Trying to conceive soon? Consider joining this online study to help you and future parents on the path to pregnancy

Are you and your partner thinking about starting your family?  If so, think about participating in a national NIH-sponsored online study called PRESTO.

PRESTO (PREgnancy STudy Online) is a web-based research study that examines whether lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, and medication use have an impact on fertility and pregnancy outcomes.

It’s very simple.  Up to 2,500 women are invited to complete one online questionnaire at enrollment and every 2 months for up to 12 months or until pregnancy occurs.  Male partners are also invited to participate.

Half of all enrolled participants will get a free VIP membership at, an online software program that charts your menstrual cycles and records your fertility signs (note: promotion is not available to current members).

PRESTO is a non-profit study being conducted by researchers at Boston University. It is funded by the National Institutes of Health.  For more information, check it out the study’s website.