Trak Male Fertility Test: Review

I am a health hacker and engineer who is using Trak to keep tabs on my sperm concentration. Here are my thoughts and impressions of the product.

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I am a health hacker and engineer who is using Trak to keep tabs on my sperm concentration.  I was particularly interested on the link between lifestyle factors such a heat exposure and fertility.

Perhaps I am not your typical user, but Trak fit a specific need for me. I plan to write a more extensive review of my experience with the product in the future, but for now let’s cover the basics:

The product comes in a good looking sturdy box a little smaller than a shoe box. I don’t normally care about these things, but it was actually pretty useful for keeping all of the materials inside organized for repeat use.

Inside the box is a little machine about the size of a Big Mac with a pair of real alkaline batteries included (rather than the cheapie “heavy duty” kind). There were also 4 individual bags inside, each containing everything you need to run one test. Finally, there were two full color books inside. The instruction manual and a nice, big “Health Guide” with all sorts of information about sperm and health.

Since I intended to use it for sperm tracking, I decided to check out the Android version of the companion App on my Nexus 5. The app ran me through some interesting lifestyle questions (do I cool my balls?!) and gave me a score of 78 out of 100, presumably relating to my sperm health, along with some recommendations for improvement. After poking around, I figured out how to add a Trak result or a professional semen analysis result to see changes over time. I highly recommend that anyone interested in using this product to take a look at the app.

Using the product was fairly intuitive. You “collect”, wait for 30 minutes, add a dropper full to one of the funky looking disposables, attach the disposable to the machine (it presses on like Lego), and close the lid. The machine immediately starts up and spins the disposable for a few minutes. It can be a little startling at first, but it was surprisingly quiet given how FAST that thing was going. When it is done, you read the result by comparing ticks on the disposable to the height of a white column, kind of like an old-school mercury thermometer. The app is helpful with this, because you can mark exactly where your results falls

I’ve been tracking my sperm for more almost a month now. I found that my result varied over time. I started off in the middle of the “moderate” range. After following the feedback from the app, reading the health guide, and making some lifestyle adjustments I was into Trak’s “optimal” range!

Rating: My overall impression of the product was quite positive. It was reassuring to get a result where I could see exactly how far away I was from “low”, and it has been much more convenient to test at home. The price seems a bit high until you consider how much it would have costed to test that many times at the clinic.


  • Easy to use and well packaged
  • Clear result that lets you see where you are in the range of low, moderate or optimal for sperm count
  • Mobile App helps with tracking changes in result over time
  • More than a “Cool machine”, it really is a comprehensive approach to improving your fertility
  • Batteries included!


  • Collection cups are a bit small
  • Doesn’t measure all the parameters a Semen Analysis from a doctor would
  • Can run through AA batteries quickly

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