Risks and Complications of Vasectomy

Urol Clin North Am. 2009 Aug;36(3):331-6. doi: 10.1016/j.ucl.2009.05.009. Risks and complications of vasectomy. Adams CE1, Wald M. 


Vasectomy is a safe and effective procedure for permanent contraception. Vasectomy is 30 times less likely to fail and 20 times less likely to have postoperative complications than its gynecologic counterpart. Complications from vasectomy are rare and minor in nature. Immediate risks include infection, hematoma, and pain. Complications seldom lead to hospitalization or aggressive medical management. Technique is surgeon dependent; however, certain techniques, such as fascial interposition, seem to decrease rates of vasectomy failure. Despite myriad vasectomy techniques, failure rates are less than those seen with tubal ligation. Available data suggest that vasectomized men do not seem at increased risk for immune-complex diseases.

PMID: 19643235 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

Sara SDx

Sara SDx

Editor of Don't Cook your Balls, Co-Founder of TrakFertility.com, Health Coach and Men's Health Advocate. Passionate about sperm, men's health and helping people build their families.
Sara SDx

Author: Sara SDx

Editor of Don't Cook your Balls, Co-Founder of TrakFertility.com, Health Coach and Men's Health Advocate. Passionate about sperm, men's health and helping people build their families.

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  1. Hi sara..my husband is diagnosed with azoospermia and the doctor recommended him to do a biopsy. I’m too much stressed about it as I have heard that doing biopsy is a big risk and once it is done a male is unable to come to his normal routine ( he’ll be unable to have an intercourse normally after biopsy). Please guide me about it..
    Secondly I have researched about both TESA and TESE..what do u recommend for a patient having azzospermia??? Most of the doctors gave us the indirect hint of non obstructive azoospermia..is there any hope and treatment in medical after that?

  2. Amount: approximately 1.5ml
    Viscosity: viscous
    Color: pearly white
    Liquefaction time: 35mins after receiving the specimen

    PUS CELLS : 3-6/HPF

    8:05am 95% 4% 1%
    9:05am 80% 18% 2%
    10:05am 75% 25%


    Normal Morphology : 92%
    Abnorman morphology: 8%
    Tapered head; 3%
    Giant head: 1%
    Pin Head: 2%
    Coiled Tail: 2%

    SPERMCOUNT: 148,000,000 sperm/ejaculate

    Were trying to have a baby…

    1. This looks pretty healthy. The only thing that I note is the presence of bacteria. I would follow up with the lab / doctor to see if you need to treat that. Otherwise, this looks healthy to conceive.

  3. Hello Doctor, i did semen analysis on empty stomch, travled for 7 hours the weather was hot and i was not relax while doing the test, is the result differs if you have taken enough food, and are relax and in calm position?


  4. Hi
    is 10 Pus cells are normal?
    I have good semen report but pus cells are 10, also feel some burn problem while urination,
    What can i do to cure it,

    Total count 200 million
    Live count 112 million 56%
    total Quantity 2.5 ml
    Morphology 15 %

    Motility 56%
    rapid line 10 %
    Slow line progression 60%
    Non progression 30 %
    Time of liquification 30 minutes
    Ph 7.5
    Colour, greyish white
    Transparency, Opaque
    Viscosity, viscous
    Germ cells 4
    WHC, 10
    RBC, 02

      1. I am 31 years old. I have been smoking for so may years but i quit a year ago. I drink beer twice a month. Please interpret my semen analysis:

        Volume: 4
        Consistency: SL. Viscous
        WBC: 2,750,000
        Liquefaction time: no liquefaction after 2 hours
        Total sperm count: 8,200,000

        51% normal
        49% abnormal
        4% round head
        18% tapered head
        6% amorphous head
        11% constricted head
        10% pinhead

        10% motile
        5% good activity with tail movementd visualized
        3% poor to fair activity
        2% minimal progression
        90% non motile

  5. hi doc, please reply if my report is normal? what does this report means


    VOLUME : 3.5 ml
    COLOR : Whitish
    VISCOSITY : Normal
    REACTION : Alkaline
    LIQUEFACTION TIME : Normal within 30 minutes


    PUS CELLS : 1-2/HPF
    RBC : Nil

    ACTIVELY MOTILE : 45 45 40
    SLUGGISH MOTILE ` : 05 05 05
    .:NON MOTILE : 50 50 55

    NORMAL FORMS : 70 % NORMAL: 70 %

    SPERM COUNT 160 Million/ml NORMAL:>20 Million/ml

    days of absence: 3 days

  6. INFORMATION ABOUT THE PATIENT :-First I had this problem last ten years there are many doctors give me different medicine but at last doctor released this is T.B testicles disease after that I took medicine as to cure the disease.-The disease leave blockage in vas deferens (Tube) from the vein testicles which carries sperm from testis to penis.
    second : – I feel itchy during ejaculatory that is where scarred then T.B testicles disease caused blockage can halt the sperm’s passage or prevent it from mixing with semen. as patient talk about his problem the vas deferens blocked and the vas deferens transports mature sperm to the urethra, the tube carries urine or sperm to outside of the body I feel itchy the vas deferens blocked, in preparation ejaculatory.
    Four: – An obstruction in the man’s reproductive organs, including the epididymis, vas deferens and ejaculatory duct. These blockages can halt the sperm’s passage or prevent it from mixing with semen. Five:- as patient I Think this T.B testicles disease caused to infertility me because there is no children birth me after the problem but there Is one baby birth me before T.B testicles disease happen me. And I understand this Blockage Tube of testicle when I tough on the testicle of scrotum then I research about my e T.B testicles disease then I understand this Blockage Tube more about that happened me.
    • It is important to know nformation in my semen.
    • there is no sperm in cell more than 3 Doctors said after laboratory analysis
    • Little Sperm passage but is look like urinary and Too soft
    • Blockage Tube or become tiny the hose then sperm’s passage is low.
    • There is no any solid in semen come out of penis
    • my problem look like picture on top of paper
    Questions can answer the Specialist Doctors only
     Which is possible to surgery can cure block tube or epididymis disease?
     Is there any natural treatment can get open block tube of carries sperm from the testicle to penis?
     Have you solution that problem can solve as professional DR?
     When the man’s reproductive organs block tube of carries sperm there is problem like me how can birth as soon as possible?
     Last question I ask you my problem look like the picture on top of paper have you solution?

  7. Viscosity: semi viscous
    Volume:2.5 ml
    Ph: alkaline
    Total sperm count:45 million
    Pus cell:4-6 hpf
    Excellent motile:15
    Good active motile:20
    Sluggish motile:15
    Non motile:50%

  8. Sperm Count=102
    PH = ALkaline
    Apperance = viscous
    Liquafaction=greater than 30 mins
    Act Motility=15
    Sluggish Motility=20
    Non Motility=65
    Normal forms =60
    Other =40

  9. Volume 1.5 ml
    Sperm count 10 mn/ml
    Immotile 40%
    Slow progressI’ve 30%
    Non progressive 30%
    Pus cells 10-15 hpf
    Sperm morphology normal sperms 10%
    Will we have children

  10. what are the dangers of sleeping with more than 60 women but protectively wearing condom
    and is there any danger again with your sperm count when you now took long to produce when doing sex

    1. wearing a condom is really important when you have that many different partners. Infection is the biggest risk for you and for them.
      If is is taking longer to ejaculate, could be that you are becoming desensitized. Taking a break from sex might be a good idea.
      None of this is likely to impact sperm production.

  11. Hi my report shows these two parameter not been in normal range can you help me understand ..

    sluggish linear progressive 40%
    Immotile sperms 30%

    1. sluggish linear progressive means that sperm swim forward, but they are slow.
      Immotile sperms means that the sperm are not moving at all.

  12. Volume 2.5
    Color grayish white
    Ph 7.8
    Liquefaction time 25
    Total count 70.0
    Active 15
    Non motile 60
    Normal form 60

  13. Sperm count 72million/ ml
    Progressive motility 15%
    Non linear motility 20%
    Non progressive 10%
    Immotile 55%
    Morphology normal 45%
    Abnormal 55%
    Chance for pregnancy naturally

  14. volume-3ml
    Appearance-homogenous grey opalescent
    liquifaction time-with in 1 hr
    sperm count 23 million per ml
    progressive motility 3%
    Non progressive motility 41%
    abnormal head 42
    abnormal neck16
    abnormal tail 20
    pus cells 15-20 HpF
    RBC 8-10/HPF
    Is it serious condition

  15. If a person has germ cell failure what are chances of becoming father of child and what are best techniques for this

    1. With 2ml, your results are borderline. I’d like to see them a little higher but they are enough to conceive naturally (it just might take a little longer than usual) PCOS can make conceiving difficult.. Medication can help.

      Both of you may want to look into things that you can do together to improve your health — maybe improve diet, or exercise more often, get more sleep or reduce stress. It is worth talking together what steps you can both take together to improve your health to try to improve your chances of conceiving.

      1. Yes she is taking metformin tabs to regulate insulin.. Doctor said it would take may be 1 or 2 months to get pregnant, doctor prescribed her metformin.

  16. total sperm count 28 million/ml

    active motile: 20 million/ml
    sluggish motile: 40%
    non progressive: 05%
    non motile: 35%

    head defect: 01%
    body defect: 01%
    tail defect: 01%

    pus cell: 1-2/ HPF
    fructose test: positive
    Auto Agglutination: Absent

      1. Can you please tell about my report, my wife suffering from PCOS syndrome and this is my report, she is under medication.
        Thank you

  17. Hello
    I need help with sperm analysis test
    Please tell me if it’s normal
    Semen analysis quantity =3.0ml
    Viscosity =viscous
    Total count=24 ML
    Live count=16 ML
    Sperm per ejaculate =72 MIL
    Percentage motile sperm=67%
    Rapid Linear Progression =06%
    Slow/non lin progression =50%
    Non progressive =44%
    Sperm morphology normal form=40%


    1. It’s a little tricky to tell. The rapid linear progression is low. Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

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