Time to Combat Groin Pain with The PUR Clinic

The Drive for Men’s health docs wrote up this quick guide to how to deal with groin pain. Learn what can cause pain below the belt and what you can do about it.

Reprinted with permission from The PUR Clinic

Combat Groin Pain

Groin pain is characterized by discomfort or pain in the area where the abdomen and legs meet, normally referred to as the groin area. If you are a man, pain in the groin may be due to scrotum problems. For women, groin pains usually emanate from the reproductive organs or genitals. There are only two solutions to pain in this part of the body: walking and sitting abnormally or medical treatment. As treatment is the only permanent solution, I advise you to visit The PUR Clinic for the best services.

Groin pain is difficult enough, but the presence of other symptoms makes it more unbearable. Depending on the causative condition, a few symptoms may be present. Doctors at the PUR Clinic affirm that groin pains that come with redness and fever are usually indicative of an infection. The following symptoms are also associated with groin pain:

  • difficulty in engaging in normal activities such as swimming or jogging
  • a lump in the scrotum or groin area
  • pain during urination
  • trouble walking
  • inflamed lymph nodes, especially in the groin area
  • symptoms associated with flu; for example cough, fatigue, and sore throat

If any of these symptoms occur, it may be time to rush to the nearest clinic and receive medication. By getting medical help, the patient avoids other life threatening symptoms that may emerge. Non-treatment could lead to a situation where the victim urinates blood, runs short of breath, or is totally confused. But there is no need to wait for the the worst case scenario; The PUR Clinic offers expert medical help to avert groin pain and decisively overcome the underlying problem.

What are the possible underlying causes of groin pain?

Unless you have been hit below the belt or slept funny, inguinal pain could arise from a number of factors including cancer, infection, hernia or even trauma. In case of referred groin pain, the cause is from a different area or part of the body, for example the hip. Generally, causes of groin pain are categorized as injury-related, infection-related, and others.

It is very important to diagnose this pain and treat it accordingly to avoid complications. PUR Clinic has identified several serious complications that may arise if treatment for groin pain is ignored. These include disability, infertility, removal of the testicles, and the spread of cancerous cells. Obviously, no one would desire any of the above.

There is an answer to your groin pain at the PUR Clinic. Get modern medical attention and forever change the way you sit or walk by bidding goodbye to groin pain and its ramifications.

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