Tracking Sperm? There’s an app for that

There have been a number of apps developed over the past few years to help women track their cycles as part of an effort to try to conceive, but now, there’s an app made just for men on the journey to fatherhood.

trak sperm health & fertility app

Trak: Sperm Health & Fertility AppThere have been a number of apps developed over the past few years to help women track their cycles as part of an effort to try to conceive, but now, there’s an app made just for men on the journey to fatherhood.

Research has shown that sperm count can vary from day to day and year to year. Time between ejaculations, how much your drank last night and whether or not you’ve had a cold recently can all impact your sperm. When you are trying to conceive, sperm matter. Studies have also shown that men with higher sperm counts and better, stronger swimmers are more likely to conceive quickly. There are a lot of things that men can do to boost their swim team. There are also lots of things men do that can tank their counts.

A new app, does a great job explaining all the factors that can impact sperm and providing clear advice to guys who are hoping to boost their sperm counts. It also lists out options for getting sperm tested and creates a personalized report that explains semen analysis results.

The app is divided into three main tabs. The first tab is a 10 minute questionnaire that covers a wide range of questions about your lifestyle. The lifestyle questions are divided into six categories: wellness, diet, exercise, stress, heat and toxins. Each category is scored based on responses and gives you a red, yellow or green light that lets you know how you are doing. It also give you specific tips for how to improve and get your sperm into tip-top shape.

The second tab is a place to track your sperm count. Users are able to enter results from a recent semen analysis and get feedback of how their sperm stack up against a large population of recent fathers. It also writes up a comprehensive report breaking down each parameter measured during a semen analysis  including count, motility, morphology, semen volume, pH, and liquefaction explaining what it means, why it is important and how you are doing. It does a really god job of clarifying semen analysis results and helping couples know what the best next step to take is.

The last tab is Learn. This tab provides more detailed information on topics related to male fertility and is full of great, easy to digest information about health, sperm and sperm health.

The company is working on a lot of great features that should roll out over the next few months including population statistics, data visualization and graphing tools, fertility challenges and most exciting of all, a companion home tracking kit that allows men to measure sperm count in the privacy of their homes.

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Sara SDx

Sara SDx

Editor of Don't Cook your Balls, Co-Founder of, Health Coach and Men's Health Advocate. Passionate about sperm, men's health and helping people build their families.
Sara SDx

Author: Sara SDx

Editor of Don't Cook your Balls, Co-Founder of, Health Coach and Men's Health Advocate. Passionate about sperm, men's health and helping people build their families.

44 thoughts on “Tracking Sperm? There’s an app for that”

  1. Dear Sara,
    Please suggest what i have to do these are my results i am male 35 years age, My wife is not conceiving yet, is there any problem in my test?

    I have a test for SPerm Count as under
    Volume 2.4 ml
    PH 09
    Appearance Whitish
    Total Count 63 Million/ml
    Liquid Time 16 min

    After 30 Mins Rapid Forward 30 % Sluggish 40% Dead 30%


    Abnormal Head 11% Abnormal Tails 04% Abnormal Necks 07%

    PUS Cell 4-5/HPF

  2. Hi Mam,
    Volume: 1.5 ml
    Count: 30 millions/ml
    pH: 8.0

    30% progressively active
    40% sluggish active
    30% dead

    25% abnormal supermetozeo

    Plz comment…

    1. Its mostly ok. It’s a little lower than I would like to see and it may take some extra months to get pregnant but my guess is that you should be able to.

      Here’s a list of sperm friendly habits that could help boost things a little and increase your chances. And… if you haven’t downloaded the app in this article. I would recommend it. It could also help a lot.

  3. I really enjoyed this article, it is educative and interesting.i learnt about issues bordring me.

  4. Dear Sara
    I shall be thankful if you kindly advise about the following report
    Liquidation time 30 minutes
    Duration absentia 7 day
    Appearance creamy white
    Consistency thin
    Volume 1•5 ml
    Fructose present
    Count/ml 72 million
    Rapid progression 35
    Slow progression 10
    Non progressive motility 10
    Morphology 35℅
    Puss cell 1-2
    Red blood cells 1-2


      1. You don’t need medicine, but you should consider doing things to be healthy — eat lots of fruits and vegetables, get enough sleep at night, lower your stress (if it is a problem), make sure you have a healthy weight, exercise regularly.

        You may also want to consider for your wife / partner to go to her doctor if you have been trying for a long time.

  5. Volume : 2.5ml
    Colour : creamy
    Ph : 9
    Liquefaction: 60 min
    Count : 26 mil/ ml
    Wbc: 1-2
    Rbc: 1-3
    Spermatocyte : 2-4
    At 30min
    Rapid progression 45%
    Slow progression 25%
    Non progressive 15%
    Non motile 10%

    Abnormal forms 35%

    1. Its’ a borderline result. You should be able to conceive but it might take a little longer than usual. Have you downloaded this app? It can give you good recommendations on how you might improve. Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

  6. my nam is Ali Taha

    PH 7.2 >7.2
    volume 7.5 ml .2.0ml

    Motility : Grade a 13 a+b >50% and a>25%
    Grade b 18
    Grade c 14
    Grade d 18

    please its normal or what i do ? i am not marraige .i will marraige next year, i am very warry

      1. semen volume 7.5 ml >2.0ml

        Motility : a+b >50% and a>25%
        Grade a 13
        Grade b 18
        Grade c 14
        Grade d 55

        semen desity 56 * 10^6/ml >20*10^6 ml

        survival rate 75% >50%

        round cell number 0.4 *10^6/ml <5*10^6/ml

        viscoscity <1 cm <2cm

        lliquefaction 15 mints lliquefaction in 60 mintutes

        semen color Gray white

        spermatozoon agglutination Negative (-) Negative (-)

        this is my all result, i am sorry i translate it from Chinese language to English , i hope you understand it

        1. Morpholgical analisis of spermatzoa

          Normal…12 % ————————-normal refrence volume is more than 15

          head defect ………………………….70.0 %
          mid segment / neck missing……. 8.0 %
          tail defect ……………………………..8.0%
          cytopalsmic droplets ………………2.0%

          i am sorry because i translate fro chines language , please chek it , i am warry , its normal

        2. looks ok. are you worried about any number? Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

  7. Hi,I’m 38 years done my sperm analysis report kindly tell me is it comfort for ivf treatment
    Vol- 4.5ml
    Total sperm count- 27 million/ml
    Morality – 27%
    PH – 8.5
    Morality count – 7 million/ml
    Ejaculation- 121 millions
    Morphology- normal form – 3%
    Head abnormal- 97%

    Kindly advise furthur

  8. Good morning
    My sperm colour grayish white
    Total count 1 mlion
    Actively motile 10/
    sluggishly motile 60/
    Non motile 30/
    Push cell in occasion add L cluster
    R. B. C intact RBCs not seen
    Eptical cell few
    others sperm clusters plenty
    Chemical examination for seminal fructose negative
    Above all tested while slightly fever

    My question is
    Can I get child within this limit

    1. I would recommend going to a urologist for a full examination and re-testing to confirm the results.
      You can become a father with this result, but you will need fertility treatments to help.
      You may be able to boost your count with the help of a urologist which could allow you to conceive naturally.

  9. can you exxplain my report and what should i do
    sperm volume 2mg
    sperm count 62
    motility very good 15 good 15 slugish 20 non motile 50
    morphology 70 normal.
    i smoke 6cigrate daily during day time
    i use 5 to 10 mg sexual pills for intercourse

    1. Cigarettes may be impacting your sperm ability to swim. You should stop smoking to improve your sperm.
      If you stop smoking, it might also improve your erection so that you wouldn’t need pills for sex.

  10. Hi mam
    Liquefaction time 30mins
    Volume 3ml
    Viscosity normal
    Reaction pH 8
    Sperm concentration 14.8mill/ml
    Rapid progress 17%
    Moderate progress 13%
    Sluggish progress 11%
    Non motile 59%
    Morphology normal
    Agglutination nil
    Fructose qualitative – present

    Pls guide me whether my report is normal?

    1. It’s borderline. You should be able to conceive but it might take longer than usual. Are you trying? You might want to download this app to get recommendations for how to improve.

  11. Dear Sara, Kindly analyze my semen report, i will be grateful to you. with these parameters can i father a child??? I

    QUANTITY: 2.0 ml
    PH = 7.5




    NORMAL FORM = 40%
    LARGE OVAL = 30%
    SMALL OVAL = 20%

    GERM CELL = 3
    WBC = 2

    1. This is a borderline low result. Sperm count and rapid linear progression are lower than I like to see. Are you having trouble conceiving?
      Have you taken this health assessment to see if you have any risk factors?

  12. Hi I wrote a question but it appeared for some hours but after that I am not able to see my question anymore.
    Is this limited to any specific country

  13. Hi, please check my reports and guide me.
    Volume 3.2 ml
    pH 7.6
    Live 65%
    Dead 35%
    Liquefaction >2hrs
    Count 35 mill/ ml
    Total prograsive 38%
    No prograsive 10%
    Immotile 52%
    Morphology normal forms 03%

  14. Hi …
    Idid my iui today … aft post wash the sperm count is 11 million with 95 % motality …. but found too many dead sperm … vol is 1ml … any way to get pregnant …. plz explain … morphology is 1 % ….

    1. There’s always a chance. The two week wait is SO hard. I hope you have positive news.

      Regarding the sperm. 1% normal morphology isn’t the best and could hurt your chances a little but the 11 million, high motile post wash sounds promising. Not sure what you mean by too many dead sperm if the post wash was 95% motile.

      Good luck. Let me know if you have other questions. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts while you wait…

  15. Volume 2.4 ml
    Viscosity high
    Color cream
    PH 7.0
    Dead/abnormal cell 25
    Sperm count 20 million/ml
    Actively motile. 60%
    Sluggish motile 15%
    Abstinence from sex 5 dsys

    Do I stand a chance to father a child

    1. This is a borderline result. It suggests that you should be able to father a child but it could take a long time.
      Taking effort to improve your health – eating better, avoiding alcohol, doing exercise, getting good sleep, avoiding heat can help improve.

      I would recommend downloading the app for more details on how to improve.

  16. Hi Maam

    My name is Shahid I m from Pakistan Please see my semen analysis Result

    Sperm Count:21milliom/ml
    Total Count:40 million
    Normal Sperm:20%
    AbnormL sperm :80%

    Immotile:1st 45% 2nd :55% 3rd :70%

    Rapid progressive:1st 5% 2nd 5 % 3rd 0%

    Slow Progressive:1st 30% 2nd 20% 3rd 15%

    Non Progressive: 1st 20 % 2nd 20% 3rd 15 %

    Kindly advise am we r trying to concieve from last 5 Year..suggestion,Advice or any more Test reauired. Kindly Support

  17. Age can also play a role. The ability of sperm to move and the proportion of normal sperm tend to decrease with age, affecting a man’s fertility. Some research shows that it takes longer for men in their mid-30s and early 40s to achieve pregnancy than it does for younger men.

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