Your Semen Analysis: Semen Liquefaction Time

Possibly the grossest thing you’ll come across on your semen analysis report, “semen liquefaction time” often leaves people with more questions than answers. What does it mean? Why does it happen? And why does liquefaction time matter?

Semen Liquefaction Time

Possibly the grossest thing you’ll come across on your semen analysis report, “semen liquefaction time” often leaves people with more questions than answers. What does it mean? Why does it happen? And why does liquefaction time matter?

What does “liquefaction” mean?

Liquefaction is a process that starts immediately after ejaculation. When your semen is first released, it should be fairly gelatinous, with a texture resembling egg whites (we’re so sorry for that analogy). Over time, the proteins that make your semen gelatinous are broken down by enzymes that were released from the prostate when you ejaculated. This typically takes around 20-30 minutes.

Why does semen liquefaction happen?

It’s not called the “miracle of life” for nothing. Your sperm have an insanely difficult journey ahead of them if they want to make it to the egg.Your body tries to give the little guys all the help they can get. When semen is first ejaculated, its gel-like form helps the sperm stay inside the vagina. In a throw-back to our evolutionary days, semen coagulation also prevents another guys swimmers from beating yours to the punch, with the thick, jelly-like substance forming a barrier against any other guy’s swimmers that might be coming down the pipeline. After a few minutes, the semen begins to liquefy to allow sperm an easier trip up the cervix- think of it as the difference between swimming in jello and swimming in water. It’s a lot easier to swim in a liquid than a gel.

How long should semen liquefaction take?

The short answer: semen liquefaction should take 20-30 minutes. With liquefaction time, it’s this window you should shoot for. A liquefaction time of less than 20 minutes won’t have a significant impact on your fertility. However, a longer liquefaction time of longer than 30 minutes starts to impair your sperms’ ability to reach the egg. If you have a liquefaction time of over 60 minutes, you run the danger of your sperm getting trapped in the semen, unable to make the jump to the cervix.

What causes a long liquefaction time?

Infection is the most common cause of a long liquefaction time. This is because of a few factors. First, whenever there is an infection in your body, there is a high amount of white blood cells present in the area to fight off the infection. The extra cells present can cause the natural break-down of proteins to slow even further as more cells have to be broken down. Check out this article for more info on the role of white blood cells in your fertility.
Second, this could indicate that your body is producing the correct amount of ingredients for healthy semen. Semen isn’t just comprised of sperm-in fact, sperm only make up roughly 5% of your semen. The rest is a mixture of nutrients for the sperm cells, acids, lipids, and the enzymes that will eventually cause liquefaction.  These enzymes are produced by the prostate, so a long liquefaction time could also indicate an infection or dysfunction of your prostate. A visit to your doctor should be able to tell you if you have an infection. If one is found, antibiotic treatments will likely clear the infection, as well as the long liquefaction time associated with it.

Another cause of a long liquefaction time could be dehydration. It makes logical sense: semen is one of the bodily fluids that suffers when it can’t be replenished by water. If you’ve noticed that your semen has been thicker recently, try increasing your water consumption. To figure out how much water you should be drinking, take your weight in pounds and divide it by two: that’s how many ounces of water you should drink each day.

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  1. Please help me understand my semen report is it normal?
    Volume 2.5ml
    Liquefaction time more than 1 hour
    WBC 4-6 /hpf
    Total motility 60%
    Normal Form 80%
    Abnormal Form 20%
    Totla sperm count 162 million / Ejaculate
    Sperm Concentration / ml 65 million / ml

  2. Thank you Dr. for your advuce. I’m 28yrs and the following is my result of semen analysis
    Colour. Greyish white
    Volume. 2.4ml
    PH. 7.5
    Liquefaction. Incomplete
    Consistency. Abnormal

    Active. 50/100
    Sluggish. 15/100
    Non.linear. 35/100
    Immotile. 65/100
    Viability. 35/100
    Morphology. 65/100
    Count. 4.7×10/ml

    PUC cells/Hpf 5
    Epithelia cells/Hpf. 3
    RBC:/HPF. 0

    Please I need your help. Thanks

  3. hello dr sara please check deuals below for my seemen test and advice me if something wrong

    Colour : Greyish White opalescent
    Volume : 2
    Reaction : Alkaline pH 8.0
    Viscosity : Normal visicous
    Sperm Concentration : 280.000.000
    Total Count : 560.000.000

    Liquified after 30 min
    After 30 min (PR+NP%) : 80%
    After 1 hour (PR+NP%) : 75%
    After 2 hour (PR+NP%) : 65%
    After 3 hour (PR+NP%) : 55%

    1-Immotile (IM) : 20 %
    2-Total motility (PR+NP) : 80 %
    a-Progressive motility (PR) : 55 %
    b-Non progressive motility (NP) : 25 %

    ABNORMAL FORMS (according to
    Kruger’s classification)
    a-Abnormal Head Forms 25%
    b-Mid-portion abnormalities 11%
    c-Tail abnormalities 9%
    Round Cells 2-3 /H.P.F
    Red Blood Cells 0-1 /H.P.F
    Comment : Polyzoospermia

    1. Polyzoospermia means high sperm count.
      This looks very healthy. How long did you abstain before this test? Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

  4. Hi Sara,

    We just got a semen analysis report back…

    Volume: 3ml
    Viscosity: more than 60 minutes
    Count: 52.5 10*6mL
    pH: 8.0
    Forward Motility at 1 Hour: 21%
    Normal Ovoid Forms: 17%
    Head Defect: 45%
    Neck Defect: 20%
    Tail Defect 18%

    Any advice?

    1. I’m not overly concerned about liquefaction time. Your motility seems ok and your total forward motile count is around 32 million. If you are above 20 million, you are generally in the ok range.
      Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

      1. Thank you! Yes… We also have PCOS issues, which we use Clomid for. Ovulation happens with Clomid, but still no pregnancy.

        1. PCOS is tough. I had that. Eventually, I was able to resolve by changing my lifestyle — eating better, exercising more, losing weight — but it was frustrating experience and it can make conception challenging.

          My best recommendation would be to do what you can to both get or stay healthy. Eat lots of fruits and veggies, sleep well, exercise regularly, limit stress (easier said than done), alcohol, chemical exposure, cigarettes, etc. Avoid heat (for you).

          If you don’t conceive after another few months, maybe repeat the test to keep tabs on it. Sperm numbers fluctuate quite a bit. Living healthy will help keep them at the top of the range and more is generally better when trying to conceive… and there is new research that suggests that dad’s health while trying to conceive plays a role in baby’s health.

          I know this thing can be frustrating. It seems like you are doing lots of the the right things…keep putting one foot in front of the other.

          I’ll be keeping you in my mind 🙂

  5. Hi dr,
    My semen analysis is
    Volum :3ml
    Liquifaction time :6hrs
    Reaction : alkaline
    Total sperm count : 65million /ml
    Motility 1hr after collection :
    Actively motile 70%
    Sluggish 10%
    Non motile 20%
    Morphology :
    Normal 80%
    Abnormal 20%
    WBCs 2-4
    Viscosity is very viscous

      1. Yes , the semen is too viscous and liquifaction time 6hrs but i don’t know what to do ? If you can help me i will be greatful .

  6. Hi Dr, My Fertility Test is as Under.

    Liquefaction time. 15 min
    Volume. 4 ml
    Colour. Dirty White
    Viscosity. (+)
    Reaction PH. 7.6
    Sperm Count. 110 mill/ml
    Sperm Morality.
    Active. 60%
    Sluggish. 10%
    Inactive. 30%
    Morphology. 05%
    Pus Cells. 3-5/HPF

  7. Hi Sara. I was wondering if you could help with my Semen Analaysis.

    I am 29 year old

    Volume: 3.7ml
    Appearance: D/w
    Viscocity= thin
    Ph = Alk
    Total sperm count 52million/ml

    Active motile 32% 15 min
    Active motile 28% 30 min
    Active motile 25% 1 hour
    Sluggish motile 39% 15 min
    Sluggish motile 36% 30 min
    Sluggish motile 32 % 1hour

    Pus cells. 07-10/hpf
    Debries cells -a few
    Rbc — nill

    Abnormal head- 08%
    Abnormal tail – 09%


  8. Hi sara,
    semen analysis
    volume- 2.5ml
    apearance -opaque grey
    reaction/ ph- acid
    viscosity- normal
    liquifacation time -30 min
    sperm concentration -95
    motility at 1/2 hrs 1 1/2 hrs
    dead 30-35%
    active 20-15%


    normal oval round -70 10%
    pus cell-2-3
    ep cells 0-1

  9. Could you consult the report of mine pls.
    Physical examination-
    Colour-creamy white
    Volume-2.5 ML
    LIQUEFATION TIME- after 30 mins in 37 C

    Active 70%
    Sluggish- 10%
    Non motile- 20%
    Sperm count- 89Million/ml
    Pus cells- 3-5
    RBCs- 0-1
    Spermatagonic Cells- nil

    Normal- 80%
    Abnormal- 20%

  10. My husband test result
    Liquifation : not liquidation up to 6 hours
    Sperm count : 34 million
    Dead : 70%

    1. His count is a little low, liquefaction is abnormal and motility is reduced. I would recommend checking with a urologist to see if there is anything going on.

  11. Hi Doctor
    My labs result came earlier today

    Abstinence : 4 days
    Color : Grey opalescent
    pH: 8.0
    vol: 5.20 ml
    viscosity: viscous
    liquefaction: >60 minutes
    Progressive Motility 25%
    Non-progressive: 30%
    Total motile: 55%
    Non- motile: 45%
    sperm concentration: 19.79 Million/ml
    Total sperm count: 102.91 million/ejac
    Normal morphology : 21%
    Abnormal: 79%
    Abn mrphology
    Head 33%
    Midpiece 29%
    Tail 17%
    Excess residual cytoplasm 0%

    We are currently trying to conceive for about 1 year. I’m 31 years old and my wife is 31 years old. Looking fowrad on your advise Thank you very much!

    1. Overall, this is a reasonable result. Hard to tell if it is contributing to challenges conceiving.

      Here’s some feedback:
      Volume is in the high range.
      sperm concentration is borderline (Low is below 15 million, but I like to see it above 55 million – as chances tend to improve with higher counts)
      Multiplying volume X concentration – the total sperm count is in a reasonable range and with 25% progressive motility, you have a total progressive motility at around 25 million.

      In general, I like to see this number above 20 million so overall, I feel like sperm are in a good place.

      Now, sperm count can fluctuate over time so this result is a snapshot of what your sperm looked like on a given day. Has your wife been to see a doctor? Are there any issues showing up on her side? Are you able to have sex regularly (a couple times a week)?

      1. Dr. Sara,

        Thank you for your prompt reply.
        To answer your question, yes, we had seen the doctor(OB-GYN) a couple of days ago. UTZ was done and no abnormalities detected on my wife’s reproductive system. Though no laboraty test was done.

        On average, my wife and I are having contact once per week, and 3 to 4 times on ovulation week.
        Should we work more on our contact days? Or should we follow up with fertility doctor asap?

        Thank you and regards,
        Mr. TTC

        1. Contact seems reasonable though I might recommend 2-3 times a week thoughout the month if possible.

          I’d also recommend seeing if there are any lifestyle change that you might make that could improve overall sperm health. This app is a great place to start. You can track semen analysis results and get a full list of recommendations for lifestyle improvements that are aimed at helping sperm health. I’d also be happy to review your app data and give you some additional ideas for next steps if that would be helpful.

  12. Abstinence : 3 days
    Color : Grey opalescent
    pH: Alkaline
    vol: 2.5 ml
    viscosity: normal
    liquefaction: one hour
    Motility at the end of an hour progressive 50%
    Non-progressive: 10%
    Non- motile: 40%
    sperm WBC: 1-2/HPF
    sperm RBC: 0-2/HPF
    sperm concentration: 32 Million/ml
    Total sperm count: 80.7 million/ejac
    Normal morphology : 40% to 50%
    abnormal forms shows short tails, heads only and pinhead

    We are currently trying to conceive for about 1.5 year. I’m 28 years old and my wife is 24 years old. Please advise. Thanks in advance. God bless

    1. Overall this looks ok. I like to see slightly higher numbers.
      I would recommend investigating ways to try to boost your sperm count by downloading this app or taking this health assessment.
      Has your wife been to get tests? Is her cycle regular? Are you able to meet with her regularly (at least once a week?)

  13. Hi doctor please check my semen analysis report and clarify me any problem in report
    Me and wife trying to conceive from one and half year
    Volume:3.0 ml
    Colour :grey white
    Liquification time:>60min
    Sperm count :56 millions/ml 20 millions/ml-220 millions/ml

    Rapid progressive :40%
    Slowly progressive:20%
    Non progressive motile:10%
    Non motile:30%

    Normal forms:70%
    Abnormal forms:30%

    Puc cells:occasional


  14. My details are,,
    Color – grey opalescent
    Amount- 2.2ml
    Lequefaction- >60min
    pH- alkaline
    Total count- 35mill/ml
    Non motile-38%
    Epithelial cells – occasional
    Pus cells- 1-2/hpf
    Trying for 10 months what are chances???

    1. These numbers are a little lower than I’d like to see, but not too bad. They might be contributing to a longer time to getting pregnant. You might be able to make some changes to your life to improve your sperm health. You might want to take this risk assessment or download this app to learn what you can do. I’d be happy to talk about the recommendations if you’d like.

  15. hi can you please help me out to check my husband report is this ok or not?
    liquefation time :abnormal
    apperance :creamy white
    consistancy :thick
    volume :1.5ml
    pH: 8.5
    rapid progression :25%
    slow progression 30%
    non progressive motality:05%
    immotile : 40%
    count :52 millions
    normal morphology:74%
    abnormal morphology :26%

    1. Overall, this looks pretty healthy. The only thing that comes back as abnormal is the liquefaction time but it seems like it isn’t impacting motility so I don’t feel too worried about it. How long have you been trying? Is there anything about it that worries you specifically?

  16. Here’s the 2nd semen analysis
    Total Volume-4 ml
    Liquefaction time- more than 2 hrs.
    Sperm count-30.5 million
    Bacteria -few
    Normal sperm-1%
    Abnormal sperm-99%
    Sara i would like to know if is there still a chance my wife to conceive?
    Thank you

    1. Both of these are borderline. The numbers are all a little lower like to see. I would suggest you download this app and see if there are any major risk factors that could be impacting your sperm. If you do not have any major risk factor, I might suggest visiting a urologist to get checked for a varicocele.

  17. Hello Sarah. Good Day.. What is meant of borderline result?
    1st semen analysis
    Total Volume-2ml
    Liquefaction- more than 2 hrs.
    Sperm Count- 40 million
    Motile- 9%
    Non- Motile-86%
    Bacteria- few
    Normal sperm-2%

    Thank you very much Sara

  18. Hello Sarah. Good Day.
    The 1st test
    Total Volume-2ml
    Liquefaction- more than 2 hrs.
    Sperm Count- 40 million
    Motile- 9%
    Non- Motile-86%
    Bacteria- few
    Normal sperm-2%

  19. Hi Sara, thank you for your reply, ya I am ok with community forum discussion but make sure my mail-id is not exposed. It would help other too with same condition.

    Doctor didn’t ask about testa for deletion of y chromosome or xxy and retrograde ejaculation.
    He should have asked those 2 tests and then should have come to conclusion instead he simply decided it could be genetic problem. So I got confused.

    Can I go for remaining 2 tests i.e deletion of y chromosome or xxy and retrograde ejaculation. I wanted to know exact cause so that I can take appropriate action. If yes could you please tell me the exact names for those tests so that I can write it in paper and show for diagnosis.

    Thank you Sara

  20. Hi Sarah.. Can you please help me to my semen analysis.. I already had my 3rd time semen analysis but seems little changes..
    Total Volume- 2 ml
    PH- 9
    Liquefaction- more than 2 hrs.
    Sperm Count- 25 million
    Motile- 21%
    Non Motile- 65%
    Wbc- 0-3
    Normal sperm-1%
    Abnormal sperm-99%
    Trying my wife to conceive for more than 2 yrs.
    Your reply will be of great help..
    Thank you and GOD BLESS

  21. Hi Sara,

    Urology doctor has confused me, I need your help please. I went for semen analysis but report say less than 1 *10^6/ml and semen volume is 0.5 ml and no motility and morphology because low sperm count. Then I had trip to urologist he suggested some tests Testestorone, FSH, LH, Colour Droppler Scrotum AND TSH along with semen analysis. I went to him with reports and reports say everything is normal except LH is bit low than normal and multiple diluted veins with grade 1 varicocele. He said nothing looks problem but asked me to repeat semen analysis. If it continues with less than 1 sperm count then you have to take decision he said and it could be genetic problem. He mentioned it could be but he is not sure. He is telling me one thing there is no chance to improve you need to go for IVF or test tube baby. Why how can a doctor say that no problem in reports other than semen analysis and no proof of genetic problem and what about retrograde ejaculation. I am confused with the doctor. Please help me if everything FSH, LH, Testestorone, TSH is ok except semen analysis then how can he come to conclusion that it could be genetic problem. It could be retrograde ejaculation also. What should I do now. I am worried about it Sara. Please help me.

    1. Would you mind if I moved these posts to the community forum? It would help me to see them all together (like a discussion) rather than as separate comments on the article.

      Unfortunately there is a gap in research in male fertility and we don’t know all the causes of infertility in men.
      Did the doctor do a test for Y chromosome deletion or XXY? Those are the most well known genetic causes of infertility.

      If you have a varicocele, you can try to do testicular cooling to see if it helps improve numbers. It doesn’t always but it can. I’d recommend snowballs underwear as an easy way to do it.

  22. Hello Sara,

    I’m wondering if you might give your opinion.. backstory, my husband was dx with low T, and analysis was low across all parameters. He began clomid, and while we saw increases in counts, motility continued to decline and viscosity was always abnormal. He continued clomid for 16 months, and after initially seeing counts in the 50mil/ml + range, now we have the lowest numbers (count, motility, progression) we’ve seen. He has switched to HCG as we’re concerned that the clomid has started to cause a reverse issue. The one thing that stands out after nearly two years of analysis and IUI’s (all unsuccessful) is that the viscosity remains extremely high, and volume quite low (less than 1ml typically). We did see quite an improvement after 2 -14 day cycles of antibiotics last spring (only time we saw close to 50% motility and less viscosity). Would you believe that this indicates an infection of some kind? He did have WBC show up in his analysis initially, which was the reason for the two rounds of antibiotics, but the urologist didn’t continue them beyond those 2 cycles. Just wondering what the recurring low volume and hyper viscosity might mean to you? Thank you!

    1. Should also add: very healthy lifestyle and diet, LOTS of water intake daily, and even taking mucinex and NAC to help with thinning, but nothing seems to be helping.

    2. hmm… bit of a head scratcher…. and frustrating for both of you, I’m sure…

      What did LH and FSH values come back as? Did uro diagnose cause of low T? How low was it? Did T also go up during clomid? What is uro saying now?

      It doesn’t look like there is an infection now. Viscosity / volume issues generally connected to prostate function which is at least partially driven by testosterone levels. My guess is that low T levels are contributing to semen abnormalities.

      My gut feeling is to tackle root cause of low T if possible. If not possible, then I think the clomid / HcG route would be the ideal recommendation. Maybe his body is adjusting to clomid and he needs a break.

      How many IUIs have you done?

      Also. I’m working to build a community forum to help people learn from each other’s experiences. There isn’t a ton of research on sperm and so learning from each other might help better understand what works and what doesn’t. I also find that there is less support for men and for couples who are dealing with male fertility issues and I’d like people to find each other. Would you mind if I cross posted this there?

      1. Hi Sara, thanks so much for your response. And, we don’t mind if you cross post at all.

        To answer your questions (and maybe explain our extreme confusion as we thought the same – tackle low T and we’d be in good shape..):

        Prior to clomid therapy and first diagnosis, LH 5.0 was FSH 3.4 was and Testosterone was 260. After several months on clomid, Testosterone went up to 500+, all the way up to 910 at one point (when does was doubled from half to full pill). That’s when we saw big jumps in count (50-100mil/ml), but motility was always an issue because of viscosity being increased. We had ONE single month where this changed and it was after 2 rounds of antibiotics and 2 month-long cycles of meloxicam (his Uro said we should try it, as there was some current research showing it helped viscosity). We’ve tried the meloxicam again since then for a month, but it made no difference.

        After the count spikes last spring, they steadily went back down, and now are at the lowest levels (even lower than our original diagnosis numbers which were just under 20mil/ml, low motility, etc). His latest Testosterone level was checked after 6 weeks of hCG and it’s back up – 960 (estradiol at 64, which seemed a little high, but the Uro didn’t comment on this).

        We have done 8 IUI’s (6 medicated with femara on my end to give more “targets” – all else has checked out fine with me.. clear tubes, etc).. All IUIs had progression of only 1 or 1+, except for 1 that had a progression of 2+ (around the same time after antibiotics). That’s why I keep circling back to a possible infection.. it just doesn’t add up to have T that high, and counts dropping so badly, and motility and progression not improve. His T level has been at least 500+ for the entire time he was on clomid, which was about 20 months. He did another analysis that we’re waiting on results on, but I can post those as soon as we get them this week. We go back to the Uro next month and I’m just trying to figure out what I should really push for.. DNA integrity test, antibodies, ???. This is very confusing! We feel like if we can get counts back up on hCG, and finally figure out the viscosity issue, maybe we’d have a chance.

        Thanks for sharing your time, knowledge and expertise!

        1. Additional info I forgot – he did have an scrotal ultrasound and nothing was found, other than “trace bilateral hydroceles of questionable significance”. The Uro said nothing about that, other than the ultrasound looked fine. No varicocele. Nada!

  23. Hi i have my semen analysis. Abstinence 4 days
    Quantity 1.5ml
    Liquifaction time after 1 hr
    Ph 8.0
    Viscosity – viscous
    Color – grayish white
    Sperm count 30million
    Actively motile 45%
    Sluggisly motile 20%
    Non motile 35%
    Morphology normal 90%
    Is normal pregnancy possible?

      1. We are trying for sometime but not able to get my wife pregnant. My report is normal right? What about my sperm count? Is it low? Please suggest

        1. Your results are borderline. Natural conception is possible but the count is a little on the low side and it may take a little longer than usual.
          I would recommend that you download this app and see if you have any risk factors that could be reducing your sperm count. There may be things you can do to boost the count which would likely help your chances of getting pregnant.

  24. Hi Sara,
    Can you please advice on my semen analysis report.
    Amount: 2.0ml
    Time of liquefaction: Not fully liquified at the end of 3 hours.
    Leukocytes:4 – 5 ph
    RBC: nill
    Spermatozoa: 64 million
    High motility: 40% in 1st hour.
    Your comments are really valuable and counted.
    Thank you..

    1. Looks ok. The liquefaction is a little abnormal but it doesn’t look to impair sperm motility, so I wouldn’t be too worried about it. Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

  25. Hi Sara, all my semen analysis parameters are ok and normal .. only they say liquification and viscosity is abnormal on the report .. and ph is 8.5.. how can I get rid of this?

    1. You can discuss with a urologist. Generally issues with the semen fluid come from the prostate. Most of the time they are not a big deal and don’t impact fertility or health when they are abnormal, but they can indicate an infection or other issue with the prostate. If you are worried, you can go check with the urologist. Otherwise, I think it is ok.

  26. Hi Sara,

    It’s great to visit here and should thank you for your time and your patience. You are answering every query asked truly appreciable.

    I would request you to please advise on my SA.

    Volume : 0.5 ml
    pH : 8.0
    Liquefaction time: complete (complete within 60 mins)
    Total sperm count: less than 1 x10^6/ml
    Round cells: 1-2
    WBC – Semen: 25-30
    Viscosity: Viscid

    They couldn’t be able to calculate morphology and motility because of semen volume.

    Please advise me what should be my next course of action.

    Thank you in advance.

      1. Hi Sara,

        I had trip to urologist and he asked for some more test. TSH, FSH, LH, Testestorone and color droppler scrotum.

        All looks ok but LH is less than the normal and there is a grade 1 varicocele.

        Can this be treated with medication or surgery is required?

        Thank you very much Sara.

        1. Varicoceles are typically treated with surgery.
          Because LH is a little low and sperm count is low, you could ask your doctor about using Clomid. There isn’t a guarantee that it would work but it might help.
          You could also look into testicular cooling. lot of guys in your boat have seen success with that.

          You might also want to download this app to see if you have any other risk factors that could be causing an issue.

  27. Dear Sara,

    Can you give your advise about my semen analysis, as my wife had a DNC two times;

    Physical & Chemical Examination:
    Volume : 2.5ML
    Colour : Greyish White
    Reaction : Alkaline
    Viscosity : High
    Liquification Time : >3 hours

    Total Count : 86.7 million/cc

    Actively Motile : 30
    Sluggish : 30
    Non-motile : 40
    Plus Cells : 0-1
    RBCs : 0-1
    Epithelial Cells : 0-1
    Spermatogenic Cells : 2-3
    Spermatozoa Agglutination : Nil

    Normal : 70
    Abnormal : 30

    Please comment, if i need to change my diet or any medicines

    1. Sorry to hear about that. I hope she is doing ok.

      These numbers look generally ok. The long liquefaction time is abnormal but it doesn’t seem to be impacting the sperm’s ability to swim.

      Has the doctor reviewed the cause of previous miscarriages?

  28. Can you tell me what these results mean please?
    Ph 7.4
    Viscosity normal
    WBC per 100 sperm 2.0
    Sample vol 0.3
    Abstinence days 5
    Appearance translucent
    Motility rare motile
    Liquification 20 min

    In comments it says 6 to 10 non motile sperm with no forward progression.

    We are trying for a baby and hope everything is okay.

      1. Sorry I see the count says that 25 sperm counted for morophology.

        Under wbc per 100 sperm it states H <2.0
        Should we be worried about that?

  29. Hi sara,
    My semen test report is..

    Abstinence days – 12 hours
    Quantity- 02ml
    Color – Yellowish
    Viscosity -Normal
    Reaction- Alkaline
    Morphology-Sharpe and size-80% normal
    Motility –
    Motite- 60% afterh1/2 an houre
    Nonmotile- 40% after 1/2 an houre

    Total count of spaermatozoa =22 million/ml

    E. CELL= 00-02/HPF
    MACROPHAGE = (+)


    Am I fertile ? Am I capable to give my wife pregnancy. Please help me if any advice …

  30. Hi Sara,
    Thank you for you help to the many who read from this site. Could you please have a look at the semen analysis results below and let me know your kind opinion about my fertility status? I am a 29 year old active amd health gentleman. Abstinence is about 5 days.

    Colour creamy white
    Vol 3.5ml
    Ph Alkaline
    Viscosity highly viscous
    Liquefaction time After 50mins in 37 C

    Active 40%
    Sluggish 10%
    Non-motile 50%
    Total sperm count 122million/ml
    Pus cells 8-12
    RBCs 1-4
    Epithelial cells Nil
    Spermatogonic cells Present

    Normal 80%
    Abnormal 20%


    Waiting for your comment please. Thank you

      1. Can’t say for now because my wife and I jz got married barely two months ago and have had only a single ovulation window to try so far, after which I had to be on the move again to work. We live in different countries.We tried to time things on her ovulation period but she didn’t miss her period. Its our first month too so I can’t conclude that we have problems or not.

        1. It is difficult for couples who live in different countries. There are many men who visit this site who are in the same situation.
          The best advice is to focus on living a very healthy life while you are away at work and to spend as much time home with her as you can.
          I hope you are able to get home again soon.

          1. Thank you Sara for your advice. We’ll try the best we can to get the best possible time together that we can have. Really grateful.

  31. Hi Sara,

    No it did not say Nil. Infact it did not have a heading of sperm count. Could this be because the the sperm did not liquify even after 60mins?. We are planning to do a retest again after few days from a diff path lab.

    1. That’s a good idea. Could be due to poor liquefaction, but I feel like the lab should have said something. Let me know how it goes.

  32. hi sarah..
    here is a result of my husband exam

    abstinence: 5 days
    volume: 2.9 ml
    ph: alkaline
    viscosity: high
    liquefsction time: more than 2 hours

    wbc: 1-4 hpf
    rbc: 0-2 hpf
    mucus: rare

    mprphology: 75% normal
    sperm count: 153 million/ml

    55% progressive
    10% slow progressive
    5% sluggish
    30% no movement

    thanks…2 years ttc

    1. This looks pretty healthy. I don’t feel too worried by the liquefaction due to the good motility in the sample. Did you get any tests done?

  33. Hi Sara,

    We are trying for a baby. My husband recently did semen analysis and his semen did not liquify even after 60mins. The report doesnot mention any read on sperm count or motility (not sure why) but the semen fructose qualitative is marked positive. Is this something to worry about. We are not regular in sex as we both travel so we have not properly planned dates based on my ovalution. Iam 32 and he is 31years of age

  34. Hello Sara,
    Can you please provide me your expert advise on this semens analysis report

    colour greyish white
    volume 5.1ml
    viscosity sticky
    reaction alkaline
    liquafication time more than 3 hour
    microscopic examination :
    pus cell 2-3 hpf
    rbc 0-1
    spermatogenic cells 2-4`
    sperm count 45.9 million/ml
    motile 82%
    immotile 18%
    progressive 66%
    non progressive 16%
    immotile 18%
    normal form total/volume
    sperm count/v 234.1 million
    motile sperms/v 191.8 million
    progressive sperm/v 154.5 million
    normal morpholigy sperms/v 41.8 million
    functional sperm/v 55.6 million
    smi correlated with fertility 234.1 million

    1. It looks ok to me. Liquefaction time is a little long but doesn’t’ seem to be causing any issues. Are you having trouble getting pregnant?

  35. Hi doc! Just read this article and would like to consult your expertise:

    Liquification: 55 minutes
    Ph: 8.5
    Volume: 4.26 ml
    Sperm concenrtation: 30×10^6 / ml
    Total sperm count: 127.8x 10^6/ ejaculate
    Total motility (PR + NP) = 58%
    Total motile Count: 74.1×10^6
    Progressive motility = 32%
    Non progressive = 26%
    Immotile = 42%
    Sperm Vitality = 69%
    White blood cells = 0.1 x 10^6/ml
    Normal form = 4%
    Abonormal forms = 96%

    What should i improve?

    Trying to have a baby for over a year now

  36. Hi Sara
    Can you help me to understand my seman analysis test.My viscosity is very high and what should I do?
    Volume 2ml
    Colour. Opaque gray
    Viscosity. Very High
    Liquifcation Time after 2hour
    Sperm count 70.0 million/ml
    Motility a=15% b=30% c=15% d=40%
    Vitality 60%
    Normal Morphology 10%
    Remark : Normal

  37. Madam here is the result of my seminalysis..
    Volume: 19million per cc
    Motility: 60%
    Viscousity: viscous
    Morphology: 30%
    Luquefaction time: >8hrs.
    I want to have a baby but It seems I have a fertility problem.. pls. Help me.. Thank you

  38. Do i need fertility treatment?

    Abstinence 4 days
    Liquefaction time 40 min
    Creamy, thick.
    5 ml vol

    Rapidly progressive 30%
    Slow prog 20%
    Non progressive 15%
    Immotile 35%

    Normal 70 percent
    Abnormal 30 percent

    Pus cells 4-6/HPF
    Total count 7 million/ml
    PH 8

    1. Your numbers are in the sweet spot to be successful with an IUI. They are also in the range that suggest that lifestyle improvements may be able to help boost them.
      If you would like to try to boost your count, I would recommend downloading this app and filling out the health questionnaire. It will give you recommendations for the top things you can do to boost your fertility. If you’d like me to help you better understand what to do, I would be happy to.

      1. So far i have read different articles on semen analysis, everything in my case is okay. 7 million/ml is way notmal for fertility. 65% are motile, out of which 30, 10 and 15% are rapidly progressive, slow progressive and non-progressive respectively.
        The only thing is its liquefaction time which is 40 min. And pH that is 8.
        Your reply has disappointed me, Sara.

  39. Hi Sara
    Can you help me to understand my seman analysis test
    Volume 4ml
    Colour. Opaque gray
    Viscosity. High
    Ph. 8.0
    Liquifcation Time 1 hour
    Sperm count 68.0 million/ml
    Motility count. 23.8 million/ml

    Motility. 1 hour

    Active motile 35%
    Sluggish motile 25%
    Non motile 40%

    Normal 70%
    Abnormal head 10%
    Abnormal body. 15%
    Abnormal tail 05%
    WBC. 6.8/hpf
    Rbc. 0.2/hpf

    Sprem aggregation present

    Cytoplasmic droplets nill

    Immature germ cells. 0.2/hpf

        1. Yes, it should be… you can confirm with the lab about the WBC. HFP is hard to know how many WBCs are really there. You can ask if they suspect infection. It seems pretty normal level to most reports that I’ve seen.

          How long have you been trying? How often do you meet with your wife?

  40. HI Sara
    Can you help me for my husband semen analysis liquefaction time 30min….motility 10%…. Count 65.8…… PH 8….. normal forms 75…… This analysis after 2 weeks of last conseive… Semen get out of vagina after ejaculations thick…. I have a girl 3 years old, I try to get another baby from a year ago and I get pregnant but lost baby after 10 days of missed menses

    1. The low motility may impact your monthly chances of getting pregnant, but the numbers are high enough that natural conception is possible. He might want to download this app or fill out this online health assessment to see what can be done to improve his reproductive health. Usually something small like cutting back on sugar, alcohol, or other things like for a few months that can make a big difference sperm.

  41. Hello Sara,
    Me and my wife are trying to have baby since last one year. I had my semen analysis on 2nd of january 2018 and here is the result. Can you please guide me what is abnormal and where should I try to improve.

    Volume: 1.5ml
    Sperm count: 88 million/ml
    Color: Grey White
    Ph: Alkaline
    Viscosity: Normal
    Liquefaction Time: 1HOUR

    Progressive: 0%
    Non Progressive: 0%
    Immotile: 0%

    Progressive: 60%
    Non Progressive: 10%
    Immotile: 30%

    Progressive: 0%
    Non Progressive: 0%
    Immotile: 0%

    Normal form: 60%
    Abnormal form: 40%

    WBC: 14-16 cells/HPF
    RBC: 0-2 cells/HPF
    Spermatogenic cells: 1-2 cells/HPF
    Parasites: NIL
    Clumping of sperms: ( )

  42. Hi Sara,
    My husband and I went through IVF (with ICSI) given extremely low sperm count. We now have a healthy baby girl from that process (yay!) However, it has always bothered me that we never figured out what could be causing such low count/motility, etc. My husband is 32 years old, extremely healthy (healthy weight, nutritious diet, no alcohol or tobacco use) and there are no environmental factors that any doctor could think of that might affect him, and no obvious varicocele. Is there anything in the below report that give you any ideas? We also have decided not to use birth control, because we were told by a doctor that our chances of conceiving naturally are zero.

    Appearance: NORMAL
    Spermatozoa, morphology: 0
    Volume: 5.5 mL
    Liquefaction: ABNORMAL
    pH, semen 8.0
    Spermatozoa, motile %: 2%
    Sperm progressive %, Sem Fld, Qn: 2%
    Spermatozoa, immotile %: 98%
    Spermatozoa, nonprogressive %: 0%
    Viscosity, seminal fluid: ABNORMAL

  43. Dear Sara,

    Viscosity-highly Viscosity
    Liquifiction time: more than 2 Hrs
    Total Sperm Hount: 60 millions/
    Active Motile:40%
    Non Motile:40%

    Normal Sperm:86%
    Pin Head=5%
    Amorphous Head-02%
    Long Tail-05%
    Double Neck-02%
    Others-1-2 pus cells seen/HPF


    I am worried about viscosity and liqufication time. kindly suggest your in this regard.

    1. I can see why you are concerned. They are a little abnormal. However, viscosity and liquefaction issues usually impact fertility by preventing sperm from swimming well. It looks like you have pretty good motility so I’m not too worried about it. How long have you been trying to conceive?

  44. Hi sir
    Semen analysis 1.5 volume
    Ph 8.0
    Viscocity moderate
    Count 109 million
    Total motility 40%
    Leucoytes 12-15 hpf

    Abnormal forms:
    Head defects 12%
    Neck Nd mid piece def 8%
    Tail defecrs 12%
    Excess residu cytoplasm 5%
    Total abnorma forms 37%
    < 30%

    Please tellme my wife can possible get pregenent

  45. Dear Sara,
    I am 39 Years old and we are trying to have a baby from last 4 years. My wife’s both ovaries are poly-cystic and she is following advice of her doctor. I made two semen tests in last three years and the result is;
    Volume 3.5 (Three years ago it was 5)
    Reaction Ph 8
    Liquefaction time 60 Min (It was same 3 years ago)

    Sperm Count 60,000,000/ml (3 years ago it was 56m/ml)

    WBC 35-40 hpf (3 years ago it was 1-3). I m not on any medication. The only medicine I use often is Clobevate (clobetasol propionate) cream 0.05% to my feet.
    RBC 8-10 hpf (3 years ago it was Nill)

    Morphology 80% (3 years ago it was 75)
    Abnormal 20%

    Motility – 30 Min 40% Progressive (3 years ago it was 60% – Any particular reason for decrease?)
    Sluggish 20% (3 years ago it was 10 %)
    Non-Motile 40%

    Motility – 1 hour 30% Progressive
    Sluggish 20%
    Non-Motile 50%

    1. Overall, this looks pretty healthy (now and 3 years ago) It’s also pretty stable, which is good news.
      I wouldn’t be overly concerned about small changes in progressive motility. It’s hard to measure. All the other numbers look good and I would expect it to fluctuate from test to test.

      The best thing you can do is take steps to be healthy together. PCOS generally has recommendations for a specific diet. That diet is also generally good for testosterone and sperm. So, it may be helpful for your wife if you can follow any lifestyle / health recommendations with her and they should have a positive impact on your sperm health. (usually they recommend changes to diet, increasing exercise, reducing stress and avoiding certain things)

      If you have any questions about any of the recommendations, you can share them with me and I can review them.

  46. Hello, if you can give me any feedback on my Husbands analysis.

    Volume 3.1
    Viscosity Sl. Viscoid
    Liquefaction 30 min
    Reaction Alkaline
    PH 8
    Colour turbid white
    Total count 65 million/cc
    Immediately motile 30%
    After 1 hour 20%
    Afyer 3 hour 05%
    After 24 hour NIL
    Motility score 2
    Sperm Morphology
    Normal sperm 15%
    Abnormal head 50%
    Abnormal body 20%
    Abnormal tail 15%
    Aggregation of spermatozoa 2-3
    WBC 1-2
    RBC 2-3

  47. Hi Sara,Please help interpreting results,

    Liquefaction time: prolonged after 1 hour
    Sperm count: 75million/ml
    Motility: 25 % Active
    Morphology:35 % Active
    Pus cells: 10
    RBC: nill

      1. I’m sorry to hear that. Sometimes miscarriage is due to trouble of the woman’s body to carry the baby. Sometimes it is from problems with egg or sperm. With 2 it is still most likely bad luck rather than a medical problem. If there is a third, I think the doctor would want to do some testing.

    1. Looks generally ok. The liquefaction may be interfering with sperm’s ability to swim but it looks like you have enough swimmers that it should be fine. How low have you been trying?

  48. How does this look? Liquefaction something to be worried about?

    Semen Volume 3.5 mL
    Semen pH 8.0
    Semen Liquefaction Incomplete
    Semen Viscosity 3 +
    Sperm Count 67.2 M/mL
    Sperm Motility 48%
    Sperm Progression Motility 40%
    Sperm Non Progression Motility: 8 %
    Semen Morphology: 33.4% normal forms
    Semen Round Cells: <10 round cells

  49. Hi ,
    I had 2 abnormal semen result, then after i changed my life style, stop smoking , eating Vegetables everyday, take Vitamin tablet, drinking pomegranate juice , eating nuts. Gynecologist refer me back to Urologist, i told him that i changed my life style , he asked me to do another semen test, Its seems to be better. Please advice,
    Previous Semen- abnormal on Motility and Morphology,


    Volume – 2.0 Ml
    No of sperm per ml – 120.2 (10*6/ml)
    Progressive Motility – 50%
    Total Motility – 58%
    Viscosity – Increased viscosity noted
    Acidity – 8.0
    Nucleated cells not sperm – 1.6
    Abstinence – 3 Days
    Esterase test – > 70
    Vitality – Not tested
    Comments – 5% Normal forms seen

    Please advise, Is this Normal?


      1. Thanks. I am going to see urologist with this result sooner, as my wife got PCOS, gyno rejected to give us clomid while i got abnormal earlier as he said not possibility with clomid when 2 of us got abnormal issue . But after this good result of mine. Do you think, they can prescribe Clomid for my wife?
        I am not sure whether , you can help me with this?


        1. not something I can help with, but i would definitively go back to ob to talk about it.

          I would also recommend continuing lifestyle improvements.

          Good luck. I hope to hear good news soon!

  50. Hey doctor in worried about the results
    Volume 4.0 no
    Appearance grayish white
    Liquifaction 80 mins.
    Viscosity vicous than normal
    PH 8.0
    morphologically normal 04%
    Morphologically abnormal 96%
    Progressive motility 10%
    Non-mobile 60%
    Sperm agglutintions: present
    BEC 4-6/JPG
    Sperm count 45.5×10^6 sperm
    Absolute sperm count 182.0×10^6 Ejacu

    1. I’m not a doctor but i can give you some feedback. morphology and motility numbers aren’t very good. Count is high. Overall you should have enough good sperm to conceive, but these results make me wonder if you are exposed too something that is not healthy for sperm.

      Usual suspects are not enough veggies in diet, too much cigarettes or alcohol, high heat or exposure to some nasty chemicals. If any of these apply to you, it would be good to try to avoid them while trying for a baby. If none of them are true, you may have a varicocele which can cause high numbers of abnormal sperm.

      Its not a big deal but if you’ve been trying for a long time or there are easy things to fix you may want to look into that.

  51. Hi Sara. Please help with my Semen Analysis:
    Volume: 1
    Color: Grayish White
    PH: 7.6
    Liquefaction Time: 75 minutes
    Viscosity: High
    Sperm Concentration: 59 million/ml
    Total Sperm Number: 59 (x 10^6)
    Motile: 15%
    Non-Progressive Motility: 30%
    Immobile: 55%
    Sperm Normal Form: 50%
    Sperm Agglutination: Absent
    Spermatogenic Cell: 2 /HPF
    Pus Cell 3-4/HPF
    RBC: 2-4/HPF


  52. Hello,

    Could you please comment on this. It look like liquefaction time is too high for me. Please advise.


    VOLUME: 3.0 ML









    DEAD: 100%


    PUS CELLS: : 2 – 3 /HPF



    NORMAL FORMS: 92 %

    PIN HEADED : 2%



    1. Maybe talk to a doctor about this. The thick semen is making it difficult for the sperm to swim and could be impacting fertility. Some doctors can prescribe medications to help with this.

  53. Just got my result. Could you help me to interpret my Semen Analysis. Thank you so much.

    Liquefaction time: Not liquified within 1 hour
    Examined after 30 min
    PH: 8.0
    Color: Creamy white
    Volume: 2.5 ML
    Viscosity: High
    Erythrocytes: NIL
    Leucocytes: 0-1
    Concentration: 157 million/ml
    Active motile (a): 50%
    Sluggish motile (b): 15%
    Non motile: 35%
    Abnormality: 35%
    Total Sperm Number: 392.5 (10^6/eja)

  54. Hi Doctor,
    Needs ur valuable on my semen analysis,

    Liquefaction time is more than 60 mins,

    Sperm concentration is 92.8,
    Sperm count/ Ejaculate is 556.8,

    Progressive motility is 15.0,
    Non progressive is 5.0,
    Total motility is 20.0,
    Non motile is 80.0

    Normal forms is 70,
    Sperm abnormal form is 30,
    Head is 20.0,
    Tail is 5.0,
    Neck is 5.0.

  55. Volume:4 ml
    Color: opaque
    Liquefaction :more than 5 hours
    pH: 8
    M/E: 2-4 WBC
    Sluggish : 15%
    Dead :45%
    Sperm count :22 million/ml
    Gaint head:04%
    Pin head:02%
    Waiting for your response…

    1. Not too bad. I would expect you to be able to conceive. Numbers are a little on the lower side of normal so it may take longer than usual to conceive.
      The motility looks to be in the healthy range which means that the long liquefaction time is not likely to cause an issue.

      If you’d like to try to improve your numbers, there are probably some small steps you can take. Here’s a quick article of things you can try. If you want a more in-depth list of things to try, you can download this app that will ask you a bunch of questions and give you a detailed report on how to boost your sperm.

  56. Hi Sara,
    My husband and I have been trying desperately for a year and half to get pregnant. He recently underwent a semen analysis as the first step of our fertility journey. We are waiting for a referral to a urologist due to the low count, but I don’t understand the rest of the report. just wondering if you had anything else to suggest or comment on.
    Volume:6.5 mL
    Non-liquefaction- 15% (said normal was 0% at 30’minutes?)
    Sperm concentration: 6.5 x 10 6 /ml
    Forward progression: 31%
    Activity: 1++-2
    Round cells: 0
    Agglutination: 0%

    Thank you!

    1. Volume = how much semen was in the cup. The number on his report is on the high end of normal.
      Viscosity = thickness of semen. This is normal
      Non-liquefaction = semen becomes watery with time. This is normal.
      Sperm concentration is low.
      Forward progression = % of sperm that swim fast in a straight line. your result is pretty normal indicating sperm are pretty healthy.
      Activity is another measure of how well they swim.
      Round cells is the presence of white blood cells or immature sperm cells. It can indicate an infection or other health problem. 0 is a good answer.
      Agglutination = sperm cells that stick together. 0 is also a good answer.

      You should get more information after talking to the urologist. You can fill out this questionnaire to find out potential risk factors to discuss with the urologist.

      Here is an article about the urologist visit to help you better prepare what to expect.

  57. Could you help us to interpret the semen analysis of my husband. We’re trying to have a baby. We’re more than a year and half.

    pH = 9.0
    Color = opaque white
    Viscosity = viscous
    liquifaction time= unable to liquefy after 1 hour
    Total volume= 1.5ml
    Wbc= 2-3/hpf
    Epithelial cells= few

    Progressive motile = 35%
    Sloggish = 20%
    Non-motile = 45%

    Normal = 50%
    Head= 20%
    Midpiece = 22%
    Tail = 8%

    Thanks so much.

  58. Good day doctor. Me & my partner attempted to have a baby before we got married. Before we started getting personal, she’d normally see her period on the 3rd of every month. However, we had serial unprotected sex that lasted across her ovulation period in October last year & her period delayed for 3 days. I must however say that b4 her period did come then, she experienced some bodily changes like a bloated stomach, fuller breasts, sharp lower abdominal pain, constant urinating, sleeping urges & general body weakness, all of which she normally wouldn’t experience. As we weren’t living together back then, she began seeing her period regularly again on the 6th. However, we had some days together again in January & we got down severally. She then experienced the same issues when she was supposed to see her period in February which resulted in to about 3 days delay & eventually saw her period on the 9th of February. My concern is that she normally doesn’t experience any of these issues before seeing her period in months we don’t have ejaculatory vaginal intercourse. She has never been pregnant though & we started living together in May. Since then, we’ve had several non-stop ejaculatory vaginal sexual intercourse & she experienced the same issues before seeing her period on the 6th of this month. We are actually trying to conceive so please what do u suggest we do & why do you think she’s experiencing all those issues in the months we get personal?
    Thanks a million.

    1. I might suggest that she speak with her ob-gyn about these issues. It sounds as if her cycle is healthy and regular. The obgyn may suggest some testing to help figure out what’s going on or have some other advice to better understand your situation.

  59. Hi,

    Last October I consulted an urologist and based on his advise I took over semen analysis and Doppler scan.

    My sperm count was 18Million which he found low and through Doppler it was diagnosed as Bilateral grade 2 varicocele.

    I was under medication for 3 months. Consumed Maxoza L twice a day. After 3 months when again I took another semen analysis test I got the result like “Not Liquefied after 4 hours”. Since then I was prescribed to have another medicine called Carnitor twice a day. Even then after consuming for 3 months am getting the same result “Not Liquefied” every time. My doctor confirmed that there is not infection and he says its because of varicocele.

    But my question is how come the units which was visible before diagnosing can disappear now? And what should I do further. Please suggest.

    1. I’m not really sure I understand the question. I am able to follow your situation but I’m not sure what you are asking about. Can you try to re-phrase?

      Physical Examination
      Volume : 4.0 ml 2 – 5 ml
      Colour : Whitish
      Viscocity : Normal
      Liquefaction time : 60 Minutes 20 – 30 Minutes
      Biochemical Examination
      Reaction / pH : Alkaline >/= 7.2
      Semen Fructose : Present Present
      Microscopic Examination
      Sperm Concentration : 55.0 Million/ml > 15 Million / ml
      Total Sperm Count : 220.0 Million/Ejaculate > 39 Million / Ejaculate
      Agglutination : Present Absent
      Total Motility *(a+b)
      a) Progressive Motility : 40%
      b) Non Progressive Motility : 15%
      c) Non motile : 45%
      a) Normal forms : 30%
      b) Abnormal forms : 70%
      Other Findings
      Pus Cells : 2 – 3/hpf 0 – 1/HPF
      Epithelial Cells : Nil 1 – 2/HPF
      RBC : Nil

      Hi Sara
      Please find above test results and please provide suggestions.

  60. Hello! Husband and I have been trying for years! Is is sperm capable?

    SEMEN PH 8.0 7.0 – 8.5
    Semen Viscosity (CH) NORMAL
    Sperm Motility (CH) 57 % MOTILE
    Semen Count (CH) 64.9 MILLION/ML
    Hours of Abstenence 72 HRS

    1. sperm looks pretty capable. I wouldn’t expect him to have issues based on these numbers.

      If you have been evaluated and haven’t found anything on your side (hormone levels, endometrium, blocked tubes, ovulation issues, etc) then there are a couple more tests you could do to look deeper into his side:
      – sperm morphology
      – Sperm DNA fragmentation
      – sperm epigenomics (Seed Test)

      These tests are a little pricy and are usually paid for out of pocket, so I wouldn’t look into them unless you have unexplained infertility and are burning to understand what could be going on.

      Is that helpful?

  61. Hi Doc,

    Just got my result, please interpet

    Abstinence: 4 Days
    Liquefaction: After 40mins
    Vol: 7.75ml
    ph: 8.5
    Sperm Count: 201.5 x10^6
    Total Motility 73%
    Sperm vitality: 81%
    Normal Forms: 6%

    We’ve been trying to conceived for over a year now, and we are frequently consulting oby. Please help. Thanks!

    1. This actually looks quite good. The only number that raises my eyebrow a little is the morphology. 6% isn’t in the infertile range but it is lower than I would like to see (generally, I like it above 10%) However, you have so many sperm I don’t feel like this is an issue. Do you have any bad habits (drinking, smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise) or exposure to either high heats or chemicals as part of your job?

      1. I’m an occasional drinker, not smoking. I do exercise before frequently, but not that frequent this past months. At a Normal weight. Do you have any suggestion to improve morphology, currently it already increase base on my previous result of 4% and now it is at 6% (Normal as indicated on the result is >/=5%). I’m taking Vit E daily for 6 mos now and may be it work in increasing my morphology. Do you have any other suggestion Doc? Thanks!

  62. Hi Sara,

    my husband and i have been trying for 6 years…. he is 52, i am 43.

    reports of semen are:

    1. Volume (ml) – 1.0 (>1.4)
    Viscosity – Abnormal
    Sperm Concentration (10*6/ml) – 111 (>14)
    Total Sperm Ejaculate (x10*6) – 111 (?38)

    2. Motility (%)
    Progressive (PR) – 52 (>31)
    Non Progressive (NP) – 4
    Immotile (IM) – 44
    Total (PR+NP) – 56 (>39)

    3. Morphology (%)
    Normal – 8 (>3)
    Head Defects – 83
    Midpiece defect – 8
    Tail Defect – 1

    Please advice whether with this results it is possible to conceive.
    thank you

      1. Dear Sara, thank you very much for positive news! 🙂
        where the volume is concerned, he normally ejaculates 2-3 times in a raw. Would that be counted as increased volume?

        for the test, he could not ejaculate for several times, so the volume in the container was really low.

      2. Hi Sara,
        also I wanted to let you know that my AMH reports 12.3 pmol/L (reference 14-30).
        Is that ok for my age (42)


  63. Hi sara
    Volume – 2
    Colour- white
    Reaction – alkaline
    Active motile – 65
    Sluggishly motile – 25
    Non motile – 10
    Pus cells 4-6
    Rbc 0-1
    Abnormals 12%
    Count 96milloons
    Liquefaction time 35min

  64. Hi there,
    I recently had a WHO Manual (2010) Sperm Analysis done.
    I am wondering about the normality of my results. My fiancé and I have been trying to conceive for over a year without success. I am a 34 year old male and she is a 29 year old female. My continence was 4 days before last ejaculation.

    My results were as follows:

    Appearance: Normal
    Volume: 4.2ml
    Sperm Concentration (in millions): 13.8
    Total Sperm Count (in millions): 55
    PH: 8.3
    Progressive Motility: 68%
    Total Motility: 70%
    Progressivity @ 37% (coded 0-4): 4
    Vitality (%):N/A

    Sperm Morphology- Normal Forms: 5

    Thank you in advance for any help and feedback!

    1. I would say that conception is possible with these results but they are lower than I like to see.

      There may be things you can do to improve. Sperm are incredibly sensitive to health and habits so small things like stress, sleep, diet, exercise and the like can have a pretty big impact on sperm and cause slight reduction in sperm. In cases where men are really healthy and low risk for lifestyle related reduction in sperm, then I tend to suspect a varicocele in cases where a semen analysis comes back with similar numbers to this. You might consider getting evaluated for a varicocele (by a urologist).

      A few resources
      – Fertility tracking app (track semen analysis results and personalized coaching to improve)
      – Risk assessment – discover risk factors for reduced fertility
      – Article about varicocele

  65. Could you please check my result below:
    Volume: 2.5ml
    Color: Grayish White
    Viscosity: High
    Reaction: 8.0 alkaline
    Liquefaction: more than 1 hour
    Sperm count: 88.6 million/ml
    Viability: 68%
    Motile: 63%
    Immortile: 37%
    Motility Description
    Proggresive: 55
    Non progressive: 8%
    Immortile: 37%
    Normal forms: 23%
    Total per volume
    Sperm count/v 221.5
    Mortile sperm/v 139.5
    Progressive sperm 120.8
    Normal morphology sperm 51.4
    Functional spern/v 52.5
    SMI: correlated with fertility 320

    Is it normal? Been trying to conceive for 10 months now.

    1. This looks pretty healthy. Even though liquefaction is a little longer than usual, the sperm look like they are able to swim pretty well. I don’t think you should have issues conceiving. Has your wife / partner been evaluated?

      1. Yes she has and everything is fine with her.
        We just don’t know what’s taking too long.
        Saw another doctor today, I’ll post the results below:

        Volume/Colour: 3.0ml/Opaque white
        Reaction: Alkaline
        Liquifacation: After 2 Hours
        Count: 23 million/ml

        Motility 1 Hour
        Slow: 20%
        Non motile: 30%

        Motility 2 hours
        Active: 40%
        Slow: 20%
        Non motile: 40%

        Normal Forms: 60%
        Abnormal Forms: 40%

        RBCs 0-2/hpf
        Puss cells 0-2/hpf

        In order to treat liquifacation Time doctor prescribed vitabiotics wellman vitamins to help maintain health, vitality and energy release and Bisolvon cough with mucus.
        Thanks for all your help 🙂 highly appreciate it.

        1. This result is quite a bit lower and shows that you might have some issues. This is why I think it is a good idea to get a couple of tests done.
          You might want to download this app or take this quiz to see if there are things you can work on to improve sperm count. If this result is accurate, it could mean that sperm issue is contributing to a longer time to getting pregnant. Given that your other result was high, it is hard to tell for sure what is going on. I would see if there are things you can do to try to improve and test again in a month or two.

  66. Hello i was just wondering how everything looks ! My gyno asked for another test to be done due to having some concern’s on the liquification but im not really underatanding why its considered abnormal ! Ive been reading other people test and it seem pretty similar and they’re OK ! Thank yu!

    Volume 3.8
    Liquification *Abnormal
    liquification complete at
    >1hr <2 hr post collection
    Sperm count 171
    Motility L 50
    morphology 87
    White blood cells H 1
    Red blood cells 0

    Commenta Slight clumping of spermatozoa Notes

    1. I wouldn’t be worried. It is technically abnormal but it does not seem to be interfering with motility and it is liquefying. I usually only get concerned when it is longer than 3 hours and motility is low

      1. Thank you ! We have been trying for about 3 years now with no luck i have pcos and do not ovulate. I am suppose to start on clomid or femara soon !

  67. Our analysis
    Volume 4.5ml
    Color normal
    Liquefaction time >60min
    Viscosity :viscous
    Sperm count 55 milion/ ml
    Totalsperm 247 mil/ml
    Rbc 75 Upto 100×10^6/L
    Wbc 300 Upto 250×10^6/L
    Neutrophils 70%
    Total Motility after 30 min 75%
    Total Motility after 3hrs 60%
    Total Motility after 6hrs 50%
    Morphology 50% normal form and 50% abnormal form
    What is the status of my sperm?

      1. We trying to conceive from two month and my wife is ok, but my wife consulted doctor about my test and she told him i have viscous in my sperm liquid, i’m suppried!!! Is it right?

  68. Hi Sara,
    I’m married since 4 years, my only kid is almost 2 years old, I was a smoker for 12 years but I quit since 5 months ago.
    The following is my semen analysis report, I wish if I can learn about the figures in it and about problems I have, what do you advise me?

    • Consistency: semiviscous
    • Appearance: normal
    • Liquefaction completed: 30.0 min
    • Color: white
    • Volume: 4.0 ml
    • PH: 8.0
    • Sperm count: 8
    • Total Motile count: 6.4
    • RBCs: 1-2 /HPF
    • Spermatocytes: 1-2 / HPF
    • WBCs: 1-2 / HPF
    • Differential count : Neutrophils %
    • Lymphocytes: %
    • Motile study 30 min ( motile: 20%, Sluggish: 10%, Immotile: 70%)
    • Motile study 3 hrs ( motile: 0%, Sluggish: 10%, Immotile: 90%)
    • Motile study 3 hrs ( motile: %, Sluggish: %, Immotile: 100%)
    • Morphology study: Normal 60%, Abnormal 40% (Abnormal forms: Pin head 10%, Round head 20%, Large head 10%)

    Thanking you..

    1. The count is pretty low.

      Quitting smoking is a good thing to do. You may want to fill out this quiz or download this app to see if there are other things you can do. You may also want to visit a urologist to get checked for a varicocele.

  69. Hello,

    Can you please check my report ?

    Collection Date 14-MAR-2017
    Collection Time 11:45
    Time of Analysis 14:03
    Sexual Abstinence Duration 3
    Liquefaction Specimen liquefied upon receipt in the testing
    Viscosity Liquefied form, small discrete drops from transfer pipette.
    Volume 3.5 mL
    Sperm Count 62
    Motility 20 (Motility may be decreased due to delay in processing from time of collection (>2 hours).
    Cellularity Smears are sparsely cellular.
    The cellularity of the smears is not consistent with the recorded counts, probably reflecting loss of material during staining.
    Background Material Occasional immature cells (Spermatogonia/ spermatocytes/spermatids) and white blood cells are observed. The number of these cells is within normal limits.
    Sperm Abnormal % 30
    Morphology Variation in size of heads and or tails. Malformation of the acrosomal/postacrossomal region. Morphology is within normal range.

    Im worried about the Motility, but it says in the report it may be due to that fact taht the test was done 2 hours 20 mins after collection. Would that be the case ?

    Many thanks

  70. our comment is awaiting moderation.
    Hi Sara ! Me and my wife are trying for baby from 8 months and now recently when my semen analysis was done. I found this:

    Sperm count was normal
    Liquefication time : 4 hrs

    Motile: 90%
    Non motile: 10%

    normal cells:90%
    abnormal cells: 10%
    Pus cells 3-4HPF

    Please suggest…

  71. Hi sara,

    i am worried about my semen analysis report:.

    Colour: opaque grey
    liquefaction time :Not complted after 3 hours
    Volume: 2.8 ml
    Total Sperm Count: 125 mil/ml

    Normal Motile 03%
    Sluggish Motile 22%
    Dead 75%

    morphological normal forms 60%

    I am quite worried with my liquefaction time, am i infertile?

    1. This happens for some men.
      It looks like the lack of liquefaction could be making it difficult for the sperm to swim. It doesn’t make you infertile but it can reduce your chances of getting pregnant. You might discuss this with your doctor. there may be medications that they can give you to help with liquefaction

    2. Hi Sara ! Me and my wife are trying for baby from 8 months and now recently when my semen analysis was done. I found this:

      Sperm count was normal
      Liquefication time : 4 hrs

      Motile: 90%
      Non motile: 10%

      normal cells:90%
      abnormal cells: 10%
      Pus cells 3-4HPF

      Please suggest.

        1. Thanks Sara !!
          Yes liquifucation time and the morphology of sperms: Pin head sperm.

          Do you think this can cause infertility ?

          1. liquefaction time is long but it doesnt seem to impact motility so I wouldn’t be too worried about it.

            There are always abnormally shaped sperms. You actually have a very high number of normally shaped ones so this is also not something to be concerned with.

            How long have you been trying to conceive?

          2. Liquefaction time is abnormal, but it doesn’t seem to impact motility so I wouldn’t be too concerned with it.
            Every man has at least some abnormal shaped sperm. This is normal. You have a high number of good shaped sperm so this is not a big deal for you.

            How long have you been trying to conceive?

  72. Hi sara,

    Just got my semen analysis result:.

    Colour: opaque
    viscosity : viscous
    liquefaction time 3 hours and 25 mins
    Volume: 2 ml
    Total Sperm Count: 96 mil/ml

    Progressively Motile 85
    Non-Progressively Motile 5%
    non motile 10%

    Degree of Motility: Grade III Full Activity with Tail Movement Visualized

    morphological normal forms 95%
    abnormal forms 5%
    Plus cells/hbf 1-3/hbf
    RBC’s/hbf 1-2/hbf

    I am quite worried with my liquefaction time, am i infertile?

    1. The liquefaction time was a little high but the motility was very good. I don’t think you have much to worry about. This looks pretty healthy.

      1. HI SARA

        I am worried about my semen analysis report

        Colour: opaque grey
        liquefaction time: Not complted after 3 hours
        Volume: 2.8 ml
        Total Sperm Count: 125 mil/ml

        Normal motile 03%
        sluggish Motile 22%
        Dead 75%

        normal forms 60%

        Please help

        1. Your count and volume is relatively high. Your motility is low. Overall, you should be able to conceive but it could take a little longer than usual.
          There may be things you can do to try to improve your motility. This app has a great questionaire that can give you detailed feedback and help you make a plan for trying to improve.

  73. Hi sara,

    We have been trying to conceive for 8 years, recently we got a IVF done but it ended in miscarriage..

    We are thinking of getting IVF done again.

    Volume: 1.7 ml
    pH: 8.0
    Colour: opaque grey
    liquification time >4 hours
    viscosity : viscous

    Motility (after 30 minutes)
    Active (A) 10%
    Sluggish (B) 10%
    non motile 80%

    morphological normal forms 60%
    abnormal forms 40%
    Plus cells/hbf 1-2/hbf
    RBC’s/hbf 1-2/hbf
    Ephithelial cells /hpf 0-1/hpf
    immature sperm cells/hpf 1-3/hpf
    agglutination of sperms +
    Others Bacteria ++
    Total sperm count 12.3 Millions

    1. Very sorry to hear about your loss.

      I would talk to your doctor about the ++ next to bacteria. It might be sign of infection that you would want to treat prior to starting an IVF cycle. (Could also be impacting viscosity)

      How does this result compare to the results prior to your last IVF?

  74. Can you help me with my results? Wife and I have been trying for a year with no luck. My wife has pcos!
    2 days of no sex
    Volume: 2.10 mL
    Viscosity: normal
    Appearance: milky
    Liquidifaction: 60 mins
    pH: 8
    Concentration: 105 million/mL
    Motility: 88%
    Forward Progression: 4
    Total Motile: 194.04 million
    Rounded Cells: <1 million/mL
    Morphology: 5%

    1. This looks relatively healthy. The forward progression number is lower than I would like to see but not a deal breaker.

      How many periods has your wife had over the past year? Are you using anything to track her cycle to identify potential ovulation?

      1. Thanks for replying. She doesn’t get a period unless she uses progesterone. The dr thinks she make also have anovulation (not sure if that’s spelled right) She’s starting Femara this next week.

  75. Hi Sara, I was hoping you could look over my results.

    Color: white
    Volume: 1 mL with 1 day of abstinence
    Liquefaction time: 90 minutes
    PH: 8
    Viscosity: poor
    Motility: moderate
    Type of movement: rapid/quick
    Sperm count: 42 million/mL
    Epithelial cells: few
    Rbcs: none
    Wbcs: few

    1. Apologies for the delayed response. I have been traveling for the past month.

      Usually they recommend 2-7 days of abstinence. Generally, the shorter the length of abstinence, the lower the sperm count will be.
      This looks relatively healthy. Volume is a tad on the low side but given the short abstinence period it doesn’t concern me too much.

      Are you currently trying to conceive? Is there something here that concerns you specifically?

  76. Plz check my semens analisys is it ok or have a problem I try for baby last 1 year still not get my report volume -1 liquification time 1 hour sperm count 60 ml motility active40% nonmotal 40 abnormal 25% plz reply waiting for ur answer

  77. Comment…please help me analyse my husband’s result.
    viscosity:complete liquid faction after 1 hr
    volume: 3.0mls
    mortility:20% active,10% sluggish,70%dead.
    pus cells:8/1
    morphology: 35%normal,65%abnormal
    pls analyse it for me

    1. Its a little on the low side for both count and motility. But not terrible. Have you filled out this fertility questionnaire. It could give you a starting point of things you could do to try to improve. Here’s another article of the most common things I recommend that guys consider to try to boost sperm count.

      There’s also a great app — on both Apple and Android phones that could help you figure out things to do to improve and track your progress over time.

      If you have more questions I’m happy to help.

  78. Hi, Can you please help me with following results:

    Specimen ( SEMEN )
    VOLUME 2 ml 2.0-5.0
    COLOUR Whitish Grey to Whitish
    VISCOSITY Normal
    pH 8.0 alkaline
    OCCULT BLOOD Negative
    TOTAL SPERMATOZOA COUNT 127 million/ml
    Neck -04%
    Tail -01%
    Comment Vitality – 98%

  79. My Sperm Volume: 80 Million.
    Motility: 60%
    Morphology is OK.
    Liquefacation is 150 Min.

    I am worrying about liquefacation and I don’t drink any water, is that is the problem.

    1. Typically slow liquefaction is due to a reduced amount of PSA an enzyme in semen designed to help the process. But staying hydrated doesn’t hurt.

      In wouldn’t be too worried. They were about to conduct the analysis and sperm were swimming pretty well. I think you are ok.

  80. please Help me 🙁
    28 years old male , married since three years without having children , he was asked to do semen analysis .
    Sample within 30 min of collection was brought to the lab for routine semen analysis
    Color : opaque grey .
    Volume : 0.5 ml
    • pH: 4.8
    Poor coagulation .
    Liquefaction time: <15 min
    Wet preparation : no sperms .
    Fructose level : Absent .

    1- How could you interpret these results ?
    2- what lead you to that diagnosis ?
    3- what are further investigations needed to
    confirm the diagnosis ?

    4-How could you explain the Poor coagulation and rapid liquefaction in the case ?

  81. hii doc..

    Sperm Count: 165

    Liquefication- 1 Hr
    Viscocity- Normal
    Volume 2.5 ml
    PH – 9
    1st Hour- Active / sluggish/ Non motile— 20/49/31
    2ndt Hour- Active / sluggish/ Non motile— 15/54/31
    Abnotmal Forms- 35
    Fructose- Positive

    Erythrocytes and Pus- Occassional

    pl help

  82. Hi Sara.. Just I took the Semen Analysis Test. Everything was Normal .But the Liquetaction mention as “Prolonged”.

    semen motility at: 30 mins
    progressively motile: 65%
    sluggishly motile: 20%
    non motile: 15%

    Pus cells: 1-2/hpf

    Total sperm count : 99.9 million cells/cu mm

    Liquetaction – Prolonged.

    Please help me out.. If I need to consultant a doctor.

    1. Generally if liquefaction is abnormal, i look to see if sperm are able to swim. If they are, i generally don’t worry about it. Looks like yours are pretty good swimmers. Are you trying to concieve?

  83. Hi Sara.. I’m worried about my Liquefaction time: failed to liquify within 3 hours. Is it because I did an intense exercise that I sweat a lot an hour before the test?
    10cc whitish opaque semi-viscous seminal
    Motility upon received: 95%
    After 30mins.: 90%
    After 1 hour:85%
    After 2 hours: 80%
    After 3hours: 75%
    Morphology normal: 70% abnormal: 30%
    RBC: 0-2/hpf
    Pus cells: 4-6/hpf
    Total sperm count : 58.4 million ml

    1. Liquefaction issues can come from a number of reasons. I’m sure it wasn’t due to exercise.
      In your case, it looks like it’s not a big deal as the technicians were able to conduct the analysis and they were able to see that the sperm were swimming quite well.

      Are you having trouble conceiving?

  84. Hi.. Please help me with my husband’s results

    Liquefaction: Prolonged after 1 hour
    Volume: 3 ml
    Reaction: Alkaline
    Viscosity: Slightly viscous
    Total Sperm Count: 55 Million/ml

    Normal: 60%
    Abnormal head: 15%
    Abnormal Body: 15%
    Abnormal Tail: 10%

    Motility (1 hr post collection)
    Actively motile: 50%
    Sluggishly motile: 25%
    Non motile: 25

    Semen WBC: 2-3/hpf
    Other: Nil

    We are trying to conceive for about a year now.

  85. No i am not trying to conceiving,because my wife is scissoring before 77 days, in case of baby’s i can’t do it. i am already a father of 2 baby,but they are die in born age.
    we are upset why do babies die in born age.

  86. Physical Examination
    Total Volume 1.0ml
    Colour Creamy White
    Consistency Thick
    Reaction Alkaline
    Liquification 30 min At 37 C*
    Pus Cells / WBC 2-4/HPF
    Epithelial Cells Rare/HPF
    RBC’s Nill
    Sperm Count 75 MILLION/ML
    Active 50%
    Sluggish 20%
    Dead 30%

    Please tell me about my this test. I’m so worried about this test.

    1. No reason to worry. Your volume is a little on the lower side but sperm count and motility are in the healthy range.
      Are you currently trying to conceive? Is there something that worries you in particular?

  87. Hello.. Kindly help me with my result.. here are the results.


    volume : 1. 8ml
    viscosity: high
    Appearance : grey white
    liquifaction: greater than 1 hour


    pH 7.7


    Semen count : 68. 00mill/ml
    progressively motile:10%
    Non linear : 20%
    Non progressive motile: 10%
    Immotile: 60%
    pus cells: 4-6/hpf
    R. B. C : 1-2/hpf
    Epithelial cells: 0-1/hpf
    Spermatogenic cells: 02

    Awaiting you reply. Thanks in advance

    1. Looks like there are a good number of healthy sperm, but they are having trouble swimming because the semen is a little thick. You should talk to doctor about viscosity and liquefaction. Usually there are treatments that can help this.

      1. Hi madam my name is Bharat Kumar I married in 2012 still we dont have a baby I under gone seman any test my liquefaction time is 1h30m, motility 68% 53 % motile,count is 124 millcellper any problem to conscive my wife.

  88. Greetings Ms Sara

    I have recently undergone a semen analysis test as I very strangely had experiences where the woman (one with regular periods) I got envolved with would have a quite delayed period.
    Everything shows up as normal in the result, the only thing which is out of the ordinary is the fact that the number given for the viscosity is 8 cm. I have seen that the normal is 0 to 2 cm. How abnomral is this and how much of a risk is it to fertility?


    1. I’m a little confused — but will take this one step at a time.

      For viscosity — it is typically not a problem to have higher viscosity. Sometimes it can be a good thing in that semen will stick to the cervix better. However, it is important for viscous semen to liquefy over time to release sperm to swim freely into the female reproductive tract. Usually on the semen analysis, viscous semen that does not liquefy well will show reduced motility numbers, indicating that sperm are having a hard time swimming.

      In regards to your current situation, I’m not quite sure I follow what is happening. Your current partner has had normal periods in the past, but now they are abnormally long? Are you currently trying for a baby?

  89. Comment…Good afternoon.. please kindly help me with my result. my husband and I are trying to have a baby. I convinced him to go for semen analysis and here is the result.


    volume : 1. 0ml
    viscosity: normal
    Appearance : white opaque
    consistency : viscous
    liquifaction: 1 hour


    pH 8. 0


    Semen count : 49. 00mill/ml
    semen motility at: 1hr
    progressively motile: 30%
    sluggishly motile: 30%
    non motile: 40%
    abnormal forms: 15%
    sperm agglutination: Absent
    pus cells: 2-3/hpf
    R. B. C : Absent
    Epithelial cells: 0-1/hpf
    Macrophages : occasional

    I await your reply eagerly! thAnk you

  90. Comment…Good afternoon.. please kindly help me with my result. my husband and I are trying to have a baby. I convinced him to go for semen analysis and here is the result.


    volume 1. 0ml
    viscosity normal
    Appearance white opaque
    consistency viscous
    liquifaction 1 hour


    pH 8. 0


    Semen count 49. 00mill/ml
    semen motility at 1hr
    progressively motile 30%
    sluggishly motile 30%
    non motile 40%
    abnormal forms 15%
    sperm agglutination Absent
    pus cells 2-3/hpf
    R. B. C Absent
    Epithelial cells 0-1/hpf
    Macrophages occasional

    I await your reply eagerly! thAnk you

    1. This is the lower end of the normal range. He should be able to conceive a baby, but it may take a little longer than normal. How long have you been trying?

      It is usually possible to improve sperm and chances of getting pregnant by adapting some sperm friendly habits. Here is a list of some easy things to try. You can also take our fertility quiz to get a personalized report to learn more things he can do to improve.

  91. What is the treatment of the cases of semen analysis this ?? Is this referral will happen Pregnancy ??
    volume 2.5
    colour greyish white
    ph 7.5
    viscosity moderate
    liquifaction time 60min
    liquifaction state complete
    blood absent
    sperm count/ml 53200000
    total sperm count/ejaculate 133000000
    total motility(PR+NP% :
    after one hour 70%
    after tow hours 60%
    after three hours 50%
    progression :
    progressive motility (PR %) 50%
    non progressive motility (NP%) 20%
    immotile(im%) 30%
    abnormal forms 10% :
    type of sperm abnormality bent neck
    vitality — %
    agglutination present
    agglutination grade moderate
    other :
    comments : anti sperm anti bodies are kindly recommmended

  92. Hi i have liquification time about 90 minutes and other results are normal can it affect pregnency as we are trying for last 6 months please help

  93. hi gudam pls help me your comments is very helpful 🙂 this is the 1st time we tried semen analysis,
    my husband and i TTC for 4 yrs,and we Tried so many OB gyne here in our town,,beacuse they always says that im healthy and i have no problem i produced egg monthly but still not pregnant, and my husband is so confident that he is healthy he dont want to visit may OB.. then this week i already convinced him and his semen analysis is finished just now 🙂 this is the result

    Color: Pearly white
    Volume: 2.5ml
    Liquefaction Time: 1hour
    Viscosity: Viscous
    Ph: 9.0

    sperm count 203,333,333 per ejaculate
    sperm concentration: 81,333,333 per ml


    progressive: 53%
    Non progressive: 8%
    Immotile: 39%
    total Motile: 61%

    Sperm Vitality 84%


    normal: 78%
    abnormal: 22%

    WBC: 2-4/HPF
    RBC: 0-2/HPF

    1. This is a pretty healthy semen analysis. 4 years is a long time to be trying. Have you been consistently trying the whole time? On average how often do you have sex?

  94. Hi..can you still read my comment? If yes, can you please tell me about may husband’s analysis.. thanks for helping ☺

    Sperm count : 51 million
    Morphology : 55% normal
    motility : 50%
    Liquefaction : 10 minutes

    His sperm analysis result is still normal, right? It doesn’t affect the time of liquefaction because the normal is 20-30 minutes.. am i right? Thank you! Godbless..

  95. Hi Sara,

    I was wondering if you can help me with some advice, I have gotten my wife pregnant twice but we suffered miscarriages and it has been 6 months ttc. Since I am 36 years old and just took a semen analysis. I didn’t read the instructions correctly and abstinence for 16 days instead of the 2- 7 days. I told them to go ahead with the test.

    I am a bit worried about the Liquefaction since it states Abnormal. We have been trying ttc with preseed. Please let me know if you have any advice?

    Volume – 4.6 ML
    Appearance – Greyish-opaque
    Viscosity – Normal
    Liquefaction – Abnormal (Does not tell me the time)
    Ph – 7.7
    Concentration (Count) 103 X 10^6 ML
    Motility – 56%
    Total Motile Count 265 X10^6
    Forward Progression – 2 to 3
    Round Cell Count 0.8 X 10^6 ML
    PWN (White blood cell) = Rare
    % Normal Morphology – 17%

    1. Sorry for the delay. I’ve had a bit of a backlog of comments to work through. Sorry to hear about your troubles conceiving. How long into the pregnancy did she miscarry?

      Looking at the analysis, numbers look solid. Very healthy. Abnormal liquefaction generally doesn’t concern me unless it’s really long or they are unable to complete the analysis.

      Preseed can help nourish sperm, I wouldn’t think you would need it but it seems like it has worked for you.

      Has it been 6 months since last pregnancy or 6 months TTC total?

  96. Hi. I’m curious if you can give me any feedback on my Husbands analysis. We won’t see our Doctor until next week and I have several concerns you may could answer.

    His results were:

    Abstinence 4 days:

    Count 8.0 million
    Liquificatiom: After 30 minutes

    PH 8.0
    Total volume: 4.0
    Viability 38
    WBC Rare
    Morphology: Normal
    Motility 60

    I know his overall count is on the low side, but I’m concerned about the Viability and the Liquification being to long with it being over 30 mins? Could those issues prevent pregnancy? We ttc for over a year with no results. All my tests have came back normal. I have no issue.

    1. Count (concentration) is low, volume is slightly higher than average. Total count = 32 million. If you multiply that by your motility (60%), you get about 19 million motile sperm. This is low enough to reduce your chances of conception each month. Especially if he varies day to day, month to month some days could be lower.

      Viability being lower than motility concerns me – typically, viability is higher than motility (some motile cells should be viable but not moving) It makes me wonder how careful they were when performing the test. Liquefaction isn’t typically an issue unless motility is really low (the semen is too thick for sperm to swim) or if it is highly viscous and it doesn’t liquefy within 3 hours.

      Overall the count is low enough to make me wonder if there is something going on with him. How healthy is his lifestyle / diet / exercise / sleep /etc? I might recommend either taking our risk assessment or implementing a few sperm friendly habits and scheduling a follow up appt with a urologist who specializes in male fertility who will do a more careful semen analysis and can help you identify potential underlying conditions that could be contributing to sperm issues.

  97. Hi doc will u be able to read my sperm analises plssss i have to wait 2 months untill my doc can read my results and im dooo woried

  98. Abstinence : 7 days
    Color : Creamy White
    pH: 8.5
    vol: 1.5 ml
    viscosity: <2 cm
    liquefaction: <60 mins
    Rapid Motility: 70%
    Non-progressive: 10%
    Non- motile: 20%
    sperm WBC: 1-2/HPF
    sperm RBC: 0-1/HPF
    sperm concentration: 82.4 x10^6/ml
    Total sperm count: 123.6 x 10^6/ejac
    Normal Mature: 80%
    abnormal mature: 20%

    We are currently trying to conceive for about 2 years now. I'm 29 years old and my wife is 33 years old. Please advise. Thanks in advance. God bless

    1. Some minor notes —
      WBCs mean white blood cells and shouldn’t really show up in semen. The number is pretty low, but it can indicate some sort of minor infection. pH is also a little off (which can sometimes indicate infection as well)

      Your abstinence period was a little on the long side and could have inflated numbers due to a build up. But your motility is great for 7 days. The volume is low for that long of abstination and I’m wondering a little bit what volume looks like on day 2.

      2 years is a long time to try and indicates that there is something real going on. Has she been evaluated?
      How often are you able to try? Do you monitor her cycle? Is she regular?

      1. could u help me to see my semen report
        sperm count+ 82 million per ml
        volume+ 3ml
        NORMAL SHAPE 60%
        PLZ EXPLAIN IF I NEED ANY treatment

          1. Hi Sara. I was wondering if you could help with my Semen Analaysis.

            Volume: 2.5ML
            Appearance: Opaque Grey
            Liquefaction: > 1 Hour
            pH: 8

            a) Motility
            Progressively Motile: 50%
            Non-Progressively Motile: 10%
            Immotile: 40%

            Total Count per Ejaculate: 311.25
            Count/ml: 124.5

            Normal forms: 60%
            Abnormal forms: 40%
            Swollen Head Defects: 3-4%
            Middle Piece Defects: 3-4%
            Bent Head Defects: 3-4%
            Coiled Tail Defects: 2-3%
            Long Tail Defects: 2-3%
            Round Cells: 6-8/hpf


          2. Liquefaction is a little on the long side but the motility is good, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Otherwise, this looks really healthy.

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