejaculate – for at least 2 days.
      2. Think of what may cause you to relax more. You may be able discuss this matter with the clinic. Sometimes they can make accommodations to help with sample collection .
      3. Once you ejacualate, it is best to get the sample into the lab by 30-45 minutes.

      Does this help?

      1. Dear Dr,

        Thank you for your response and again i had taken the test.

        Please see the below details for review and suggestion.

        Semen Analysis:
        Volume About…….0.5ml
        Micro – Motility.
        Active Motile…………50-60%
        Sluggish Motile………20-30%
        Pus Cells………………1-2/HPF
        Total Sperms Counts…..55/ML
        DC,..Normal Sperms……59%
        Abnormal Sperms……….41%

  22. Hello Doc,
    When I went to semen analysis test to patholigy, I was very stressed and I tried to masturbate but it was not easy. After some time very few drops of semen came out. (Report says 1.5 ml) and it showed me Azoospermia.
    Is it because of low quantity of semen or it was just pre cum ? I am very tensed and want to be sure before second test. Can you please guide me ?

    1. It is a good idea to repeat the test and see if it comes out the same.
      Now that you’ve done it once, it may be easier.

      Some tips:
      1. Abstain for at least 3 days before the test
      2. Think ahead about what caused the stress and see if you can think of a plan to make yourself more comfortable.

      Let me know if the result comes back the same. Good luck. I hope it is easier next time.

  23. Hello Dr I’m 31 we are married for 2 years now as per last SA doc told everything was fine but just the morphology was 2% normal and 98% abnormal but this was 6 months ago.. I’m on a low carb diet to reduce weight I have lost 20kgs now is it better to do a another SA and check is ther is any improvement…. Dr I was alcoholic and moderate smoker but I quit all bad habits 2 1/2 year’s ago… Kindly suggest me wat i need to do

  24. Hi Sarah,

    Is it okay to conduct semen analysis frequently in a gap of 3 days? Like i have conducted a test on 2-Dec and another test on 6-Dec in a different lab . In the reports , i can see count as normal in both the cases. But i am looking at motility . The sample was collected at the clinic for the first test and immediately handed over to lab. The test 1 motility as follows

    Count – 67 Million /ml
    Progressive – 20 %
    Non Progressive – 15 %
    Immotile – 60 %

    For the second test ,the sample was collected at home and it took almost 35-40 mins to reach the lab , also i have kept the sample in the car with AC off but defogger on . The total travel time in the car was almost 10 mins.

    The result of the second test as below

    Count 70 Million / ml
    a)Rapid Progressive motility -15 %
    b)Slow Progressive motility- 45 %
    c)Non Progressive motility -15 %
    d)Immotility- 25 %

    All other factors looks normal . What is your analysis on motility .

  25. HI,
    I have been trying to have a baby for a while now and just did my S.A.

    PH, SEMEN…………………………………………………………………….8.0
    WBC COUNT, SEMEN ……………………………………………………….<1 million/mL
    SEMEN VOLUME……………………………………………………………..3.5 mL
    SPERM CONCENTRATION………………………………………………….32 million/mL
    SPERMATOZOA, IMMOTILE %……………………………………………..61 %
    SPERMATOZOA, NONPROGRESSIVE %…………………………………..16 %
    SPERM, PROGRESSIVE %……………………………………………………23 %
    TOTAL MOTILE SPERM COUNT ………………………………………….26 million/Spec
    TOTAL SPERM/EJACULATION……………………………………………..111 million

    1. total motile looks ok. I like to see higher but you should be able to conceive. Has your wife / partner been evaluated?

  26. Hello Doctor,

    I had undergone Semen Analysis Test after two days of absistence. Please find below my report details. Could you please check are there any problems with my report. Or do I need to re test again. We are planning for baby.

    Absistence : 2days
    Liquification Time : 40mins
    Quantity : 3ml
    Appearance : Opaque White
    Viscosity : Viscous
    Reaction : Alkaline
    Sperm Count : 2 Million Millions/ml
    Fructose: Present
    Total Motility : 30%
    Grade – I : 80%
    Grade – II : 20%
    Grade – III and IV : Nill
    RBCs. : Absent
    Pus Cells : 1-2 /hpf
    Macro Phages : Absent

  27. Hello Sara,

    My wife (31) and I (30) have been trying to conceive since January 2017. She had a miscarriage in early March at 5-6 weeks pregnant, and a second miscarriage in late July at 6-7 weeks pregnant (no heartbeat yet).

    She has had all kinds of testing done (hormones, pathologies, immunological, genetic) and everything appears to be fine.

    I had a semen analysis done and below are the results:

    Days of abstinence: 6 days
    Liquefaction-> complete
    Viscosity-> normal
    Cloudiness-> normal
    PH-> 8,3

    volume-> 5,4 mL
    concentration->87mill / mL
    full count-> 469,8 mill

    normal-> 2%
    head anomaly-> 98%
    middle piece-> 93%
    tail anomaly->50%
    ITZ: 2,46

    Motility (A+B)-> 68%
    Grade A ->6%
    Grade B->62%
    Grade C->5%

    + DNA fragmentation test (SCD technique) -> 14% fragmentation

    I am particularly concerned with the morphology results and ITZ. Could this have a relation with the recurrent miscarriages? Any complementary tests I could have done which can look further into this?

    More info: I take a multivitamin daily. Don’t smoke, am a light alcohol drinker, don’t drink coffee (only tea once or twice a week), eat vegetables and fruits every day. I also swim and yoga 4-5 days p/ week but am slightly overweight.

    My wife has been taking folic acid for the past year and has a similar lifestyle as me.

    Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    1. Dear Sara,

      Thanks for your message and apologies for my delayed response as well. During the past 90 days I’ve been following a treatment that my doctor suggested in order to improve sperm morphology:

      Daily dosage
      1)Fertility supplement which contains
      *L Arginine 250 mg
      *L Carnitine 440 mg
      *Vitamin E 120 mg
      *Zinc 40 mg
      *Folic Acid 0.80 mg
      *Selenium 60 mcg

      2) Multivitamin supplement which contains
      *Zinc 22.5 mg
      *Selenium 30 mcg
      *Vitamin A, E, C, B1, B2, B6, B12, etc
      *Folic Acid 0.4 mg

      3)CoQ10 200 mg
      4)Omega 3 fish oil 1200 mg (600 mg EPA /DHA)

      I reduced my (hot) yoga classes to only once x week to limit my exposure to heated environments.

      About two months ago I also started doing acupuncture (once x week) and trying Trad Chinese Med, aiming at improving blood flow and losing weight.

      I’ll have a follow up spermogram in the next couple of weeks to evaluate and compare to the results I got in November 2017.

      I’ll be sure to ask the doctor about Testosterone and Varicocele. What about an oxidative stress testing? Would that be something useful?

      You mentioned in your response post (and below) you could do some additional research on embryo development potential from sperm and genetic predisposition. Have you been able to?

      Is there anything else wrt to this that makes your eyebrows rise? Like I’ve mentioned before my main concern is the ITZ value and morphology. What else can I ask regarding abnormalities in the sperm head?

      My wife and I plan to start trying to conceive again with her next cycle.

      Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing from you.

      1. Looks like you are really doing a great job. The supplement regimen looks right.
        Have you been re-tested since previous post to see if there have been any improvements?

        Genetics and embryo development / miscarriage are tricky. There’s research but it’s complicated, inconclusive and really early stage. I’m still trying to get my head around it. There is a great company that is really looking into it called Episona. They’ve recently released a test that looks at epigenetic factors associated with sperm, fertility and embryo development. If you’d like more information, that might be worth looking into.

        You may also want to consider using snowballs (esp during hot yoga classes) there has been some decent research (and quite a bit of antedotal evidence) that testicular cooling has some pretty powerful impacts on sperm.

        I attended a conference on chinese medicine and fertility and was quite impressed with the work acupuncturists and traditional chinese medicine does in the field. So I think that is also a good idea.

        Side note: I’m working to create a community to better learn from and support each other during this process. Would you be up to posting some of your experiences there?

  28. Hi Doc,

    I am 40 years old and trying to have a baby for 3 years now. I had my semen analysis yesterday and here are the results:

    Volume:5.0 ml
    Reaction: 8.0 alkaline
    Viscosity: highly viscous
    Liquefaction: liquefied after 1 hour & 30 minutes
    Motility:Motile N/A
    Non-Motile: N/A
    Count: N/A
    Epithelial Cells: occasional
    PUS Cells: some
    RBC: few
    Time Collected: 1:25pm
    Time Received: 1:33pm
    Remarks: No sperm cells seen

    What does it means?
    Thank you in advance

    1. This semen analysis means that they were not able to see any sperm. This means that there is a medical issue preventing your sperm from coming out of your body. Sometimes there is a blockage that traps the sperm inside (even though liquid comes out) and sometimes, there is a problem with the testicle that makes it not be able to make sperm. Doctors can help with both of these issues. I would recommend a full evaluation with a urologist trained in fertility (if there is one available in your area.) Here is a description of the exam and tests that they should do.

  29. Hi miss how are you. I am eijaz from India . Please check my report whether it’s enough for conceiving or not.. According to doctor you are mild weak and prescribed me some antioxidants and vitamin E..

    Volume: 10 ml

    Colour: opaque gray

    Reaction: Alkaline

    PH: 8

    Viscosity liquefaction time: 60 minutes

    Fructose test: positive

    Sperm count: 88 million/ml

    Progressive motility: 45%

    Non progressive motility: 30%

    Non motile: 25%

    Puss cells: 2-4/HPF

    Macrophages: 0-2/HPF

    RBCs: Nil

    Abnormal forms: 6%

    Yeast /Bacteria: nil

    Immature form: 2%

    Clumping: present

    We are trying for 4months but still not successful…

    1. This looks pretty healthy to me. It can take 12 months to conceive even if you are very fertile.

      How is your partner’s cycle? Is it regular?

      I would recommend having sex 3-4 times a week.
      If you don’t conceive by 9 months of trying, it could be a good idea for your partner to go to the Ob-Gyn for an evaluation on her side.

  30. Hi doctor,
    I would like to thank you for your great job here by helping people with your advises,
    I have an issue…
    I’m 30 years old, married for 4 years, my only kid is 2 years old, I was a smoker for 12 years but I quit since 5 months ago.
    I did 3 semen analysis and the results were as per the table below,
    The doctor advised me to have FERTILPRO (Dietary supplement capsules) from April 10 to July 1, 2017. And antibiotic (JOSWE Avoxin – Levofloxacine 500 mg-) for 10 days from May 10 to May 20, 2017.
    I seek for your explanation and your precious advice about my situation.
    Thanking you,
    1- Test Date: 22/3/2017
    Total Sperm count: 8 ml/cc
    pH: 8.0
    Volume: 4.0 ml
    Appearance: Normal
    Colure: White
    Viscosity: SemiViscous
    Liquefaction time: 30 mins
    Pus cells: 12-14 /HPF
    R B Cs: 1-2 /HPF
    Spermatogenic cells: 1-2 /HPF
    Total Motile count: 6.4
    Progressive: 20%
    Non Progressive: 10%
    Non Motile: 70%
    Normal: 60%
    Abnormal: 40%

    2- :: Test Date10/5/2017
    Total Sperm count: 22 ml/cc
    Volume: 3.0 ml
    Reaction: Alkaline
    Viscosity: Viscous
    Liquefaction time: 45 mins
    Pus cells: 30-35 /HPF
    R B Cs: Nil /HPF
    Epithelial cells:Nil /HPF
    Spermatogenic cells:1-3 /HPF
    Non Progressive: 30%
    Non Motile: 50%
    Normal: 50%
    Abnormal: 50%

    3- Test Date: 24/7/2017
    Total Sperm count: 25 ml/cc
    Volume: 7.0 ml
    Reaction: Alkaline
    Viscosity: Viscous
    Liquefaction time: 45 mins
    Pus cells: 35-40 /HPF
    R B Cs: Nil /HPF
    Epithelial cells: Nil /HPF
    Spermatogenic cells: 2-3 /HPF
    Progressive: 20%
    Non Progressive: 20%
    Non Motile: 60%
    Normal: 50%
    Abnormal: 50%

    1. It seems like quitting smoking and taking the supplements has been effective at improving your sperm. I would continue these efforts.
      Some additional efforts you might try include:

      1. jogging 3 times a week
      2. Increasing fruits and vegetables in your diet
      3. testicular cooling twice a day

      If you are trying to conceive now, I would recommend sex 3-4 times a week.

      Is this helpful?

  31. hi
    abstinence 2 days
    volume 7.9 ml
    ph 8.1
    sperm concetration 11 million / ml
    total sperm number 87 million
    total motility 38 percent
    progressive motility 1 percent

  32. Hi Dr i m 34 years trying to conceieve baby since last 3 years my semen analysis is as under.
    Date of last coitus = 5 days
    Method pf production = masturbation
    Liquefiaction time = 15 minutes
    Appearence= whitish grey
    Volume= 03 ml
    Consistency= thick
    Ph= 7.9
    Count/concentration= 120 million/ml
    Pus cells= 4-6/HPF
    Red cells= Nil
    Epithelial cell= a few
    %age motility
    Immotile = 50
    Non progressive= 05
    Slowly progressive = 10
    Rapid progressive = 35
    %age sperm morphology
    Acrosomal cap = 65
    Mid pieces = 70
    Tails = 75
    Abnormal heads = 05
    Please advice about this report
    I shall be very grateful to you

      1. Respected Sara
        Thanks for your reply. actually my wife is facing abnormal periods since last 3 years. she also has a swelling on cervix. she is under treatment since 3 year but there is no cure. i took her to many specialist doctors. every doctor check her up give medicine for the month and then no change happen. please suggest me what should i do as soon as possible.
        Best Regards

        1. It seems like she has some issues that are making it difficult to conceive. I am not sure what to recommend to you except to not give up. It can take a while to find the right doctor and figure out what is going on but the journey together can make you stronger. I will be keeping you in my thoughts.

  33. Hi,
    29 years old from India. Married for 3 years now.

    pH 8
    Viability 24
    Volume 0.7 ml
    Count 6m
    Total count 4.2m
    Motility 17%
    Normal 1%
    Abnormal 99%

  34. Sara
    Am trying to have a baby
    And I have been ff you online for some time now and I have did the semens test and I will like you to give me an advice on it.
    PH- alkalin
    Color- cream light
    Viscosity- thin
    Liquefaction- complete
    Live sperms 60%
    Dead sperms 40%
    Count.-48.0 million
    Morphology-70% normal
    What those this say..

    1. Looks pretty normal. How long have you been trying to conceive?
      There may be things you can do to improve. Try filling out this quiz to see if you have any risk factors. You could also download this app to get a full report on things you can try to do to improve your fertility.
      Also, has your wife / partner been evaluated?

      1. Thanks dr Sara
        I told her to also go for a checkup..we have been trying for the pass 6 months. What can I do to improve my fertility

  35. Hi Dr, bellow is my semen analysis result we are trying for more than 19 month, my wife did HSG (Hysterosalpingography) test the result showing filling defects in both fallopian tube, her Dr give some medicine and scheduled for next month visit to open the fallopian tube, after the visit (Dr did not mentioned the procedure for opening the fallopian tube) and give him Clomiphene with Ovacare tablets, after a week her Dr did ultrasound the result was there is no follicle, please advise what should we do next?

    Quantity: 3.6
    Color: Grey- white
    Transparency: Opaque
    Viscosity: Viscid
    Time of collection : 10:20
    Time of liqufication: 10:45
    PH: Alkali
    Total count: 107 mil
    Motility: 40
    Sluggish Motile: 43
    None motile: 17
    Normal form: 67
    abnormal: 33
    RBC: 0-0
    WBC: 1-3

    1. Your results look healthy. Looks like the issues are mainly on her side. I would recommend following up with her doctor and talking through what they think is the best options. If you don’t feel like the doctor is being helpful, you can always go to another doctor to get a second opinion.

  36. hi.. plz tell me about my report. 28 year old

    physical examination

    color creamy white
    volume 2.0
    consistency liquid
    ph. 8
    liquification time 45

    Microscopic examination

    total count 124
    wbc 6-8


    linear progressive 00
    non linear progressive 35
    non progressive motile 05
    non Motile 60


    normal 10
    Abnormal 90


    subnormal sperm progression and morphology.

  37. Hi Sara,

    I am rohit (42) trying for baby from a while now. Got my semen analysis as below:

    TOTAL SPERM COUNT 47.6 Millions / ml 60-120
    ACTIVE MOTILE 40 % 60-90
    SLUGGISH 40%
    NON MOTILE 20%
    NORMAL FORMS 70% 40-90
    ABNORMAL FORMS 30 % 10-20
    PUS CELLS 2-3 / HPF

    Pls advice if this is fine ??

      1. Yes she was having cyst in ovary and that got removed and she is also on border line of diabetes.

        1. Then I would definitely recommend that she implement a diet that is considered “low glycemic” There are lots of websites that can help you identify good foods for that.

          I had this same problem. By changing my diet, getting more exercise and losing extra weight I was able to change my health. My hormones became regular and my fertility improved. Eventually I was able to conceive on my own. I am no longer at risk for diabetes and I now have 4 children. Changing your health is hard but it can be very rewarding.

  38. Hi Dr Sara,

    I’d much appreciate your thoughts on the below results. I’ve double checked count with the clinic, it is correct apparently. My main concern is morphology – normal % seems low, however on review not abnormal.

    Volume (ml) 3.4

    Appearance Normal

    Liquefaction Complete

    Viscosity Normal

    pH 7.5

    Sperm concentration (million/ml) 292

    Motility (% ) rapid + sluggish (a) 40

    non-progressive (b) 0

    Immotile (c) 60

    Morphology (%) normal 6

    borderline 0

    head defects 87

    neck or midpiece defects 5

    tail defects 2

    Non-sperm cells +

    Debris +++

    Agglutination No

    Anti-sperm antibodies (ASA) MAR test
    IgA Negative.

    IgG 30% Tail binding.

    Many thanks

    1. Given that you have such a high count, unlikely that any other factor, particularly morphology would cause issues. It can be startling to see such a low number and be told that it is normal but cut-off is 4. If you had a lower count and worse motility etc I might be more curious about the morphology but I don’t suspect it could cause any issues.

      Are you currently trying to conceive?

      1. Thanks for your comments. Yes we are trying, although haven’t been going for long though (couple of months). I do alot of cycling, not sure if that would effect morphology – to be frank, it’s offroad and my balls do seem to get smacked about a fair bit! Perhaps best to lay off for a while?

        1. It could. I have seen issues with morphology come from exposure to heat and pressure.

          Another standard measure to try to improve morphology is to improve nutrition — ensuring that you get fruit and or veggies with every meal — here’s a list of my top foods. Otherwise, you can try a daily multivitamin or supplement. I don’t like that option as well as the body does a better job getting nutrients from food. But sometimes life makes it difficult to eat as healthy as we should.

          Overall, I wouldn’t be terribly concerned. Sometimes it can take a few months and your numbers really do look quite healthy.

  39. Hi Dr Sara iam married from 11 months And there is no baby till now and I made the semenal test with the below results BTW I was so uncomfortable while making the test
    Color whitish
    Volume 2.1
    Liquefaction time 15 mins
    Sperms counts 8 millions
    Abnormal forms 55%
    Motility 50% after 20 mins
    After 1 hour 45
    After 2 hours 40%
    After 3 hours 35%
    Type of Motility
    Active 10%
    Moderate 30%
    Sluggish 10%
    DEAD 50%

    1. It’s a little low. You might want to take our risk assessment or download this app to see what you might be able to do to improve. You might also want to test again. Sometimes the discomfort from testing can impact the results.

      You might also want to visit a urologist who is trained in male fertility for a full evaluation.

  40. Hi Sir,

    I am 33 years male. I didnt have the baby yet, its one year after my marriage. Just to know whether, my sperm count might be lower. Is there any kits recommended to check in home before going to semen test..?? Or is it advised to go to the hospital directly. Waiting for your update sir

    1. There are a couple of home tests available. It depends on where you live if any good ones are available. You should look to see if the test gives you a number or just a yes / no. Male fertility is not a yes or no question. It matters what the numbers are. The higher the numbers, the better your chances.

      Because it has been a year, you might consider going to the hospital. If you are too nervous to produce a sample at the hospital, you can try to get a home test first and see how it goes. I’m happy to help you understand your results either way.

  41. My wife and I are trying to conceive for the past months but unsuccessful. We already have a 6 y/o son.I developed a varicocele on my left testicle 5 years ago and no surgical intervention done yet. So I decided to undergo a semen analysis. This are the results hope you can help me.

    Abstinence 5 days
    Volume 2.5 ml
    PH 8.0
    Viscosity- Liquid
    Sperm concentration 30 million
    Motility 45%

    Forward Proression
    -Poor 15%
    -Moderate 80%
    -Good 5%
    -Excellent 0%
    *32 % with forward progression

    Total sperm density 75 million
    Total motile sperm 33.75 million (lower reference limit 40 million)
    Normal forms 3% (lower reference limit 4%)

    I am concerned about the motile sperm and normal form which is lower than normal. Is this the possible reason why we are having difficulty conceiving?

    1. You should be able to conceive but yes, this could be contributing to it taking more time.

      There are a couple of things that can help improve semen quality when you have a varicocele (besides surgery)
      1. Cooling your testicles – regular application of a cooling pad, frozen peas or snowballs underwear can help lower temperatures caused by extra blood
      2. Antioxidants – a diet high in fruits and veggies or a antioxidant supplement can help eliminate excess toxins
      3. Regular cardiovascular exercise – a light jog several times a week can get the blood moving and help improve sperm quality

  42. My wife and I are trying to conceive and I have my first semen analysis scheduled. We couldn’t resist temptation and she performed oral sex for several minutes; however, I did not ejaculate. This occurred about 40 hours before the exam (i.e. less than 2 days). Should I reschedule or is there no reason to be concerned this will have a negative impact on the results?

  43. Hello Dr. I’m Mr. Shah Age 26 years and I got my semen analysis taste report…
    If something wrong in … what should I do… please?

    Semen Analysis Result
    Volume 5.0 ml
    Colour Greynish White
    Liquification Time 20 minute
    Reaction Alkaline
    Active Motile 30%
    Slugish Motile 25%
    Non Motile 45%
    Total Sperm Count 24 million/ml
    RBC 0-1 /HPF
    WBC 5-7 /HPF
    Epithelial Cell Nil
    Others Nil

  44. Hi
    please Tell My Report Results

    Abstinanace period 4 days
    colour. Greyish White
    Viscosity. Normal
    Reaction. Alkaline
    Liquification time . 30 minutes
    reaction. Alkaline

    Microscopic Examination.

    Sperm Total Count. 72.0 mill/cc

    Actively. 25%
    Sluggishly. 35%
    Non Motile. 40%


    Normal. 70%
    Abnormal. 30%

    Other Cells.

    Pus cells. 0-1
    RBC . 0-1
    Epithelial cells. 0-1
    Spernotogenic cells. 1-3
    Spermatozoa Agglutination. Present

  45. Hi,
    i am Arun(29years) and i done my semen analysis, and result come like this.



    PUS CELL-3-5/HPF

    Now we are trying for a baby, so plz suggest this result is good for me or I should consult doctor.
    Thanks in Advance.

  46. Hi I am Ali age 31 . I have been detected Varicocele grade II. These days i changed my life style now. I went for semen analysis after this problem of varicocele . I am found mobility is low. I need you get your expert look on my condition and advice.
    Report result is given blow
    1- Quantity ………………………… 2 ml.
    2- colour: ………………………… .. NOt mentioned in report
    3- Transparency …………………..NOt mentioned in report
    4- viscosity …………………………Normal
    5- time of liquefaction …………….20 min
    7- fructose …………………………..–
    8- live count …………………………40 %
    9- sperm per ejaculate ……………738 million/ml
    10-total count ………………… ……1476 mill/ml
    11- percentage motile sperm:. …..35%
    12- progressive ………20%
    13- No Progressive …….15%
    14- Immotility ………………..65%
    15- normal form ……………………..50%

    Please guide for better results.

      1. Add option to upload a pic of report. So chances of error in typing can be eliminated. Being a non related person, a patient can’t understand the importance of accuracy while typing.

  47. Dear Doc hope all is fine with you

    Semen Analysis Result
    Colour : Grey
    Volume (mL) : 3.5
    Liquification Time : 30 Min
    Motility (%) : 65-70
    Progressive Motility : 3+
    Spermatozoa Vitaility (*10^6/ml) : 200
    Spermatozoa Vitality (%) : 80
    Morphology -Abnormal (%) : 25
    WBC/hpf :15-20
    RBC/hpf : 6-8
    Crystals : Nil
    Clumping : 3+
    Total Fucntional Sperm (*10^6/mL) : 365

    Looking Forward to hear from your end

      1. Dear Doc

        thanks for your quick response , i think WBC exceeding the threshold range of Normal values, any recommendation in this regard.

        Kind Regards

        1. I’m not as familiar with the guidelines for WBC/ hpf. So I’m not as good as interpreting this number.
          Because you have both RBCs and WBCs I might suggest to go to the doctor to check for infection. Often infections in that area do not have many symptoms.
          Sometimes you can get both WBCs and RBCs from a tiny cut or randomly for not much reason at all. But it is worth getting checked out. Infections that are left untreated can cause problems in the future.

    1. If you had an active fever, I would recommend testing again in about 3 months to see if the low result was caused by the fever. In the meantime, I would do what you can to be active and eat healthy. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes.

  48. Hi
    please Tell My Report Results

    Abstinanace period 5 days
    colour. pearly White
    Appearance. Opaque
    Viscosity. viscid
    Odour. Semeniferous
    reaction. Alkaline
    liquefaction. Complete within 45mins

    Microscopic Examination.

    Sperm Total Count. 2.0 mill/


    Actively. 50%
    Sluggishly. 15%
    non Motile(dead). 35%


    Normal. 60%
    Abnormal. 40%

    Other Cells.

    Epithelial cells. 0-1/HPF
    Our Cells. 3-4/HPF

    1. I don’t see volume but this looks a little low to me. I would recommend a full evaluation by uroligist trained in male fertility to see what’s going on

  49. my semen report shows
    Sperm count 35
    Mortality 35 % active
    25 % sluggish
    45 % dead
    45 % normal
    Absentese 2 days
    Is it normal

  50. Hi
    Please tell me whether my report is normal and what can i do to improve my motility and


    Days of abstinence before providing sample: 4 Days

    Volume: 7.0 ml
    Sperm Count: 40 million/ml
    Live count: 26 million/ml
    Liquefaction time: 30 minutes
    Ph: 7.6
    Viscosity: Viscous
    % motile: 62%
    Rapid Linear progression: 0
    Slow or Non Linear progression: 60%
    Non Motile: 40%

    Morphology: 26%
    WBC’s: 3

    I have been able to make my wife pregnant once which ended in miscarriage.After that we

    have been trying for baby for two years but no result.

    Health condition:
    Taking wellman conception along with extra 200 mg Vitamin E and 500 mg Vitamin C
    No symptoms of STI
    No problem in urination or ejaculation
    Caffeine intake: 1 cup of tea daily, no frizzy drinks
    Dont smoke or drink
    Wear lose clothes
    Not taking warm baths

    1. Sorry for the delay. I’ve been traveling for the past month.

      Sorry to hear about your troubles conceiving and the miscarriage. Hope I can provide some helpful insights.

      In general, this is a pretty healthy result except the rapid motility. (the morphology is in the normal range)
      I might get a second test done to confirm these results. (I don’t often see a relatively high sperm count with 0 rapid progression. Something may have happened to the sample during processing)

      I would also recommend getting checked for a varicocele. Sometimes those can cause isolated issues with motility or morphology or both.
      You might consider trying testicular cooling to improve sperm motility. In general, your lifestyle seems to be healthy for sperm. You may consider looking at diet to make sure you are getting all the key nutrients that sperm need to be healthy.

      You might also take the fill out the questionnaire to see if there are any other risk factors that you could work on.

  51. Hi Sara ,
    37 year Old male
    Test results where as follows:
    Time produced: 1.46pm
    Time received: 2.18 pm
    Time examined: 2.46pm
    Appearance: creamy milky fluid
    Viscosity: hypoviscid
    Actively motile: nil
    Sluggishly motile: nil
    Non motile: nil
    Pus cells: 1-2/hpf
    Epithelial cells: 0-1/hpf
    RBc: nil
    Ph: 7.5
    Macrophages: 0-1/hpf
    Cell count: azoospermia

    1. Doesn’t look very good. I would suggest a follow up visit to urologist for full exam. You can read our article on azoospermia or on the full male fertility workup to learn more.

      Basically you should get some blood tests and exam done to figure out what’s going on.

  52. Hi
    I recently received my seamen test results and whilst the count and production were fine, I had greatly reduced mobility. Having not done any research prior to the test I had spent approximately 90 mins in a hot tub and sauna just a couple of days before the test. Could this have adversely effected my mobility results are am I just clutching at straws?

    Many Thanks

  53. Hello Doctor,

    I am trying to conceive my wife for over a year. I went for semen analysis and here are the results

    Collection time – 10:55
    Dispatch time – 17:00

    Volume – 3.5ml
    Total count – 45.5 million
    Live – 34%
    Total progressive after 1 hr – 11%
    Non progressive – 5%
    Morphology normal forms – 1%

    Overall the report says that it is sub-normal. Please provide some inputs. Also, what is the dispatch time in the report
    Thank you

    1. It’s not terrible. Not great. I would expect that you could concieve buy it may take a while… How healthy are you? Do you exercise? Eat veggies? Smoke, drink? Are you exposed to heat?

  54. Assalam Alikum Sara,
    I took my semen analysis but during collection i was very nervous and feeling cold because of central AC.I mean to say i hardly collected my sample for the test.Really hard just because of Nervousness and atmosphere.
    Everything is normal except sperm count( 8m )
    I took suggestion from a friend he told me that you havent done properly.Should try again for accurate results.
    Plz suggest.
    Thank You

  55. hello Dr’ i m daniel age 36 year’s and I got my semen analysis taste report ..
    If something wrong in … what should i do .. plz

    1- Quantity ………………………… 1.5 ml.
    2- colour: ………………………… ..greyish white
    3- Transparency …………………..OPAQUE
    4- viscosity …………………………viscous
    5- time of liquefaction …………….30 min
    7- fructose …………………………..positive
    8- live count …………………………28 mill/ml
    9- sperm per ejaculate ……………90 mil
    10-total count ………………… ……60 mill/ml
    11- percentage motile sperm:. …..47%
    12- rapid linear progression ………05%
    13- slow /non lin progression …….15%
    14- non progressive ………………..80%
    15- normal form ……………………..60%
    Tapering …………….20%
    AMORPHOUS …………..05%
    GERM CELL ……………… 04
    WBC’ S ……………………. 02
    RBC’ S ………………………01

  56. Dear Doctor,

    I have been married for 10 years without a child. Did varicoselectomy Nov 2015 and this is my results for today with 4 days abstinence. Please help if there is hope.

    Liquefaction: normal
    Appearance: white-grey
    Volume 2.1ml
    pH: 8.0
    White Blood Cells: Abnormal
    Sperm concentration: 2.6ml
    Motility: 45%
    Progressive: 15%
    Non-progressive: 30%
    Immotile: 55%
    Viability: 55%
    Normal Morphology: 35%
    Few of the spermatozoa have amorphous heads, thick midpieces, bent necks and few round heads
    Total Count: 5.46
    Comment: Numerous WBC’S, Scanty Squamous Epithelia cells and moderate RBC’s

    1. Do you have any other risk factors? These results are pretty low. If you can boost them depends a bit on what your current health and habits are.

      You might consider an iui.

      1. Many thanks Sarah,

        I do not drink nor smoke but I sit at long hours with little exercise.

        Will do another test to revert with the results.

  57. Hi Sara,

    I’m trying to get my wife pregnant. Here are the results.

    Semen volume:4.0ml
    Color: grayish white
    Viscosity: markedly viscous
    Sperm count:19.50mil
    Progressive motility: 17%
    Non-prog motility:19%
    Sperm morphology:4%

    Please provide some tips if possible. Thank you.

    1. All the numbers are a little lower than I’d like to see. Doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant, just might take longer.

      Have you read the article on how to improve sperm count. That has some good general recommendations.

      You can also download this app to get more detailed feedback on how to improve.

      You can also track your progress at home with this new home testing system (I helped start this company and am pretty proud of Trak) that will help you see if you can get your count into the optimal range. I am happy to review your data in more detail and put together a plan for how to improve. If you’d rather discuss on email you can reach me at snaab AT

  58. Hi Sara,

    I have been trying to get my wife pragnate for over a year without any luck. I know she has some issues with fertility. However, i just did a semen test and they results does not loom too good. I would like to know how i can improve the numbers by natural means such as foods to eat or not to eat. Maybe by increating testosterone levels, what i should do or not. I.p live in Thailand so the weather is normally quiet hot. Will this effect my numbers as well?

    Semen analysis
    Volume 3.7 ml
    PH 7.5
    Liquefaction time 15 min
    Consistency normal
    Appearence normal
    Concentration 8 mil
    Total sperm count 29.6 mil
    Total motility 18%
    Rapid progressive 11%
    Slow progressive 7%
    Non-progressive 13%
    Immotile 69%
    Viability 48%
    Normal 9%
    Head defects 85%
    Neck or mid-piece defect 2%
    Tail defect 4%
    Cytopplasmic droplets 0%
    Immature germinial cell -%
    Agglutination yes
    WBC 0.6 mil

    Best regards

    1. This result is borderline. It may take you a bit longer to conceive but if you are able to resolve your wife’s issues you should eventually be able to get pregnant. There are things you can do to try to boost your sperm / fertility.

      1. I would recommend taking our fertility quiz or downloading this app to get a list of lifestyle changes that could improve your fertility.
      2. If you spend a lot of time in the heat, there is a potential that this could have some impact on your sperm. Studies show that sperm counts tend to decrease in summer months. There is a startup that is making some cool underwear designed to help reduce scrotal temperature. You might want to investigate this or try some other way to cool things off down there.
      3. There is a lot you can do through diet and exercise. Certain nutrients are essential for healthy sperm production. If you do not get enough of these vitamins, you may see a decline in sperm count, motility or normal morphology. Exercise helps to improve blood flow and boost testosterone levels which are key for healthy sperm production.

  59. Hi Sara,

    Please see and comment on my test result, we are trying to conceive but not happening.

    Age: 31yrs
    Abstinence: 3 days
    Reaction: Alkaline
    Color: Whitish
    Liquification: 20 min.
    Odour: Semenic
    Total count: 60 mill/ml

    Sperm Motility:
    Actively Motile: 80%
    Shuggishly Motile: 10%
    Dead Motile: 10%
    Sperm Morphology .
    Normal Form:: 80%
    Abnormal Form: 20%

    PUS-Cells: NIL /hpf.
    RBCs : NIL /hpf.
    EPI.-Cells: NIL /hpf.
    Fructose Test: Positive.

    NOTE: 3 month before my count was low (around 18.5 mill/ml), but now it seem OK. Is this can be the reason of non-conceive? Please reply.

  60. Hi, here are my test result. plz comment
    Age: 31yrs
    Abstinence: 3days
    Volume: 2ml
    Appearance: greyish white
    PH: 8
    Total count: 60 mill/ml
    M/E: morphologically normal spermatozoa along withvpuscell(0-1HDF) and epithelial cell(0-1HD) forms with pin head are also noted.
    75% shows rapid linear progressive motility.
    10% shows sluggish linear progressive motility.
    15% shows non progressive motility.
    Mature form: 85%
    Immature form: 15%

  61. Hi Sara
    We r anxious to conceive since 1& 1/2 Yr.
    My husbands sperm analysis show liquifaction time is 3 hrs sperm motility is sluggishly progressive 64%
    Count: 48 million non motile 34% pH 8.4
    Kindly do the needful
    God Bless u

    1. Liquefaction time is a little long and is making the sperm swim a little slow. Could be giving them trouble racing the egg. Has he visited a urologist?

  62. Hi Doctor,
    I am Zohaib (28yrs) from Pakistan. Here is my semen analysis result. Please highlight if there is any problem.

    Volume 2 ml
    Color Greyish white
    Viscosity. Normal
    Liquification time. 30 minutes
    PH 7.5
    Fructose positive
    Total count. 95 million /ML
    Live count 60 mil/ML
    % motile sperm 64%
    Rapid linear progression 25%
    slow/non linear progression 50%
    Non progressive 25%
    Sperm morphology 50% normal form
    Head Abnormality
    small oval 50%
    Tapering 15%
    germ cell 02
    wbc 02

    Please advice about this report.

  63. Hi

    I’m 30 years old , I’m trying to conceive from one year, she get pregnant two times, but both went abortion due to growth issue.There is no growth in baby.
    Now I did mi semen test
    Volume 3 ml
    Color Greyish white
    Reaction Alkaline
    Viscosity. Normal
    Liquification time. 30 minutes
    Total count. 79.4 million /cc
    Actively motile. 10%
    Sluggish. 40%
    Non motile. 50%
    Pus cells 0-1
    Rbc 0-2
    Morphology. Normal 70
    Abnormal 30
    Please advice about this report

    1. Sorry to hear about your difficulties. Sometimes lack of growth can come from poor DNA in sperm. This analysis s looks pretty healthy and I suspect it was bad luck. Normal forms are very high which should indicate DNA is healthy.

      I would continue trying and if you do not conceive in 6 more months or if you have another miscarriage, then I would recommend another semen analysis and DNA fragmentation test to get a better picture.

  64. Hi Here are my test results pls comment on the results..
    Age – 37yrs, abstinence – 4 days.

    Volume – 1.5ml
    Liquefaction – 30 min
    Fructose – Positive
    Pus Cell – 02/hpf
    PH – 8.0
    live (%) – 60%
    Dead (%) – 40

    Concentration Assesment(5th Percentile value)

    Sperm Conc.(Millions/ml) – 115mill/ml
    Total Ejacuatate – 173 million

    Motility Assesment (5th Percentile value)

    Sperm Motility
    1hr – Total Progressive (a) – 56%, Non Progressive (b) – 7%, Immotile – 37%
    2hr – Total Progressive (a) – 28%, Non Progressive (b) – 10%, Immotile – 62%

    Total Motility(a+b) at 1hr – 63%, at 2 hr – 38%

    Advanced Total Progressive Motility Assesment
    Rapid Progessive – 1%
    Slow Progessive – 55%

    Morphology Assessment (Tygerberg Kruger) (5th Percentile value) Normal forms – 5%, overall defects – 95%.

    Could you please help understand if this is normal?

  65. Hello,
    We got a seamen test done and everything looks fine except a few things.
    I was wondering what does it mean when the Swim-up results:
    ___0___ mm rise in cloud @ 30 minutes
    ___6___hr swim-up: ___8____/HPF with_99____% motile Speed: ______4+ out of 4 _____

    And he has 50% tapered seamen.
    What does all the mean?

  66. this is my semen analysis result
    volume first test 5 ,second 2.5
    sperm count 90 10^6 per ejaculation
    sperm concentration first 18 second test 23 x10*6/ml
    motility first test 43% second 35%
    progressive first test 22% second 25%
    non progressive first 21% second 10%
    non motile first 57 %second test 65 %
    normal forms first test 3 % second 16%

    is this result is bad to be a father we are married for 2 years .thank you for your advice Sara

    1. You should be able to conceive. These numbers are a little lower than I like to see and you may take longer than average to get pregnant. There are lots of things you can do to improve your sperm — Here is a list of easy things to try. If you’d like more personalized recommendations, I would recommend filling out this questionnaire.

      2 years is a while to be trying so there might be something else going on. Have you been actively trying since you got married? Has your wife been evaluated?

  67. Hi Sara,

    Hope to hear your advice.

    I am 31 years old and I did a Semen Analysis, but the results turn out bad. Not too sure if it is because I only abstain ejaculate for roughly 18hours. Didn’t know that I need to Abstain ejaculate for more than 12 hours.

    Below are my report:
    Appearance Normal
    Liquefaction Normal
    Consistency Abnormal
    Volume 1.5ml
    pH 8.5
    Concentration 12.1 x10^6
    Total sperm number 18.2 x10^6
    Motility 12%
    – Progressive(PR) 11%
    – Non Progressive(NPR) 1%
    – Immotile 88%
    Vitality 55%
    Morphology(normal forms) 0%
    WBC’s <1.0 x10^6
    Report: Low concentration, low motility, low vitality and poor normal forms.

    My morphology is "0%"! Is it because I didn't abstain long enough? And how does it affect my chances to conceive?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Everything is a little lower than it should be. Abstinence will affect numbers so you probably should repeat the test with a longer abstinence period. (2-3 days) Are you currently trying to conceive? if so, how often do you have sex?

      1. Yes, me and my wife are trying to conceive. We do it around 1 to 2 times a week.
        I asked the doctor to give me a re-test, but instead gave me Vitamin C and E, then told me to take them for 3 months before taking a re-test.

        Not sure if that will help?

  68. Hey Dr,

    I recently did a semen analysis. I just got a call from my doctor saying that my sperm count was low, but my motility was normal. I don’t have the exact numbers though.My question is how does prior ejaculation effect a semen analysis?

    The day I went in for the appointment, I had ejaculated twice that day before the appointment. I was never told I needed to abstain and I had forgotten the appointment was that day. I also had ejaculated in the days prior consecutively [through sex and masturbation]. On the form they had me fill out, I stated that I hadn’t abstained from ejaculation before the test and they didn’t seem bothered by it. I ejaculated only a small amount. When I get the results, I will share them.

    Would this effect my sperm count in the test? Should I be worried?

    1. This would totally impact test results. You need to abstain for at least 2 days to get a true measure of what your “normal” sperm count is.
      Frequent ejaculation will thin semen fluid and dramatically reduce count and in some cases you might see more immature sperm so motility may also be reduced.

      When we see the numbers, we will see how low they are. I wouldn’t worry quite yet. Depending on results, you might want to repeat the test to get a better idea of baseline but post when you get it and we can review.

      Frequent ejaculation with borderline counts can reduce chances of conception as well. So if you are trying to conceive you might want to lay off during the fertile period — getting all hot and bothered so that when you do release can be an effective means of boosting sperm count in the ejaculate when you are trying to reach the egg. Making sex extra good can also improve the quality of the sperm that comes out.

  69. Good day doctor,
    I’m 41. I just had my semen analysis this week and this is the result :

    SLUGGISH : 25%
    DEAD: 20%
    VOLUME : 4ml
    PH: 7.5
    PUS CELLS : 2-3/upf

    Could you please explain all these. I’m trying to make babies

    Thanks in advance

    1. Overall, this looks pretty healthy.

      You had 4ml of semen, which is on the higher side of normal.
      Overall, you had 58 million sperm in each ml — or a total of 216 million sperm
      Of those, 55% were good swimmers – 118 million good swimming sperm
      80% had a optimal shape.

      Based on this alone, I would say that your chances of conceiving are pretty good.

      How long have you been trying to conceive? How old is your wife / partner? How are her cycles?

  70. Hi sara,
    I am buddha aged 33 yrs old. I got mu sperm analysis done and got a confirmation from the clinic that all ok except following-
    1. Sperm count – 58 million
    2. Motality – 46
    What should be my next step if i want my wife to conceive.

    1. These two numbers look ok. What was the semen volume? Have you been trying to conceive with your wife? If so, how long have you been trying?

  71. I recently underwent ureteroscopy procedure to remove kidney stone on the left ureter. During diagnosis I underwent Pylelogram X-Ray and was exposed to radiation for a few hours. Recent semen analysis showed 4mil/ml count. Could the X-ray exposure be the cause of the low count. I abstained from ejaculation for 3 days. Should I got for another test or wait for a few more months. I am married for 3 years and trying to conceive.

    1. I would wait at 3-4 months from the time of the procedure to get re-checked. In the meantime, I might recommend increasing the amount of folic acid that you eat to aid in DNA repair. In the meantime, you could get hormone levels (testosterone, FSH, & LH) checked to see if everything is normal there.

  72. Hello Dear Doctor. 41 M here so here is my spill

    Day of Abstinence 4 (day of mentally abstinence 0 lol)

    Volume 4.5 mls
    pH 7.6
    Color Straw
    Liquefaction Time 45 min
    complete: yes
    Aggregation: none
    Viscosity: normal
    Gel clump: none
    Density 66×10^5/ml
    Motility: 64 %
    Prog 1 : 5%
    Prog 2: 59 %
    Prog 3: 36 %
    Total Motile Sperm 190.1.×10^6
    Morphology: 6%
    Total Normal Morphology 17.82×10^5
    Round Cells <1×10^6/ml

    how can I increase my motility rate from 64%? Also: what do you think about Metformin for women?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Motility overall is pretty good. So is total motile sperm…. Overall everything is within healthy range.

      The only things I might work on are progressive 1 motility and morphology — these numbers are ok, but a little on the low side. Looking at everything I would suspect some lifestyle issue that you could work on to improve them — are you exposed to heat, cigarettes, alcohol? Do you take any medications? Do you eat fruits and vegetables? Do you work out on a regular basis? You can fill out this questionnaire for a full list of things that could be impacting motility and morphology.

      Why are you thinking about metformin? Do you have issues with diabetes or blood sugar?

      1. Thank you Sara, first let me answer your question about metformin. One obgyn suspected that my wife had PCOS and high testosterone thus, prescribed metformin. Of course, the side-effects were intolerable. After seeing another obgyn for second opinion- who flatly discounted the previous doctor’s finding my wife stopped taking metformin. She was given clomid now and we are hoping for a better results and/or twins since I read clomid can be the culprit for multiple births.

        I am not exposed to heat non-smoker/drinker. other than taking some anti-inflammatory I don’ take anything else. I do eat fruits and vegetable but not religiously. I work out several times a week. I must admit I have a stressful job that could …but i will fill out the questionnaire.
        Thank you Sara

  73. Hello, Dr. Sara,
    Yesterday the doctor asked me to perform Semen Analysis, and the results were not encouraging. I don’t have the details yet, but the sperm count is 5 million/ml. Now, the thing is, I’ve performed this test not so long after getting married and noticing we are not conceiving, and the results were considerably better (32 million/ml). I’m planning to redo the test soon in a different lab to make sure the results are reasonably accurate, but I was wondering what may have caused this deterioration. So I’d like to ask: is it possible that the results of a SA vary greatly and naturally from test to test? How often would you recommend performing SA? Thanks!

    1. There are lots of factors that effect semen analysis results.

      In the lab, they are only counting a small fraction of the sperm cells so it is possible that they can be wrong by about 50% in some cases, depending on the lab and the technique they use.
      On the human side, the frequency of ejaculation, exposure to heat, diet, alcohol, body weight, etc can all impact sperm count. In general, it takes about 3 months to see changes in sperm count (because it takes that long for sperm to get all the way through the reproductive system) so in general, the semen analysis results you get today are a reflection of your sperm production about 3 months ago. With the execption that frequent ejaculation in the past week will reduce sperm results on today’s analysis.

      Here is a detailed article about how sperm count is measured and the things that can vary from test to test.

      In general, I would say that a jump from 32 down to 5 would not be fully accounted for by a lab and is a sign that something you’ve been doing recently is impacting your sperm count in a negative way. The good news is that having a sperm count that was higher before rules out serious medical causes of low sperm count. I wouldn’t expect that you have a hormone issue or genetic issue. A count of 32 is lower than I like to see, but generally more often a reflection of lifestlye factors (drinking, diet, exercise, sleep, etc) rather than a medical issue. The only exception to this is potentially a varicocele. So, if you’ve been generally getting healthier and not been exposed to heat since your last analysis, I might get evaluated to see if there is a varicocele.

      Varicoceles are bundles of viens in the scrotum that get larger over time. Mostly they don’t impact sperm but in a good number of men, they can reduce sperm count, motility or morphology.

      In terms of frequency of testing, given your situation, I might test every 2-3 months. If the test is cheap then I might test once a month to get a better sense of what is going on.

      Hope this is helpful. Let me know if you have other questions.

  74. Hai sir. Already I got the semen analysis test report. But it’s sperm count is very low. And next semen analysis how many days to take gap sir .when iam dng 2 time semen analysis test plz tell us.

  75. Hi Sara I have got my semen test result

    1) Period of Abstinence -3days
    2) Time of Collection – 11:55
    3)Examine time. 12:55 PM
    4) Voume. 3
    5) PH. 8
    6)colour. Gray White

    7) Sperm count. 32
    8) Motity. 41
    9) Prograssive
    motility. 21

    8) Motility non. 18

    9) Motity immobile. 65

    1. Volume = normal
      Count = slightly low
      Progressive motility = normal

      Overall, you should be ok. It wouldn’t hurt to try to eat a little healthier and avoid heat to boost your count.
      Are you currently trying to conceive?

  76. Hello Dr Sara,

    My age is 32 years and I have got my semen analysis report. Please advise me if the below results are normal to concieve…

    1) Period of Abstinence: 5 Days
    2) Volume: 3.0 ml
    3) pH – 8.0
    4) Color – Gray White
    5) Liquifaction: 35 minutes
    6) Viscosity: Normal
    7) Motility: 64%
    8) Motility – Progressive – 42%
    9) Motility – Non Progressive – 22%
    10) Motility – Immotile – 36%
    11) Viability – 78%
    12) Spem Count – 89 million/ml
    13) Normal Forms – 86%
    14) Abnormal Forms – 14%
    15) Head Defects – 8%
    16) Tail – 6%

  77. Hi Ma’am,
    Please have a look on my report and advise if I have any problem in becoming father.

    Seman volume-3.5 MLS
    Liquefaction time- <15 mins
    Viscosity- low
    Agglutination <5%
    PH- 8.0


    MOTILE CONCn:-57 Million/ML

    Sperm Morphology
    Ideal form- 80%

    Round cells

    Leucocytes-2-3 million/ML
    Germinal cells- 1-2 million/ML

    1. I don’t think you’ll have too much problems becoming a Dad.

      Leukocyctes are a little higher than I would want to see. If you follow up with the doctor, you might want to check about possible infection but otherwise, this looks incredibly healthy

  78. Hi Sara,

    Specimen CollectedIn Lab
    Date of Collection
    Time of receiving in the lab
    10:45 Am
    Physical Examination
    White to grey
    Grey white
    2 – 5
    Viscid, opalescent
    7.2 – 8.0
    Liquification Time
    20 – 60
    Microscopic Examination
    Total Count
    =/> 20
    WBC (PUS Cells)
    0 – 4
    Rapidly Motile
    =/> 50
    Sluggishly motile
    Non Motile
    > 70
    < 30

    1. This isn’t very readable. Can you re-enter results so they are easier to see. You don’t need to include reference values, just your results. Also, please let me know if you have any specific questions.

      1. I have 3 Sperm Tests over the intervals of 2 years .trend is decreasing and my hormonal tests are normal. One more important thing that I have an operation of testes at the age of 09 years due to spinning of one testi into my abdomen from actual position.In simple words my scrotum ultra sound shows that growth of this testi badly effected. Details are as follows.

        Sperm Count : 5, 2, 1 Million/ml
        Active Motility: 15%, , 10%, 02%

        Kindly tell me is the growth of testis effect the sperm count and motility?

  79. Hi mam., My semem Result…. Is it normal???

    Appearance – Greyish white
    Liquefaction tym 15 min
    Volume – 3ml
    PH 8.0
    Concentration 54million/ml
    Motality 59%
    Morphology 22%

  80. Hi dear,
    Its been almost one and a half year since I got married. We are trying to conceive but no success uptill now. Today I got my Semen Analysis report which is as follows:-
    Method of obtaining: masturbation
    Last coitus: 4 days
    Volume: 2.5 mL
    Color: Dirty white
    Viscosity: Thin
    pH : Alkaline
    Sperm count: 80
    Active 15 minutes: 70%
    Sluggish 15 minutes: 10%
    Dead 15 minutes: 20%
    Active one hour: 60%
    Sluggish one hour: 10%
    Dead one hour: 30%
    Pus cells: 3 – 5 / HPF

    Please tell me is my report normal or not.

    Thanks a lot,

    1. This looks pretty healthy

      Couple of questions —
      have you had regular unprotected sex every month since you first got married?
      How often do you usually have sex?
      How long is her cycle? Is it the same every month?
      Does she have pain during her period?
      Has she had any tests done?

      1. First of all thanks for your reply dear. Following is the further detail:-
        Yes, I had regular unprotected sex every month after getting married.
        Presently, I have sex with my wife about 3 to 4 times a week.
        Her cycle is 27 to 28 days. She had regular cycle earlier than marriage. After getting married her cycle is mostly regular too but it happened about twice to her that she did not have menstrual period on due dates and we got happy that maybe its due to pregnancy. Then we consulted with a gynecologist who suggested an ultrasound but report did not show any pregnancy sign. Afterwards menstruation happened after a lapse of about one month.
        Yes she often tells me that she is having pain in lower abdominal area on 2nd or 3rd day during her periods.
        We visited gynecologist once and she did ultrasound test and some kind of other manual fertility test to check egg size and dr told eggs are normal in size and shape. Things seemed normal.
        I don’t know much please guide me if any other fertility test of my wife or mine is also needed to be done. Please also guide me about any possible complication for not being able to be conceived or any other valuable info from fertility point of view. Our any kind of suggestion?
        Thank you so much for your precious time.

        1. About 20% of people have something called “unexplained infertility” in this case, all the tests come back normal but still they have trouble conceiving.

          There are additional tests that each of you can do.

          For you, you could get a measurement of sperm morphology. Because the other measurements are pretty good, I don’t expect to see a problem with morphology but in some rare cases, men can have genetic issues that only impact morphology, so it can be a useful check,

          On her side, it might be good to monitor her hormones with a blood test. Usually they check hormone levels throughout the cycle to make sure that they are all in the normal range. It can help identify addition issues. If you talk to the gynecologist, I’m sure they might have other ideas for tests that she can do. I am not an expert on female fertility and would generally listen to the advice of the ob-gyn.

          Other ideas for things to try
          You could consider a kit like “the stork” this is a home way to try to improve chances of conception. You would need to use an ovulation monitor to make sure that you time things correctly, but it could help chances.

          Another idea is a lubricant like Pre-Seed that is designed to help sperm live longer in the woman’s body. Sometimes woman’s internal structures are too acidic and they can kill sperm. Semen is designed to protect the sperm from the vaginal fluids, but people have seen success using additional liquids that are helpful to sperm.

          Beyond that, the next steps are mostly medical. Talking to doctors, learning about additional tests (mostly on her side) and seeing what else they might recommend.

          Hope this is helpful. Wish I had more clear advice for next steps.

  81. Hi Dr., My semem Result….
    Appearance – PEARLY WHITE
    Liquefaction -45 min at 37ºC
    Consistency – VISCOUS
    Volume – 2ml
    PH 7.0
    Concentration 70million/ml
    PUS CELLS :2-3 /HPF
    Progressive 50%
    Non progressive 20%
    Immotile 30%
    Vitality 44%
    Morphology 80% normal
    Pl advice on semen result
    We are trying to conceive for past 9 months. My wife report shows one fibroid of size 5.4×4.6 cm at fundal anterior region and endometrium is distorted by fibroid. How to treat this and do we need to take immediate treatment for this please advice

    1. overall, this looks like a pretty healthy report.

      I would be more concerned about the fibroid. I don’t have much advice on that as I haven’t studied those in too much detail. I would recommend following up with your wife’s doctor for advice on next steps.

  82. Hi Sara SDx,

    Volume:3 ml
    Liquefaction:30 min normal
    Fructose: Positive
    Pus Cells:02/hpf
    Sperm Concentration: 14 million/ml
    Total Ejaculate: 42 million
    Sperm motility 1hr 2 hr
    Total Progressive(a) 12% 06%
    Non Progressive (b) 05% 07%
    Immotile 83% 87%
    Total motility
    (Total Progressive+ 17% 13%
    Non Progressive)

    Rapid progressive 00%
    Slow progressive 12%

    Normal morphology 02%
    Overall defects 98%
    Head defects 67%
    Mid piece and 26%
    Tail defects 06%
    Excessive Residual 02%

    1. Hi Watson

      Here are my impressions of your test results. They are a little low. Count, motility and morphology are all a little less than what I would like to see. Not severe, but low enough to reduce your chances of conceiving in a given month. Typically, results like this are correctable with some lifestyle changes. A couple of questions…

      1. Have you taken our risk questionnaire? This is a good tool to get a starting point of things that you should work on to boost sperm. If you would like to get my feedback, you are welcome to fill out the questionnaire and post back what it identifies as your major risk factors.

      2. Are you trying to conceive right now? If so, how long?

      3. Do you have any other specific questions that you would like me to clarify?

  83. Hi doctor. I just did a semen analysis although my doctor told me that my count is low its only 9.5million. Im married for 9 years already. IVF is too expensive. IUI we can afford it. Do you think we do have a chance to have a baby by doing IUI?

    1. Is this result of 9.5 million from a sample that missed part of the cup? Did you miss the first little part?
      What was the volume? motility?

      Have you been trying to conceive for 9 years? or only started trying more recently?

  84. david.vasu March 12, 2016 at 1:59 pm – Reply

    Sara SDx March 15, 2016 at 2:17 pm – Reply


    Dear Dr.Sara,

    The day when i gave sperm for analysis , the same day morning we had intercourse , i feel that may be the reason for low volume , motility . So please advice me how to maintain my count and is my case too complicated or what should i do to get to normal health . And my Wife is with me only since we got married , so every month hardly 5 to 6 times we do intercourse. i do have work stress but does that create a problem in conceiving . More over my Wife has some problem , doctors said that her eggs are not growing ( No dominant follicle ) are found and they found she has bilateral cyst . how to treat this and do we need to take immediate treatment for this please advice thank you . If u could share your number will be much appreciated . you are doing wonderful job and Thank you for your advice god bless .

    ph no -00974-30507700


    1. Lots of things to comment on here.

      1st: Intercourse just before the test will definitely impact results — count, volume and motility will be impacted.
      2nd: 5-6 times a month is ok, but it will reduce chances of conception. It it is possible to increase to at least 2 times a week especially during the middle that would be helpful. How long have you been married? Is she nervous about intercourse? Are you both comfortable with each other?
      3rd: Eggs not growing is the biggest problem. If there is not egg, there will not be a baby. How is your wife’s health?
      4th: How long have you been trying?

      My recommendations —
      1. talk to her doctor about the eggs and make a plan to help her get healthy for making a baby
      2. see if it is possible to improve your schedule and reduce stress to make more time to be with your wife. Building a strong relationship is a good foundation for building a family.
      3. To get better feedback on your fertility. You should repeat your semen analysis and wait at least 2 days since your last ejaculation before collecting a sample so you can get more accurate results. If your results were in the normal range this time, I wouldn’t worry about that. but I’m happy to give you more detailed feedback about sperm.

      Good luck

  85. Hi Dr., My semem Result…. Is it normal???

    Appearance – Grey-opalescent
    Liquefaction <60 mins (R.T)
    Consistency – low viscosity
    Volume – 3.3ml
    PH 8.0
    Concentration 61million
    Progressive 30%
    Non progressive 3%
    Immotile 67%
    Vitality 44%
    Morphology 1%

      1. Hi Dr., didn’t receive any breakdown in defects type…

        Taking 1000mg vitamin C
        10mg zinc
        1g L-Carnitine
        400IU vitamin E Per day…

        Other than this., is there any other natural food diet helps in this….

        Currently trying for baby…

      2. Hi Doctor, Thank you for your comment.
        Please help to let me know, what kind of exercise I should do and shouldn’t do?

        Thank you

        1. Best exercises are weight-lifting, team sports and running.

          Weight-lifting — particularly leg exercises can help boost testosterone levels
          Running helps improve blood flow in the body and can help strengthen erection and improve sperm production
          Team sports are fun way to maintain high energy for longer periods of time. Also, competition can help encourage testosterone production

  86. hi sara here is my semen analysis
    sexual abstention : 2 days
    colour : Buff
    reaction : Alkaline
    Volume : 2.0 ml
    Viscosity : thin
    sperm count : 45 million/ml
    after 30 minutes :40
    after 01 hour :35
    after 02 hour : 30
    Forward progression Fair
    Round cells : 01_02 /hpf
    wbcs : 02_03 /hpf
    total abnormal spermetazoa : 45 ℅
    Heads : 15 ℅
    middle peices : 15℅
    tails : 15 ℅
    conclusion : oilgoasthenospemria

  87. Can you please give comments on my sperm analysis? Thank you!
    pH – 8.0
    Appearance – Slightly Viscoid
    Volume – 6.0 mL
    Colour- Creamy White
    Pus cells- 1-2
    Red cells- 1-2
    Sluggish- 0%
    Active- 0%
    Dormant cells-0%
    Normal Morphology-0%
    Total Cell Count – <1 x 10^6 cell/ml
    Abnormal Heads- 0%
    Abnormal Tails- 0%
    Interpretation – Azospermia
    Semen culture yielded No significant growth of pathogen isolated.

    1. You need to go to a specialist for a complete assessment about what’s going on. About 1% of men have azoospermia. A lot of the time it can be treated but you will need a full evaluation to figure out the cause. The first things a doctor should do is conduct blood tests to measure hormones and genetics. You should also get a physical exam to check the testicles for infection or blockages. You will also need to get a second semen analysis to confirm results. There is a big difference between a few sperm and no sperm.

      Have you taken our risk assessment? It may help figure out potential causes that you might want to bring up with the doctor.

      Does this help?

  88. Dear Dr.Sara.

    my name is david , its been 3 years we got married since then we are trying to conceive a baby . since last 5 years am working in qatar and she is with me for last 3 years . please advice me after going through my semen analysis report whether i need any medication . thank you !!!!

    1. colour – grey white
    2. volume – 0.5 ml
    3 .PH – 7.5
    4 viscocity – Normal
    5. liquefaction – 30 mts


    1. Grade A (progressive Motility ) – 20%
    2. Grade B (Non-Linear motility ) – 25 %
    3. Grade C ( Non- Progressive ) – 10 %
    4. Grade D ( Immotile ) – 45 %
    5. Sperm Count – 62 Million / ml
    6. Total sperm count – 31 Million / Ejucu


    1. Normal – 60%
    2. abnormal – 40%
    3. pus cells – 2 – 3
    4. RBC s – 0 – 1
    5. epithelial cells – 1 – 2
    6. spermatogonic cells – 02%

    1. Overall, your semen analysis shows that your chances of conception are slightly reduced. Your count, volume and motility are all a little lower than average. They are not terribly low, but they do impact your chances. Have you taken our risk assessment? It can give you a list of things that you can do to improve your sperm. Most of the time slightly reduced sperm count isn’t treated with particular medication but through targeted changes in the way that you are living. Heat, toxins, stress, being overweight, poor diet and other things like that can cause a temporary dip in sperm count and getting healthier can help a lot.

      Also, how often are you able to be with your wife? Is she with you in your work place now? It can take extra time if you are not together very often.

  89. Thanks for the assessment Miss Sara. I’m not exposed to any heat, cigarette smoke, alcohol, or harsh chemicals. I did another SA recently,that is 3 months after my previous one and I was very surprised with the results. This time, the doctor asked me to do 8-day abstinence (This new test was done on a different country. They said less 10-days is still acceptable. Not sure why it’s different here.) During preparation, I took multivitamins, zinc, fish oil and vitamin E (I did some googling). I also did heavy weight-lifting and went to gym more often. Also, I changed my diet significantly. I rarely eat veggies before. But now, I chow them like there’s no tomorrow 😀 Also, I ate fruits more often and lessen rice and potatoes. My normal forms are now at 66.98%, motility is 24.06%, volume is 6mL, 44.18% alive. Are these numbers fine? My wife did ultrasound and hormone tests, everything looked normal accdg to the doctor. One thing we haven’t done is looking into her fallopian tubes. Do you think she should do that now? Or we try first for a few months with a revitalized Paul 2.0? Thanks so much for your insights! Appreciate it. 😀

    1. Keep up the great work, Paul!! These numbers look great — was the sperm count in the same range as last time?

      I would try a few months with the new Paul but fallopian tubes are a definite deal breaker so if you continue to have a lack of success you should def get those checked.
      So glad to see that things are so much better. Keep up the healthy living. Having very healthy sperm increases chances even if you end up trying some form of assisted reproduction.

      Keep me posted on the progress!

      1. Thanks Miss Sara! Yes, the sperm count is in the same range as last time. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

  90. Hi,

    Can you please give comments on my sperm analysis? We’re trying to have a baby for a year now. These results were taken 6 days after last ejaculation. Thank you!

    VOLUME – 6.30 ML
    TOTAL COUNT – 2,750,00/UL
    1ST HOUR (MOTILE) – 3%

    1. These numbers are pretty low and I would recommend a full assessment by a urologist trained in fertility to see what might be going on. Have you taken our risk assessment? It can help identify any medical history risk factors that could be causing a problem for you.

  91. Hi,

    Can you please give comments on my sperm analysis? We’re trying to have a baby for a year now. These results were taken 2 days after last ejaculation. Thank you!
    pH – 7.4
    Appearance – homogeneous, yellowish-opalescent
    Viscosity – Normal
    Debris – +4
    Volume – 4 mL
    Sperm concentration – 47 x 10^6/mL
    Total sperm count – 188 x 10^6/ejaculate
    Total motility (PR+NP) – 65%
    Total motile count – 122.2 x 10^6
    Progressive Motility – 35%
    Non-progressive – 30%
    Immotile – 35%
    Sperm vitality – 83%
    Agglutination – None
    White blood cells – less than 1 x 10^6/mL
    Normal forms – 1%

    1. Normal forms is low, but the rest of the numbers look great.

      Are you exposed to heat, cigarette smoke, alcohol, or harsh chemicals? Do you have a good amount of vegetables in your diet?
      I might recommend a pre-natal vitamin to help support proper sperm development. I might also consider limiting heat exposure or regular testicular cooling to try to improve morphology numbers.

      Has your partner been assessed? How often on average do you have sex?

  92. Hi Madam Sara,
    My Name is George and I have been married since 8 years and we have a daughter aged 5 &1/2 years. Now since two years we are trying for another child but without success. I am working in Gulf and yearly twice I take leave say one month to visit my family. I did semen analysis in UAE and report diagnostics as ”Asthenozoospermia”
    Here is my result figures, please help to understand this and advice how to proceed.
    Absistance : 4 days.
    Appearance : normal
    Viscosity : Normal

    Preparation : Native
    Volume : 1.5 ml
    PH :8
    Conc ( 10>6/ml) 77
    Round cells ( milli/ml) 4
    Total Sperm Coun : 115.5
    Mobility :
    WHO AB% 9
    WHO C% 26
    WHO D % 65
    Normal forms % 4
    Head defects % 80
    Neck & midpiece defects % 6
    Tail defects 10
    Liquification time : 30 min.
    Agglutination : No
    After Preparation :
    Volume ml : 0.5
    Con ( 10.6/ml) 4.5
    total Sperm Count 2.25
    Mobility :
    WHO AB% 80
    WHO C% 8
    WHO D % 12

    1. George there are a few issues.

      1st, because you travel so much for work, it will be difficult to conceive with you wife. Sometimes it can take several months to conceive a baby. Because you are not together very often it could take a long time.

      2nd, it looks like you could be exposed to some things that might be hurting your sperm. Your count is good but your motility and morphology are both a little lower than they should be. They are not low enough that you shouldn’t be able to conceive, but your chances are lower. Does your job expose you to high heats or chemicals? Do you eat healthy while you are traveling and do you exercise? You can take our questionnaire to get feedback on what might be hurting your sperm.

  93. Hello,

    I’m going so onto for a test on Monday at around 1pm (fertility check). However today Saturday at around 6pm my wife and I engaged in some marital activity for 10 minutes or so but I did not ejaculate, some penetration but only teasing etc.

    I have not ejaculated since Tuesday (4 days ago) so till Monday the that would be 6 days if today hasn’t “reset” the timer.

    Do you think I should wait or as I did not ejaculate I should be ok?


  94. Hello,

    I’m going so onto for a test on Monday at around 1pm (fertility check). However today Saturday at around 6pm my wife and I engaged in some marital activity for 10 minutes or so but I did not ejaculate, some penetration but only teasing etc.

    I have not ejaculated since Tuesday (4 days ago) so till Monday the that would be 6 days if today hasn’t “reset” the timer.

    Do you think I should wait or as I did not ejaculate I should be ok?


    1. You should be fine. 6 days is on the long side, so your count may show a little higher and motility a little lower, but it should balance out. The official recommendation is 2-7 days so you are fine.

      1. Thank you Sara, you do a great job on here and put a lot of minds at ease.

        My doctors here in the UK recommended 7 days and not before but we decided Monday would be best.

        I’m sure I’ll be back with results as soon as I get them lol.

  95. I try to get conceive for the last 14 months naturally,but not success. I am 39 years old.
    Here is my Semen Analysis:
    Volume: 3.2 ml
    Spermatozoa: 58 X 1 000 000/ml
    Motility : 60% Motile
    8% Sluggish
    32% Non-motile
    Morphology : 3% Normal
    COMMENT: There is an abnormality of morphology.
    Leucocytes: Not present in significant number.
    Micro-organisms: Not Seen

    Can I have any chance to get conceive naturally with above Semen status? Do I need to try IUI or IVF with this stage?

    1. How old is your wife?

      motility and morphology are both a little lower than I want to see, but not IVF territory quite yet. How healthy is your lifestyle? How often do you eat fruits and vegetables? How often do your workout and what types of exercises do you do? Are you exposed to chemicals, alcohol, cigarettes or marijuana? How is your body weight…

      Typically numbers like this come up when someone just isn’t in the best shape and you can boost them significantly with a little bit of healthy living.

      For men that are in excellent condition and have numbers like this, I tend to suspect varicoceles which can impact sperm health.

      A decision to move on to assisted reproduction has to involve a full assessment of both partners. So it is hard to know without a good knowledge of your wife / partner’s status. 14 months is a while to be trying but not terribly long — especially since your parameters suggest that you might take a little longer than average conceiving. If it is just you and everything looks great on her side, then I would take steps to really improve things for 2-3 months and go back for another analysis.

  96. hi

    please check my follow result and give me a good help.we are planing to have a kid.almost we tried 12 months,still we are failing ,please check it and get good advise.

    time produce 9.00
    time recieved 9.44
    time examined 9.44
    physical characters
    volume 1.00 ml
    color creamish
    consistancy liquid after 1 hour
    ph 8.00
    cytologic examination
    sperm count 64.00
    leukocytes present scanty
    red blood cells absent
    precursor spermatocytes present+
    squamous epithelium not oberved
    motility 80%
    comment good forward progressuve movement
    sperm morphology
    other abnormalities 86
    normal forms 9
    tapered/elongated forms 0
    small/absent acrosomes 5
    gram stain no organisms seen
    culture no growth after 48 hours

    Sara SDx February 19, 2016 at 4:14 pm – Reply

    The volume was a little low. Count is average. Motility is great. Morphology a little low but the abnormalities that they found aren’t that important for fertilization.
    Overall, I think this isn’t a bad result. You could have slightly reduced chances but nothing terrible.

    How often do you have sex?
    we do the sex 2 or 3 times in week . please advice and help urgently sara..last week i did a test again for sperm, sperm volume came up to 1.5% and sperm count came up to 80%. and my age is 32 and wife is 24.please help sara.almost we finished 4 we are more worried and got tention to not to have kids

    tks aju

  97. Hi Doctor I got the following results please advise.
    Appearance: cream white
    Volume : 2ml
    Ph: 8
    Motility: Sluggish
    Count : 30m/ml
    Morphology : Normal
    Initial.Viability : 20% After 1 hour
    Final.Viability : 2% After 7 hours
    Leucocytes: Few

    What does this mean?

  98. Hi doctor, my semen analysis result, sperm count – 80 mill, liquefaction – not liquefied more than 1 hour, progressive – 15%, slow progressive – 20%, non motile – 65% , morphology – 2 %

    1. You count is good. I don’t see a volume. Did you have one. Hard to fully assess without mL of sample.

      Generally, it looks like your sperm are a little unhealthy. Do you smoke? Drink alcohol? or eat a lot of junk food? or are overweight?

      1. Hi Sara
        Myself yogendra from india
        I have done my seamen analysis 2 times within 8 days.when i call to lab assistance and ask him about report he replied abnormal. same for second test
        I am not seen my report until and my doctor also out of station
        Its realy tence for me

        1. That’s very stressful. To help you rest your mind, I can share that many men can conceive with an abnormal report. Also, most things on the report can be improved with simple changes to your life. Have you taken our questionnaire? It can give you a list of things that might cause an abnormal result on a semen analysis. If you take it and share the results with me, I can help you put together a plan of what to do next while you wait for the results. — also, they might not be too bad.

  99. Am rahul. my semen test result:-

    Colour: Grey- White
    Volume: 1 mil
    PH: acidic (6.0)
    Viscosity: thin
    Liquefaction: 30 minute
    Count: 52 mil/ml
    Motility Active: 30 %
    Motility Sluggish: 40 %
    Motility Dead: 40 %
    Morphology: 95% Normal
    Pus cell: 3-4
    Please doctor tell me the above results are normal to conceive?

    1. I am not a doctor but I can help explain the results.

      Volume is a little low
      pH, Viscosity, liquefaction – normal
      Count – normal (a tad lower than I would like to see, but fine)
      Motility – a little lower than I would like to see

      Total motile count : 15.6 million — a slightly low count x a slightly low volume x slightly low motility = lower chances of conceiving.

      Your numbers are not terrible. Semen analysis results vary day to day so you may be ok or you may have a little harder time conceiving. Are you currently trying?

      There are things that you can do to improve sperm count and motility.

  100. Hi Dr, I’m 31, my results was
    Colour: greyish white opalescent
    Volume : 11ml
    Reaction: Alkaline ph 8
    Concentration 13 million
    Count : 143 million
    Motility: 50% / 30 mins
    40% / 1hr
    Progressive motility : 40%

    1. Your concentration of sperm is a little low but it seems to be because you have an incredibly high semen volume. Total motile count looks good. Are you currently trying to conceive?

  101. Hi myself sahil
    Age 27
    my semen analysis are:
    1. Quantity of semen 5 ml
    2. Sperm count – 8 million/ ml
    3. Spillage – Normal.
    4. Viscocity ph – 8
    5. Sperm Motality :
    Prograssive – 5%
    Non progressive motile -40%
    Immotile – 55%

    7. Morphology – 42% Normal & 58% abnormal
    Fructose test – positive
    Please doctor tell me the above results are normal to concieve…

  102. Hello Dr,
    i am Nadim 28 year old and i am 3 month married and and I got my semen analysis taste report and its detailed bellow plz help me understand the result it is good and healthy.

    Colour: Grey- White
    Volume: 2.3 mil
    PH: Alkali
    Viscosity: Normal
    Liquefaction: 45 minute
    Count: 126 m
    Motility Active: 38 %
    Motility Sluggish: 45 %
    Motility Dead: 17 %
    Morphology: 73% Normal
    WBS: 10-15

  103. Hi myself Sanjay
    Age 28
    my semen analysis are:
    1. Quantity of semen 2 ml
    2. Sperm count – 1.8 million/ ml
    3. Spillage – Normal.
    4. Viscocity ph – Alkaline
    5. Sperm Motality after 1 hour – 10%
    After 3 hours – 5%
    6. Slugish Sperm motality after 1 hour – 20%
    After 3 hours – 15%
    7. Morphology – 30% Normal & 70% abnormal
    Fructose test – weekly positive
    Please doctor tell me the above results are normal to concieve…

    1. I am not a doctor, but I can try to give you some feedback on these results.

      The sperm count is very low. This will impact your chances of conception. Men who have a sperm count this low should receive a full evaluation to understand why. Currently it is recommended to get hormones (testosterone and FSH) tested and a screening for genetic conditions that can impact sperm production. Additionally, a doctor should take a detailed medical history which would ask some questions about family and if you’ve ever had certain diseases or operations (like mumps, TB, or hernia surgery) and should do a physical exam to check for any structural abnormalities like a varicocele.

      Are you currently trying to conceive?

  104. Hi Dr I’m jawad I am a 18 months married age 25. I have done semen analysis 2 time with 3 days gap each
    result shows .
    spermatozoa 0,
    motility 0,
    sluggesh motile 0,
    colour= white to grey.
    Consistency =Viscid
    Few dead sperm seen
    Comments= please correlate clinically

    1. Sorry to hear this.

      Good news. A few dead sperm seen. This means that your testicles are making sperm. Even 1 sperm means there is hope to fix the problem.

      Bad news. You are having some real trouble with your fertility. You need to see a specialist to find out what is going on. Most of the time specialists can treat this condition but they have to figure out what is causing it.

      The next tests you should get are: a hormone blood test to check your testosterone, FSH and maybe LH. You should also get a genetic test done to see if you have any genetic issues that cause problems with sperm production. A urologist who is trained in fertility should also be able to do a physical exam to check for any issues that would prevent the sperm from getting out of the body.

      You could also take our risk assessment to see if you had any problems in your past that could cause you have have issues now.

  105. Hi Doctor
    I had semi or very low erect penis while giving semen sample, the results were very very bad
    I have undergone scrotum ultra scan and other blood and harmon tests all are fine
    Is sperm count psychological effect ?

    1. Hi. I am not a doctor, but am happy to share some ideas…
      It could be. How low were the results?
      Do you often have difficulty with erection or was it the strangeness of doing the test that caused a problem for you?
      Are you currently trying to conceive? How long have you been trying?

  106. hello Dr’ i m Muhammad nadeem kakar age 33 year’s and I got my semen analysis taste report ..
    If something wrong in … what should i do .. Tell me the Terminates plz

    Good Afternoon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Hi doctor
    I have semen analysis
    1- Appearance: Alkaline
    2-Time Since Ejeculation: 10 Minuts
    3- Colour : Greyish
    4- Volume:2.5 ml
    5- Liquifaction time : 32 Minuts
    6- Sperm count: 120 million/ml
    7- motility:active progressive:55 percent
    8- Sluggish prog:20 percent
    9- Inactive : 25 percent
    Pus cells 0 to 1 / hpf
    Sir, plz advise me, is it possible for baby
    Sir plz give me the Treatment…….

  107. hello Dr’ i m Mr Gupta age 31 year’s and I got my semen analysis taste report ..
    If something wrong in … what should i do .. plz

    1- Quantity ………………………… 1.0 ml.
    2- Viscocity — NORMAL
    3- Transperancy …………………..OPAQUE
    4- Reaction – PH- 8.0
    5- time of liquification …………….within 20 min
    6- fructose …………………………..positive
    7-total count ………………… ……48 mill/ml
    8 Sperm Count per ejucalted mil : 48 MILLION
    9 non progressive ………………..65%
    10 Total Progressive : 35 %
    11 Excellent forward progressive IV : 20 %
    12 Good forward progresswive III : 10 %
    13 Sluggish forward progressive II : 05 %
    14 Motility after two Hours : 25 %
    15 lmmature Forms : SPERMATOGONIA 1-2/HPF
    16 Pus Cells : –
    17 Red Cells : Absent
    18 Autoagglutination : ABSENT
    19 Sperm Agglutination Test : –
    20 Fructose Test : POSITIVE

    Abnormal forms Head : 8 %

    Middle piece : 1 %

    Tail : 3 %

    LARGE OVER …………….1%
    Tapering ….2 %
    Pyriform…2 %,
    Coiled tail–1 %
    Broken tail- 0 %
    Pin Head–0 %
    small cval –1 %
    Duplicate head – 0 %
    Midpiece defect-1 %
    Cytoplasmin Drpolet- 0 %,
    Duplicate Tail- 2 %
    Round head- 2 %

    1. Were you able to catch the whole sample?
      Are you currently trying to conceive?

      It mostly looks healthy. The semen volume is lower than I would like to see but not terribly concerning.

  108. hello Dr’ i m SHAHID age 25 year’s and I got my semen analysis taste report ..
    If something wrong in … what should i do .. plz

    1- Quantity ………………………… 6.5 ml.
    2- colour: ………………………… ..greyish white
    3- Transperancy …………………..OPAQUE
    4- viscosity …………………………viscous
    5- time of liquification …………….30 min
    7- fructose …………………………..positive
    8- live count …………………………28 mill/ml
    9- sperm per ejaculate ……………247 mil
    10-total count ………………… ……38 mill/ml
    11- percentage motile sperm:. …..74%
    12- rapid linear progression ………15%
    13- slow /non lin progression …….55%
    14- non progressive ………………..30%
    15- normal form ……………………..45%
    LARGE OVAL…………….40%
    AMORPHOUS …………..15%
    GERM CELL……………… 02
    WBC’ S ……………………. 02
    RBC’ S………………………00

      1. Dear Madam,

        My self Praveen from India, I have Vericocele Grade2, I am taking medicine from around 2 Years but recently only I came to know that I have vericocele.
        Now my doctor advising for a surgery but I am not interested for surgery. Most of my semen analysis report my count will be
        more than 50 Million but the Rapid motility is NIL and the slow motility is 50 % . Two days before I had done semen analysis
        please check the below report and please advice me. Can you please advice me any capsule to increase the Rapid motility ?

        My Latest Semen Analysis Report

        Volume – 2 Ml
        Viscosity – Normal
        Actively Motile – NIL
        Moderately Motile – 29 %
        Sluggish – 40 %
        Dead – 31 %
        Total Count – 63 Million
        Abnormal Forms – 12 %
        Epithelial Cells – NIL
        Leukocytes – 3-4
        Erythrocytes – NIL
        Crystal – NIL

        1. Unfortunately there aren’t capsules that will magically improve motility.

          Many men with varicoceles have trouble with sperm motility. If you are not interested in surgery there are some other options for treating the effects of the varicocele.

          1. cooling your testicles – varicoceles cause blood to pool in the testicle making it be too warm. many men have seen improvements in sperm by actively cooling with frozen peas or some other cold item. This reduces temperature and helps more sperm be healthy.

          2. antioxidants – extra blood in the testicle also can cause the pooling of toxins that are dangerous to sperm. You can try to take antioxidant supplements to counteract the damage caused by extra toxins.

          3. Acupuncture – accupuncture / chinese medicine has been a treatment for varicoceles. Acupuncture can improve blood flow, reduce stress and has been effective in many men for improving sperm quality.

          Your semen analysis doesn’t look terrible and you should be able to give your sperm enough of a boost to help those sluggish ones be more active.

      2. Dear madam,
        I am having grade1 vericocele,
        But sperm count is 80 millians
        Motility 75%
        Is i need to undergo surgery or it is enough to conceve.

        1. This looks pretty healthy. I don’t think the varicocele is doing too much damage to your fertility. Your varicocele is pretty small and not really something to worry about right now. They can grow with time so you might want to get a semen analysis done in a few years if you are still interested in having children at that point. They can also get uncomfortable and cause some pain after long periods of standing. So, you can consider treatment in the future if something changes, for now it seems pretty harmless.

      3. Hi Dr. Sarah. I just did a semen analysis. Results will be next week. My question is how much semen is needed during the test. Because when i did it not all shoot in the sterile? Is that ok? Im just paranoid.

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