Trak® Male Fertility Testing System


Meet Trak® – the world’s first male fertility testing system that allows you to measure and track your sperm count and semen volume in the comfort of your home.

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Happy Couple holding a successful Trak Sperm Count Prop Test and positive pregnancy test.

Trak® Male Fertility Testing System, Includes 2 Tests

The decline in sperm count has been making major headlines, lately. And, it’s true! Recent research shows that sperm counts have fallen by 50% since 1973 with no signs of leveling off soon. The good news? Sperm counts can change and rapidly. That’s why Trak invented a 4 and 6 test system that lets you measure two parameters – sperm count and semen volume – comfortably and discreetly from home.

Becuase, let’s face it, collecting a sample at a clinic is no one’s idea of a good time.

Who should take this test?

You may not realize it, but your sperm count is constantly in flux. At Trak®, we recommend testing your sperm monthly in order to measure and track sperm count over time. This consistent check-in will allow you to better understand how your health and habits are impacting your male fertility. Trak is great for the following:

The Trak kit includes all necessary components. We provide easy-to-read instructions, and once the sample is collected, the Trak Engine only takes about 6 minutes before providing lab-accurate results. Simply follow a few steps and read. No mail-in. No prescription. No awkward clinic visits.

What will my results tell me?

The kit will provide lab-accurate results for two major parameters that can impact male fertility:

  • Semen volume is above or below the normal range (1.5 M/mL)
  • Range your sperm count falls
    • Low (below 15 M/mL) – may be at risk for infertility and should consult a physician
    • Moderate (between 15 and 55 M/mL) – may take longer to conceive
    • Optimal (above 55 M/mL) – linked to faster time to conception

Visit our website to see more about how Trak works and how to read results.

What do I do after I receive my results?

With each kit, Trak provides a Man’s Guide to Reproductive Health that details everything you want to know about your sexual and reproductive health. We, also, offer a free mobile app that allows you to assess your health and lifestyle risks, track your test results, and get personalized recommendations on how to improve. Download the Trak app.

Trak 90-Day Challenge to start improving sperm count and fertility. Get Started. Want more?

Take the Trak 90-Day Challenge for the best way to reach your reproductive goals, quickly.


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