Your Own Personal Swim Coaches- Fertility Planit Conference Not Just for the Ladies- Part 1: Training the Team

Action movies, beer, March madness, Megan Fox, and bacon. All of these things sound pretty good to a guy, right? What about a fertility conference? To most men, this sounds incredibly boring, bringing to mind the dreaded talks about a woman’s monthly cycle, basal temperature and (shudder) cervical mucus. But what if I told you that men are starting to get into the fertility conference game?

With so many fertility aids out there for the ladies, guys can often find themselves left out in the cold when it comes to taking charge of their fertility. Fertility Planit, a conference being held in Los Angeles, on April 4-5, realizes that it takes two to tango. They have planned talks aimed specifically at male fertility and they are ready to spill everything they know from how to deal with infertility to the choice of being a single dad.

Training Up Your Swimteam:

For you guys that are in the process of conceiving and want a little help. Here are some great coaches who will get your little swimmers in Olympic shape.

Male Fertility 101

As Hollywood’s top swim coach, Dr. Werthman is the go-to guy when it comes to building a champion swim team. Currently an Assistant Clinical Professor of Urology at the University of Southern California School of Medicine. He has published two text books on male fertility and performs 3-4 vasectomy reversal a week. Practice makes perfect, as he has a 98% success rate on vasectomy reversals. Dr. Werthman will be giving a talk appropriately titled “Male Fertility 101”.

The Myths of Manhood

Dr. Turek is a rock star of the male fertility world, knowing all there is to know about the what gets in your swimmers’ way, from the hidden issues of sexual health to the stress’s that impact a man’s health. Dr. Turek has not only been practicing as a male fertility expert for over 20 years, he has also been inventing, pioneering testicular mapping, among other things. He has also been named a Top Doctor by the U.S. News and World Report. Dr. Turek will be giving a talk that will help your partner understand how your fertility works. Trust us, that’s a good thing.

DNA Fragmentation, the cutting edge of science

Dr. Evenson, president and director of the SCSA sperm analysis test, has been analyzing for over 25 years. Funny as that may sound, DNA fragmentation is no joke, and Dr. Evenson knows what he’s talking about. He has been published in over a hundred medical articles. Seriously, go check out his talk on DNA fragmentation and make sure your swimmers are the best swim team that they can be. Check out Dr. Evenson and his product here:

The Forgotten Half: Empowering men to take control of their fertility

A founder of Trak Fertility, Sara has developed the Trak Fertility At-Home Test, a product that monitors sperm quality baseline and helps trak (see what I did there?) improvements in sperm. Think of it as a time trial for your little swimmers. She has traveled around the globe, working as an entrepreneur with various technologies. Sara will be speaking on her own experiences with fertility, the state of male fertility tracking, and the Trak Fertility product.

Fertility Issues are not the End of Intimacy

Steve Bollinger is a man with a dream. His dream? One day artificial insemination can be done in the privacy and comfort of the home. That’s a dream we can get behind. Bollinger is the CEO and president of Rinovum, a company that is making that dream happen. Find out about their product, the Stork, and how it can take the stress out of artifical insemination and help your swimmers go for the gold.

TCM and Acupuncture for Fertility

Dr. Daoshing is the 38th, yes, 38th, generation of a family of Chinese Medicine doctors. He holds two doctorates in Oriental Medicine. As if that wasn’t enough, he is also the founder of Yo San University of Chinese medicine. To say that Dr. Daoshing is an expert in his field is an understatement. Come hear what he has to say how TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Acupuncture could help out your swimmers.

Get Fertile: The Impact of Intergrative Diet and Medicine on Your Fertility

A founder of Bee Hive of Healing, an integrative health center, Dr. Habib Sadeghi is your swimmers’ physical therapists. Blending Eastern and Western fertility techniques, Dr. Sadeghi is not afraid of stepping outside the box when it comes to fertility. Dr. Sadeghi is a health expert for FOX News and Geraldo at Large, and his Los Angeles based health center has seen patients from Thailand, Germany, Mexico, Israel and many other countries. He will be speaking on the importance of integrative medicine and diet in fertility.

Cooking Your Way to a Healthy and More Fertile You

Okay, okay, so some of you think that skittles count as a fruit and that ketchup is totally a vegetable. But guys, we have to stop thinking this way, it is majorly affecting our swim team. Cindy Bailey, founder of the Fertile Kitchen and and editor-in-chief of, is going to help us out here. She’s giving cooking demos and the nutritional info for each recipe. So let’s get our swim team fed right!

Optimizing Wellness to Optimize Fertility:

And another thing guys, let’s not forget that our swim team has to live in our body. You know, that place some of us treat like crap. Dr. Nelson is gonna help us clean up the place. Dr. Nelson has researched all aspects of fertility, is the author of several articles, and is a managing partner at HRC Fertility.

The Environment: It’s Impact on Your Fertility and Your Baby:

Could run-ins with everyday environmental factors be messing with your swim team? Dr. Tracey Woodruff and Brenda Strong are going to tell us about just how the environment affect our bodies and our babies. Dr. Woodruff is Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Science at the University of California, San Francisco and the Director of the Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment. You may have seen her quoted in USAToday, The San Francisco Chronicle and WebMD. Brenda Strong is a renowned Yoga teacher and founder of Strong Yoga4Women (and Mary Alice on Desperate Housewives). Let these ladies teach you what to avoid to keep your swimmers happy and healthy.

So your team has been trained up by the best and still for some reason they still can’t quite make it out of the shallow end? Stick around for Part II of our Fertility Planit Series, “Been There, Done That”.

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